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DiLeo Won't Commit

I watched part of the Cleveland-Orlando game last night. It seemed to be a repeat of the Sixers-Hornets game. First half was all Cleveland, the refs started not calling fouls for Lebron, and the end was the same. Do you have any thoughts? In my opinion, it seems like in both games the refs controled the tempo and showed clear bias towards one team (may not be on purpose but it appears that in both games). Love to hear other thoughts.......

I don't think there is any chance of Willie not playing till we get rid of him. Can we start a petition for Willie to go? :-)

Mike reply to DeanH on Jan 30 at 10:52

just because you're not getting calls doesn't mean you should stop attacking the basket. lebron took so many awful jumpers in that 2nd half, and then his teammates followed suit. that's why they stopped scoring.

To their credit, the Sixers didn't stop attacking in either of those games. They actually wound up with only 1 less FTA than the Hornets in N.O. on Monday, thanks in large part to their aggression in the fourth quarter, even though they weren't getting the calls for the first three.

Listen, the NBA comes pretty darned close to being the WWE when it comes to home-court advantage with certain refs. It's just a fact of life, and it's something you have to play through. The fact that it exists doesn't make me happy, and I'd love to see the Sixers ascend to the point where they're the beneficiaries sometimes, but it is what it is. That's why it's so hard to win on the road. That's why teams with great crowds, like Utah, are virtually unbeatable in Utah.

The thing you have to remember is that these teams aren't good because they get the calls, they get the calls because they're good. I'm still going to curse every time I see it happening to the Sixers, but it's just part of the game.

That's why I was sort of surprised the Sixers got away with being so physical against Yao. Sam, I guess to his credit, had two hands in his back all game denying position. Yao definitely failed to get star or home team treatment.

Honestly, they should cut Willie's minutes to zero when Brand is back in the starting lineup. That would be the best net gain for this team, without question.

Mike reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 14:13

yea i don't understand why everyone but the coaches believes willie should not be playing. i'd like to know what they see that we don't.

Hi Brian,

First, I completely agree that Willie's minutes should be sacrificed first. I wouldn't mind him losing his minutes period.

Second, Hollinger just had a chat where he said 2 things of interest to Sixer fans. Check these out:

1. Stu (Philly): You were incredibly critical of Jeff Green last year and this offseason, has his play this year changed your tune on him?

John Hollinger: He's improved quite a bit, yes; I'd still rather have Thaddeus Young, but of the players most had rated at or near the No. 5 spot, he's been far better than the other choices (Yi, Brewer, Wright, Noah)

>>> My note: So, what he is saying, in essence, is that he'd rather have Thad than the 5th pick in the draft (or anyone that was slated to go around that area). That is a feather in the Sixer's cap having a good draft.

2. Matt (Philadelphia, PA): How about Maurice Speights not getting any love in the Rookie game even though he always seems near the lead in your rookie rankings in PER?

John Hollinger: I expected it, and I can at least understand it -- he hasn't played many minutes so you can argue he hasn't made the same impact as the others, even though per minute he's been more productive. Also, he has some problems on D that don't help his case.

>>> My note: Speights does have the lead in PER (and has throughout the year). I don't think PER is all that as you get your rating improved the more shots you can take as long as you are hitting better than around 40%, but still it is showing he's doing something right. I'd say he is doing as well or better than some other that are getting to go to the Rookie game. The Sixer's have a #'s game at his position. I think a lot of guys get rewarded for going to crummy teams and getting a ton of minutes and a lot of shots.

I think Kevin Love got the shaft more than Speights, but you could make an argument for both.

Hollinger loves Thad and Landry. I agree with his assessment. When all is said and done, Oden, Durant, Horford and Thad will be the best to come out of that draft, in my opinion, and not in that order. Durant has surprised me this season.

Chris reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 15:57

Durant has surprised me too. He's actually hitting a lot of his shots this year. The one thing about Durant still is he is a big minus player. Even for the team he is on. Russell Westbrook is playing a lot of minutes too and he has a very good adjusted +/-.

He might be a modern version of Tom Chambers, who scored and rebounded a ton and shot a decent % but gave up as many points as he got.

I don't get the Jamario Moon snub personally. He seems like a top 2 snub with Kevin Love. Speights didn't really play enough. Moon had the highest PER of him, Thad, Chandler, and Thornton, despite never shooting. He is a much superior player to all of them right now.

Sessions and Watson were minor snubs because of Aaron Brooks as well.

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