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What happened to bringing Brand back slowly? I would say I don't approve of Brand at C with a very poor rebounder at PF.

Thinking long term this season, it isn't worth it to me.

What lineup do you go with then? I don't know. Maybe remove Willie or Thad(my preference would obviously be Willie) and start Brand and Theo or something like that. Maybe you start Brand at C, but give him some help on the boards with Reggie out there.

I just have a feeling that having only 1 player who rebounds more than 7 boards/36 normally means you are going to need a big effort and I don't want that from Brand right now...

I don't think 30 minutes is out of the question based on the minutes he's played in the past two. I do worry about this being the second game of a back-to-back though. I think Theo will see about 15.

I don't think Brand is ready for really heavy minutes at center. This should be a good game to unleash our aged mummy of De-Nile, Theo Ratliff for a good 15 min run. I'd rather see more Theo than Evans. Also look forward to seeing more Speights/Brand together.

The more minutes sp8s gets with eb, the better. No better way to learn how to board and defend than playing alongside a guy who works hard at doing both.

My vote goes to Theo Ratliff. Give him 15-20 minutes and you'll see a big who knows what he's doing out there, all the time.

I believe you'll get your wish, but EB will start at center if Sammy can't go. He's listed as a game-time decision right now.

I am not a big fan of Reggie. Last night he did not help alot in my opinion. I would like to see Marshall in there more than Reggie helping out. If I recall correctly, Marshall had a good number of rebounds the few times he played. I also think this is good to see how we do w/out Sammy since many of us (including me till recently) wanted him traded!

I doubt we see Marshall, but the Nets would be a good team to dust him off and stick him in there against. They allow teams to shoot 41% from three.

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