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Kicked In the Junk Again

I am still so hurt after this loss. I think my former high school coach could get an open look at the end of the game for his best player against the Sixers. What in the world is going through Thad's head? You don't let anybody shoot a 3 (maybe Rondo or Big Baby but even then you don't want them shooting a 3, that's the only way you lose), but there is no way the coaching staff didn't say, "At all costs, don't leave Ray Allen, he's made the 2nd most three-pointers in NBA history!" If Pierce has an open lane to the basket, I'd still rather him dunk than give up an open three. You nailed it though, that had herky jerky fadeaway written all over it, exactly the shot we all want because a. Iggy's all over him and it's very difficult and b. It only forces overtime if it goes in!!! This one hurts.

Yup. If Thad stays at home, it take a miracle shot from Pierce to TIE the game. So disappointing.

"but there is no way the coaching staff didn't say, "At all costs, don't leave Ray Allen"

According to Kate Fagan, the coaching staff actually instructed them to rotate, and Dalembert was supposed to run out on Ray Allen, with Young switching back to cover up Davis:

I was at the game and didn't have my DVR set, so I'm going to have to record the encore and watch it a few times in the am.

Alvin reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 4 at 0:32

I would not have the mental capacity to watch the last 6.8 seconds, let alone the entire game again.

I read the article, and I think it takes Thad off the hook too much. Davis never even really set the screen, he left Allen to help on Pierce, the screen only came into play when he realized Allen was wide open in the corner and tried to get around it. Sammy was two steps too slow rotating out there, but Thad abandoned Allen way too early, and needlessly.

Whatever excuse they want to use, it's unacceptable. Communication, philosophy, bone-headed personal play. Thad's fault, Sammy's fault. The cause doesn't matter much to me, you can't make mistakes like that in that situation. I don't care who they want to scapegoat, it can't happen.

I didn't watch the game at all...i was at class but 'asking sam to rotate' - isn't that exactly what he did (properly no less) against the rockets to prevent T-Mac from hitting that 3 at the end of the game? Sounds like the same situation from what I've been reading.

Reggie F'n Evans, baby! We would have lost that game by 25 points or more had it not been for Reggie. Sometime in the second quarter, when everyone else looked apathetic and confused, he grabbed them all by the neck and said, "I don't care if you guys want to walk around like zombies, I'm here to win a f'n basketball game!"

I doubt he actually said those exact words, but that's what it came down to. The man was amazing... single-handedly bringing us back to life!

And thus - with one good performance - the legend of reggie evans 'good' basketball player will continue to grow

Bart reply to john on Feb 4 at 13:12

So, Reggie didn't play his heart out last night, huh John? God, you're completely clueless. It's really sad.

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