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Chad Ford Is At It Again

Sounds like the Brand thing lacks legs. I agree it probably was somethings along the lines of ES saying call me back on Brand when he knows better how he is fitting. Unless the team really struggles he won't be on the block unless someone blows their doors off (something crazy like Amare.)

BTW, the NBA reserves have been named... http://www.phillyarena.com/archives/2009-01-29/All-Star-Reserves-Named,-and-none-name-Iguodala

Tough break for Iggy, but I'm glad he'll have the break to rest. Need him fresh for the rest of the season.

A. I hate that you have to be on a 'winning team' to get all star consideration - that's stupid (one from eveyr team ala baseball is stupid too)

B. HOW DOES CHAD FORD HAVE A JOB - i mean seriously - does he know anything?

Its all about marketing. If the NBA feels that Orl will go deep in the playoffs, it helps generate interest if that team has multiple All Stars. Its the NBA star creation machine.

JohnM reply to tk76 on Jan 29 at 20:45

Pau Gasol and Nate Robinson are in the top 10 for jersey's sold - I don't think the NBA especially knows what the hell they are doing marketing wise :)

tk76 reply to JohnM on Jan 29 at 21:04

They want to create new stars on the high profile teams.

Strange that Orl gets 3 and Cleveland only 1 All Star.

Ford is just another example of why you gotta love ESPN.

At least he admitted there's an 80% chance that he's full of shit.

"At least he admitted there's an 80% chance that he's full of shit"

LOL, good one Brian. I wonder how many Sixers games with Brand Chad Ford watched.. let me guess... ZERO?

what a load of BS.. "buyer's remorse"...

I tend to think this guy is full of it as well.
Although looking at the Sixers record...and brands numbers. (before injury)..It's not too huge of a stretch to assume the Sixers are not thrilled with Brand.
I was psyched when Brand was signed...
When I finally saw him play that enthusiasm left me.
I hope that changes and Dileo can figure out a way to use him effectively because Mo sure couldnt. Time will tell if it was Mo not using him properly or him just not being good for this team AT ALL.

john reply to Gdog on Jan 30 at 10:58

I hope that the fans can figure out a way to not over react without sufficient data to come to conclusions.

Fortunately I have faith that the front office can

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