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At A Loss For Words

you are giving props to dileo at the end, what about b4 that when there was an iso for lou!! what is that, and then to have final possesions without brand out there, how do you set up and early shot for lou and not have one of the best offensive rebounders in the league out there......im sorry i usually agree with everything you say but not having him out there other than getting a rebound off a foul shot is nonsense..

Brian reply to r on Feb 1 at 2:46

Yeah, I wondered why Brand wasn't in there instead of Ivey for the final couple of offensive possessions. I think it was because he couldn't buy a shot, but still.

The iso for Lou I don't have a problem with. He got a decent look, and honestly, what play could he have called that would've made a difference? They couldn't hit anything.

I gave him credit for the play he called from Iggy to Andre. That was just a beautiful play, executed perfectly by both Andres. I mean, in that situation to be able to draw something up that gets you that shot. That's good coaching.

The Sixers tonight were a reflection of what they are, a team lacking in maturity. I believe they have lost all but one of the back half of back to backs this year. NJ lost in Atlanta last night. The Sixers slept in their own beds. The fourth quarter was a disgrace. Every time this team gets close to getting past the .500 they fall back, much like last years team. The Celtics are on the way and to date this year the Sixers have performed poorly against the Celtics. Maybe the Sixers have them right where they want them, really for an ambush.

They can beat anyone, they can lose to anyone. So frustrating on nights like this, maybe they can make up for it on Tuesday.

It is Brook Lopez my man. Robin is the 7 footer in Phoneix who is a "defensive specialist" that can't rebound.

Sorry, had it right in one spot, wrong in the other. Fixed now.

When this team is forced to slow the game down and play in a half court set they are a bottom-tier team. Elton Brand was brought on to the this team to cure that ill. But to place the blame squarely on his shoulders would be foolhardy. Like the rest of his teammates, Brand struggled mightily last night with his shot. He could not buy a bucket. However, the ineffective play at the offensive end of the floor is not a sole product of Brand. He is surrounded by one-dimensional players that are easy to defend. Andre Miller can’t shoot beyond 18 feet so why guard him behind the three-point line? Same goes for Iguodala. Thaddeus Young has superior athletic ability but struggles to create his own shot in space. Dalembert looks lost every time he steps on the floor.

The current personnel needs to be upgraded or this team is bound for failure in the playoffs when the games become more of a grind.

You may be right, but I don't think this was the issue last night. The 16 shots they missed to end the game weren't exactly forced at the end of the shot clock. They got 7 layups in that time, another handful of mid-range jumpers. The offense was working, in as much as it was getting EVERYONE decent looks. They just couldn't get anything to go down.

Only 5 of the shots came from outside 15 feet. Getting those shots means your offensive system is working. Missing all of them means...I don't know what the hell it means other than my favorite teams are cursed.

The problem has been Brand pretty simply IMO. He has not been production. He was brought in to help their half court game obviously. He hasn't. He was brought he to be a productive big man and he hasn't. He was brought here to shoot 50% from the field and score at least 18 per. He hasn't.

In fact, Brand has been a poor NBA PF this year and it is killing this team.

Brand played for years on completely different teams with completely different personnels in LA. He was on garbage teams and on a couple pretty good ones. He never had any real problem keeping his FG% at 50% or pretty close. He normally kept an AST:TO of 1:1, unlike the the 1:2 we are seeing this year. He is working really hard on the boards to make up for his inability to score. His rebounding is the highest it has been in over 5 years. That is a nice thing to see. It shows, at least to me, that he isn't a dog. He is trying to do whatever he can to help.

But how much longer do we wait for him to at least be a shell of the Brand he was at other times in his career? Right now, he is like a shell of Zach Randolph or something. I, personally, am starting to get impatient.

Other players have struggled obviously, but more for stretches. Granted Brand hasn't been given a lot of time, but he has struggled pretty consistently besides a flash in the pan 5 games or so.

Where are the signs that things are going to change with him?

gdog reply to Joe on Feb 1 at 12:13

I agree with Joe but in fairness to Brand he may be still banged up. Maybe...
If not I would say Joe is dead on. He is doing a good job on the boards and blocking shots however I believe this team NEEDS a low post,double team beating, dunk in your face scoring stud. One who can muscle it in when the outside shots arent falling for either him or his teammates.
Anyone seeing brand becoming that player ?
Not me. If Amares available take him...
I dont care if he doesnt play defense...we have good on ball defenders and Speights and Sammy can block shots.I dont care how many games it takes brand to get healthy...he is not that player I described.

I don't think anyone ever said don't take Amare. I just doubt he's really available.

Tray reply to gdog on Feb 1 at 13:50

He is still banged up - from the microfracture. He's basically looked like this all year, except for that famed stretch of six games, which is nice, but I'm sure you could find similar, longer stretches in the post-devastating-injury careers of guys like Webber and Jermaine O'Neal - just because a guy has a nice six-game stretch doesn't mean he isn't damaged goods.

If he had a microfracture I might agree with you, but he didn't. He had a torn Achilles, from which a complete recovery is much more common than microfracture.

Four games back from the latest injury, playing the second night of a back-to-back. You're probably just as sick of hearing it as I am of saying it, but patience.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 1 at 14:30

I have been watching more archived games recently. I haven't seen last night's yet, but I'll probably watch it off and on during the SB.

The main reasons I thought this team would be better were Brand, Lou, and Thad. I guess I am just pissed that Lou(22?) and Thad(20?) have actually both gotten worse while Brand has sucked relative to Brand 00-07.

Were you able to find an archived version of this game? I kind of want to take another look at that fourth quarter.

JohnM reply to Brian on Feb 1 at 23:07

Doesn't league pass online provide archived games?

Usually, but that one is listed as blacked out. Was it on NBA TV?

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 22:20

Haven't looked yet. Might look tonight or tomorrow morning. Had to work right up until the superbowl and was too damn beat to do anything but watch the big game.

That is exactly what I am getting at. No matter how good the system is and how many open looks are provided, this team is defecient when it comes to converting those opportunities. Last night may not have been the best example because as you mentioned, many of the looks came inside 15 feet. But the best system can't cover up poor shooters and I think that is what you saw last night.

I still don't know what the hell I saw last night. I wish I could un-see it though.

The 4th was terrible, but these things happen- even to really good teams.

For example, last March the Celtics were up 80-69 with 8 min left, at home against the Sixers. They gave up a 19-0 run, missing 11 straight points over 7+ minutes and losing the game.

There were no lasting after effects from their 4th quarter collapse at home to a lesser team. The Celtics went on to win 12 of their remaining 13 games to close out the season.

Lets see how the Sixers respond. It should say a lot about them.

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