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Speights Enters Doghouse

I'm not completely convinced that DiLeo is sending a message. It might have as much to do with figuring out how to use both Brand and Speights off the bench.

Last time DiLeo went back to Speights after his 2 game "lesson" and gave him steady and consistent minutes. I hoping the same happens this time, but its also possible Speights' minutes take a hit (

He had plenty of opportunities to get Speights back into the game last night, just like he had plenty of opportunities to play him against Dallas that game he was a DNPCD. This was a message. Speights better get his head screwed on straight quickly too, because there are going to be less PF/C minutes to go around when EB is back to full strength. I don't want those minutes going to Evans.

I think it's being handled perfectly and to answer your question, yes, it's more important to have Speights in the long run, then the short term.

If he's really in a dog house - he won't get much time next game either - i mean last names game was ugly with a capital ugly...

Absolutely. Teach him now what is expected of players (hustle and rebounding), before bad habits solidify.

john reply to Graham on Jan 27 at 14:16

If we're going to start benching players for bad habits - guys like willie and sam should never ever get off the bench - just inactivate em

Sammy has been treated like that. If he rebounds, defends and stays out of foul trouble, he plays big minutes. If he doesn't he, doesn't.

Willie gets his 20 per game no matter what, which I see as the biggest failing of the coaching staff this season.

john reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 15:28

The sad part is that it's now two different coaching staffs, two different GMs, and this numbnuts continues to get minutes he shouldn't get...i mean seriously - does he have pictures of everyone committing acts of necropedobestiality?

Also, Chad Ford's latest column and chat wrap says that Miller and Brand can basically be had for the right price.

"25% chance of moving Miller" says the column.

This is from Ryan at ReclinerGM quoting Chad Fords chat:
Ryan F 01.27.09 at 1:36 pm

I dont want to get anyone’s head spinning with rumors so ill just paste the 3 questions he decided to respond to.

Patrick (Miami): Where does Marion end up Chad? Can the Heat get something better for him than O’Neal? Or do they hold on to him and then go after Boozer again this summer?

Chad Ford: (1:18 PM ET ) I think they have to see whether they can pry Boozer or Elton Brand for Marion. I think both are possible and both are better long term fits than O’Neal. The one positive for O’Neal is that he’s off the books in 2010. That gives the Heat LOTS of cap space in the summer of 2010. Of all the markets trying to clear cap … Miami is one of the most desirable for NBA free agents. The fact that Wade and Michael Beasley are there won’t hurt recruiting either.

Wannabe GM (Philly): C-Ford, considering how well the Sixers have played without Brand, both during their current 10-game stretch and towards the end of last year, do you think it may behove them to explore trading him either closer to the trade deadline or during the offseason? After hearing Tony DiLeo say that he does not plan to force feed EB the ball in the post and that he envisions him being a great trailer on the break, seems to me that they’ve committed A LOT of cap space for a “trailer”. Maybe the could get nice pick in this years draft (pick up Harden) or get an established SG from someone?

Chad Ford: (1:23 PM ET ) Yes … from what my sources around the league are saying, Brand is available. The question is, given how poorly he’s played this year and his huge contract, does anyone want him?

Chad Ford: (1:24 PM ET ) I’ve wondered about a Rasheed Wallace for Brand swap but doubt Joe D wants to invest that much money right now on Brand

Dick (NY): How about Brand returning to Chicago? Any chance?

Chad Ford: (1:30 PM ET ) Sure. If the Sixers would take back Larry Hughes as part of the deal. It would give them long term cap relief, but that would be a huge admission that they screwed up signing Brand. I’m sure Chicago would throw either Tyrus Thomas or Joakim Noah in the deal.

I just found it bizarre that he would take the time to mention Brand so much. [/quote]

I'm wondering if this is just speculation. If the Sixers go on a five-game win streak as soon as EB is back in the starting lineup, I think this chatter will probably die down.

Interesting that there's so much talk about Brand being moved.

Hughes for Brand would make me want to slit my wrists. EB has to have more value than that. Honestly, to get equal value back in a trade he's going to have to prove he's healthy and still productive. If he does that, I don't thin they'd want to trade him.

If he is healthy, and made available, I'd love to see Brand for Amare. The other moves suggested here don't help the team at all.

If Joakim Noah ever becomes a Sixer I will have to move to Manhattan. Kill me.

I want no part of Noah nor Tyrus.

Joe reply to Thad on Jan 27 at 15:40

Alright, what is wrong with Joakim Noah?

Poor man's Dalembert, with less offensive skills, in my opinion.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 15:58

The numbers don't really agree to be honest.

Last year, as a rookie, Noah put up a pp36 total that Dalembert has exceeded only twice.

Noah's offense is down quite a bit, but so are his turnovers. Also, his efficiency is up.

I'm not saying Noah could cure cancer, but he isn't going to hurt the team. Thomas, without checking, seems like a guy who really could hurt a team.

In a hypothetical Sammy-Hinrich deal, I would want Noah back, even if it cost the team a future protected 1st rounder. I think he would be a very good short term starter fill in, and a good long term back up who likely wouldn't see much more than 5-6 million per once resigned, if that. Just my thoughts. Obviously, a Chicago-Philly deal is so unlikely though that this is all meaningless.

john reply to Joe on Jan 27 at 17:44

Joakim Noah stirs vociferous debate out there in the blogosphere - but the 'new school' folks are more pro noah than the 'i know what i see' folks...i wouldn't mind a risk on him i think he's a great bench player - and if somehow the sixers got rid of sam in the process - that's awsome

Brand is performing poorly so people will call Ed and try and get a bargain - hopefully Ed isn't as stupid as Bk and thus will not kneejerk react and trade Brand - it would be asinine.

Unnamed Sources are reliable as the folks who said WMDs - there are very few players in the league you don't at least listen to an offer on - so all teams are 'listening' - Ford needs eyeballs on his columns so if his source said 'my team called the sixers and made an offer for elton brand - Mr Stefanski hung up the phone halfway through the offer' - Ford would write about the sixers listening about brand - cause technically they did.

Two other tidbits from the Ford chat that might interest folks

The wolves want more than just an expiring contract for miller - they're playing hard ball.

Monta Ellis

Can someone post the link to the Ford thing? espn takes like 5 minutes to load on my workstation. I'd rather go right to the story than navigate there. Thenks.

Speights needs to get tough love before he settles for being a scorer onlu. There is no reason why this guy shouldn't get 8-10 daily. As far as EB being on the block, if true it doesn't surprise me. I'm not sure I'd trade him for Marion but I'd trade him and somebody else to get Studomere from Phoenix. Hey, I'd still rather have a Josh Smith right about now even though he might be less valuable in a playoff setting.

Think the Cavs would bite on Brand if the Sixers wanted to include their piss poor contracts?

Something like...

Willie, Reggie, Sammy, Brand, Andre Miller for Delonte West, Ben Wallace(2 year deal), Wally, ESnow, and Hickson. Maybe add in the Bulls and give them Hickson and give the Sixers Noah. MAYBE the Sixers take back another 2 year deal like Sasha or something.

This would give them a downgrade at point, but a downgrade who can shoot and defend the 2. It also gives them a reasonable replacement long term for Sam in Noah.

Obviously this trade is unprecidented and pretty ridiculously looking, but something I would look at if I were the GM. In 2 years, you would have a starting 5 of DWest, Iguodala, Young, Brand, and Noah. Is that so much worse than Miller, Iguodala, Young, Brand, and Sammy? Keep in mind it would cost like 25 million less.(I didn't do the math)

Mostly, I am really bored. And does this trade even make much sense for the Cavs? I'd say not at all, unless Lebron demanded it, then they obviously would do it.

If I could find a way to include Ramon Sessions coming to Philly in it, I know john would sign off on it at least. Oh well. I just spent an hour making nothing on trade machine, but now I am done work.

JohnM reply to Joe on Jan 28 at 10:15

Way too many players and way too many contracts in such a trade for a team contending for a title. They don't need a massive overhaul - they need a slight improvement - and they might not even trade Wally Z this year - it doesn't make sense (and no - you aren't stealing hickson from them)

You know, the Sixers are holding a playoff spot right now, so I don't think they're really in a firesale position. If they're going to move Brand, it would have to be for something tangible, and I doubt they'd move Brand and Miller in the same deal unless they got something seriously good in return.

That's not to say that a deal couldn't be worked out with Cleveland. If you simplify the deal you were talking about, it would set the Sixers up for the future:

Elton Brand, Willie Green and Samuel Dalembert for Wally Szczerbiak (expires this summer) and Ben Wallace (expires next summer).

The salaries work out, Cleveland gets Brand without giving up any of their core players, the Sixers get rid of Dalembert and Green's contracts and immediately become huge players in free agency for the next two seasons.

This year, they'd probably start Miller, Iggy, Thad, Wallace and Speights. Which is probably a better lineup than Miller, Green, Iggy, Thad and Sammy. The move would probably even keep them good enough to make the playoffs this season. Then they'd have $42M and change against the cap next summer (possibly $20M in cap space) to re-sign Miller, find a replacement for him, AND add another player.

The following year they'd have another $14M coming off the cap.

Makes you wonder.

Of the available players, I think the only way you trade EB is if you can get Amare back, or you can clear Sammy's contract and maybe Willie's too.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 23:52

Why isn't clearing his deal enough? I would easily take becoming a major 2010 player over Brand.

No guarantee there will be any great 2010 players available, though. You'd have to think that if Brand went to CLE, LeBron would sign an extension there. Miami isn't letting Wade go. There's zero chance Kobe's leaving LA, not with the obscene amount of money they can pay him. That leaves who? Nash and Bosh? Dirk could opt out, but is he going to do better than $21M if he does? Not from anyone other than Dallas.

That's a lot of teams bidding for not too many players unless a lot of guys opt out.

I like the deal if it clears cap space for the next two summers, a lot can happen between now and then. But trading Brand straight up for Wallace and only moving his contract is a very iffy proposition.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 4:32

It also leaves Pierce and McGrady - neither of whom will be worth chasing a year from now - and Ginobili, who's probably getting a little too worn down. To me, the big unsung prize in that class is Joe Johnson. And someone in the '09 class who interests me, given that we could use shooting and are pretty much set, for better or worse, at the wings is Okur. If we could somehow get Gordon and Okur, we could be pretty dangerous, though I don't know what happens to point in that scenario.

Can I ask a dumb question. Why is there so much stress on clearing cap space when there are only a handful of "great players" available. If there are 14 teams w/ cap room and only 10 players available, the cap room is worthless for some of the teams. Is it not more important to get the best team of players that work together? Good night!

Generally speaking, clearing cap space opens up any number of possibilities, probably the least of which is a straight singing of a free agent. You can take back more than you give up in a trade, you can trade a BYC player easily, you can facilitate trades between other teams and stockpile draft picks. It's always better to be under the cap, then when someone becomes available, like Amare reportedly is right now, you have the ability to get them without having to match salaries.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 1:33

As for Amare, surely they can do better than Brand. Maybe Brand will return to form one day, but they'd just be guessing. Not getting full value is one thing, but exchanging a great power forward for one who's been extremely below average on offense at least this season would be very odd.

You see, you're assuming they'd get full price for Amare, but I'm not so sure. I mean, they're shopping him, supposedly, because they think they'll be better off without him (and his attitude), that has to drop the price somewhat. They want to slow it down, they want to play the half-court game and they want a PF who can play in that game next to Shaq. Brand would have to prove he's healthy, and if he does, I don't think an even swap is out of the question.

I mean, who else are they going to get for him? They aren't trading for Marion. Maybe the Jazz would shop Boozer, but he's in his walk year and has played even less than Brand this season. Jermaine O'Neal? Doubtful.

I'd say odds are they don't move him. If they do, they could do much worse than a Brand for Amare swap.

Also, their biggest problem with Amare is his defense. They may be happy to trade offensive firepower for a plus defender at the position who isn't a slouch on the offensive end either.

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