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Not a Courtney Lee fan? He's been coming along of late. To match Miller's salary, though, they'd need to throw in Battie or Bogans + Cook, and I can't see them doing either, as the one would deprive them of a key reserve big man, and the other of the more important half of their shooting guard rotation.

Lee hasn't spent any time at the point, they're screwed if Nelson can't get back.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 3:35

He was saying in a deal to Philly for Lee I think since you were saying they didn't have anyone that really fit for Philly. I like Lee a lot.

Obviously Orlando is going to be in major trouble without Nelson, but if they can tread water(over 500 without) they will still be the 3 seed, which is where they were gonna finish most likely anyway. Nelson will probably be back before April.

I think they may look into Tinsley if they have the money available. Maybe Diener, who was on their team a couple years back. He is in Indiana now? Maybe try to get Jack from Indiana? Maybe Ford?(just kidding on last 2)

Tinsley's contract is a big problem. 3 years @ $21M+ remaining.

I'm still skeptical that it's advisable to come back from a shoulder dislocation in 5 or 6 weeks. I'm holding my breath with Brand, but I think most doctors would advise the surgery right away, which would mean he's done for the year.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 4:31

Yeah. They could involve Battie. He sucks and has 2 years left. I'm sure Indiana would love a deal centered around Tnsley for Battie.

They may just deal Bogans or Reddick though for some fringe NBA point. Probably the smartest thing.

Tray reply to Joe on Feb 3 at 9:52

Yes, that's what I meant. I don't know if they'd give up Lee though.

Add a torn labrum. He is out indefinitely.

They have to make a move, no?

john reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 16:04

Woudln't say 'have' to - I mean they're a young solid team with a good core that isn't on its last legs...i don't think they'll be desperate to make a move in a 'we have to make a run this year or we're doomed' kind of way - but they should make a move - i'm just not sure what assets they have that teams would value.

Well, Hedo might be gone after this season, he has an ETO. And if you're Orlando's front office, would you waste this start? If he doesn't come back, they're a first round exit with that rotation at PG.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 16:21

Yeah I would think they have to do something.

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