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"Said to be seeking" by whom? Interesting they have quotes from the agent earlier in the article but when it comes down to the outrageous facts they are unattributed pieces of information with no sourcing what so ever. Don't buy it...sure I think miller will seek a multi year deal at 10-12 mil a year, but even at 4 years, 60 mil is a 15 mil per year average, i don't see him asking that much.

However, it's a weak FA PG crop and if more than one team is looking - well some owners are dumb - marc cuban will be looking to replace Jason Kidd, who knows what the hawks will do now that bibby is expires, heck the kings are said to be exploring dealing udrih - maybe they get into it - it only takes two teams to get a player an obscene contract.

I'm still in the trade miller camp - if this is true though I'm not sure how it affects his trade value

Bibby, Kidd, Miller. That's not really a weak FA PG crop.

Dallas is over the luxury tax even after Kidd's $21M comes off the cap. Sacramento is over the cap as well. Neither one of them can pony up anything more than the MLE unless they find a way to make a deal for an expiring contract, which is a possibility in Sacramento, I suppose. (Brad Miller for Shawn Marion has been making the rounds).

Right now, OKC, Memphis and Detroit are the only teams who will have enough cap space to make a play for Miller at this price, Atlanta could probably go to about $12M. That's it. I just don't see how this market has any chance of forming.

john reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 11:58

It's an OLD FA crop - kidd and bibby are already showing signs of wear and tear that Miller isn't - depending on the team - miller might be the best solution out of all of them.

Maybe Miller thinks he can get a sign and trade or force a trade now to a team so they get his 'bird' rights to re-sign him for whatever money they care about.

The lead up to the 19th always has more smoke than a visiioin quest tent

Just a gut reaction, do you think he looks like a guy who wants out of Philly? I mean, he's hard to read, but doesn't he seem like he likes the team, the style of play?

john reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 12:12

Well there's a few reports out there - when miller talks to the press - about how much he says he misses the west coast - and wants to go back there.

In the end - it comes down to money - it always does (and fans just have to accept it already, it's their job. Whoever offers Miller the most money - that's where he's going to. He always looks the same to me - I can't say if he looks happier here or in LA or when he was in college, dudes' kind of like a cypher like that.

Whoever offers him the most money is where he'll play - and all you people who plan to whine about chasing the almighty dollar - just give it up already PLEASE

If he gets a better offer elsewhere, good for him. If he takes a hometown discount, that might bug me.

john reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 12:41

Problem is we don't always know the contracts - regardless of what the teams say - if he leaves they can try and save face publicly by making statements - so we never know 100%.

The Lakers and Clippers are his 'home town' teams I think aren't they? He's not a fit in the triangle - and after last seasons debacle I don't see the clippers going into free agency any time soon again - i see sterling going back to his low payroll high profit days

bill simmons did a webcast with j.a. adande last week, and they talked about miller for a good 2-3 minutes. they used miller as an example of why you have to be weary about a guy playing in his hometown (miller had probably the worst season of his career as a clipper). apparently adande received a bunch of phone calls from a woman who claimed to be miller's aunt who said he owed her money. so i don't know. there were a few other anecdotes simmons told about miller being a grump in general that were pretty funny, but nothing relevant to this discussion.

Maybe his family is a pain in the ass and he'd take a discount to stay on the east coast.

john reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 13:02

Yeah i heard that podcast - i didn't put much into it because who really knows - it's a concern i'm sure - but again - i'd say 99% of players take the biggest offer made.

it's just kind of strange that he's been this enigma mostly his entire career. he's really impossible to read.

Tray reply to Mike on Jan 29 at 14:13

In what sense?

john reply to Tray on Jan 29 at 14:52

Miller doesn't seem to talk to the media as much as other players thus if you are one to make conclusions based on an out of context sound bite - it's harder to do with Andre Miller...his persona seems more internal, less expressive, almost 'stone faced' if you'd like to say.

I'm sure the dude on Lie to Me could figure some stuff out

Obviously it is not in Andre's best interest to sign a deal less than 5 years. If I were him, that is how I would be approaching things. If he signs a 2 year deal, he is on to vet minimum money probably due to age... and he is losing a lot of money.

john reply to Joe on Jan 29 at 14:05

He's over 30 - find it's not in his best interest to sign for less than 5 years - it's not in the best interest to sign a 30+ year old point guard for more than 5 years unless he's currently a top 5 PG - which Miller isn't nor has he ever been in my opinion

Joe reply to john on Jan 29 at 16:10

I'm talking about Miller's perspective.(not the team) He is looking for the most total money he can get in a deal. End of story. The amount per year is borderline irrelavent, hence he is looking for length.

What would he get in the offseason? I think 3 years 19ish million will be the full MLE for 3 years. I think someone would throw that at him... right? I think that is a not-so-liberal starting point.

I was just thinking... Cleveland should totally trade Wally for Mike Miller and Brian Cardinal. It makes sense completely for both sides if Minny doesn't get many offers and I think it would make Cleveland the best team in the East with a healthy Z.

Mo Williams, Mike Miller, LeBron, Wallace and Z as your starters. Boobie (if he's ever healthy), Delonte, Varaejao, Hickson off the bench. Yeah, I'd take that over the Celts.

john reply to Joe on Jan 29 at 16:21

I think 10 million a year isn't out of the realm of easy possibility for miller (It's what he makes now) - for 3 years - i mean i might even be comfortable with that contract (prefer an option on the 3rd year) - so that's probably where you should start.

If Mo Williams keeps up his insanity and Big Z and West get healthy - the Cavs are the best team in the east probably :)

But Big Z and healthy are a funny thing

This is going to be an interesting summer. Does the CBA keep salaries artificially low enough that the overall state of the economy won't affect salary levels or will we see free agents linger on the market like they are in baseball right now.

If it's the latter, Miller could find himself in the same position Bobby Abreu is in right now.

john reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 16:27

Unappreciated for his contribution to Philadelphia sports?:)

Yup. And begging for a contract worth 1/2 of what he made last season.

john reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 16:50

And there will be raul ibanez getting 30 mil for 3 seasons guaranteed

Ain't it grand

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 29 at 16:33

about to make 1st team all NBA for defense?

Joe reply to john on Jan 29 at 16:59

Big Z has been a model of health throughout his career pretty much. He played in 78+ games 5 straight years going into last year. Last year he played 73. For a guy of his height, he is remarkably healthy. Early in his career, he did run into some problems though.

Random Maresse Speights mention from Bill Simmons...


I don't think Durant is particularly underrated though.

john reply to Joe on Jan 29 at 19:11

He's not under rated for sure - but he's getting better - thank god for my fantasy team

He was decidedly over-rated last season. This year, he's just rated.

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