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Insult To Injury...Or Vice Versa

This is irritating but unsurprising...probably should have had the surgery immediately but he had to be a 'man' about it and risk further damage...i know a lot of people thought he was coming back too fast anyway

Elton Brand... *sigh*

You're right, of course. There's no way we're trading him right now, because no one's giving you anything worthwhile for a 30 year old injured forward with a brand new 6 year $80 million contract.

When you're only 6'8" tall and you're playing PF, you better be quick as hell or tough as nails. Elton's obviously not the first one and we all knew that. But is he even the second one??? At this point, it's definitely debatable. So, what the hell good is he (and how has he been averaging 20 and 10 over the past nine seasons)???????????

john reply to Bart on Feb 4 at 11:30

Yup - it's debatable

Tell you what - go separate your shoulder - then come back way too early without any surgery and try and play professional basketball...he rushed back - he shouldn't have - he skipped surgery - he shouldn't have - TO TRY AND HELP THE TEAM

I'm sure most people bagging on him now loved him when he was with the clippers and wished the sixers had a PF half as good as him since they haven't in like 20 years

Bart reply to john on Feb 4 at 13:07

So, my take on Elton is wrong then, huh John? He's gonna heal up, eventually, and prove to us all that he's either quick enough or strong enough to succeed on this team? Frankly, I hope so. We need him. We're paying him to be an enforcer in the middle... that's why he was brought here... period.

For the time being, however, you should try to see things as they are, right now. To do so, you'll have to pull your pants back up, put Elton's picture away, and stop masterbating for a few seconds. We paid him $80 million to be "a difference maker" (Elton's own words) and he hasn't come close - NOT CLOSE - to earning any of it. Perhaps you saw last nights game and noticed Reggie Evans busting his ass out there? Yeah, that's what everyone, including Elton himself (http://www.philly.com/dailynews/sports/20090129_Sixers__Brand_tries_to_shrug_off_trade-deadline_rumors.html), expected Elton to be doing when we signed him a few months ago.

"It's a little frustrating, because that's what I was brought here for, and it hasn't come to fruition yet," he said. "But we're playing pretty well and I want to continue that, whatever it takes. There's no doubt in my mind that I can get back to that level, to be a difference-maker. We know the way they played last year. We already know they can get to the first round [of the playoffs]. We're trying to get further and hopefully we can do that."

Here's notice: ELTON BRAND HAS BEEN A FAILURE SO FAR AS A PHILADELPHIA 76ER!... before, during, and after his injury. Is this harsh? Yeah, a bit. But, hey... I'm just calling it like I see it, having watched EVERY SINGLE GAME THIS SEASON!

And listen, if you think I'm wrong, you don't really care about this team. We could have signed any number of guys over the summer with the money we had avaiable. We wined and dined Josh Smith and even introduced him to the mayor, for God's sake! Is there anyone who doesn't think now (admittedly, with hindsight) that he would have been a MUCH better fit for this team??? Anyone???? How 'bout James Posey? Would this team be better with a legitimate shooter like Posey who also defends (something that none of our guards has any clue how to do, except Royal Ivey)???


John, do me a favor and let Elton know that I appreciate the fact that he came back early "TO TRY AND HELP THE TEAM", even though they had a winning record in his absence. Perhaps when you and Elton get into bed later this evening he'll be honest with you and let you know that the motivating factor for his rapid return was actually embarassment... embarassment over the fact that the Sixers are a better team when he's wearing a three piece suit.

john reply to Bart on Feb 4 at 14:07

Bart - insults aside

My assertion has been all season that since Elton Brand hasn't even played 41 (a half a season) full speed NBA games since his original ankle surgery is that you can't expect him to be at 100% in game shape yet cause it just takes a while, not to mention a new city a new coach (two of them now) and a new kid (which probably impacts him as well) - and then he separated his shoulder - didn't take care of it in the way that he probably should have (surgery immediately) and rushed back - so my assertion is and has been that Elton Brand hasn't been 100% the Elton Brand he was before his achilles injury for a single game in philadelphia and that those ready to 'write him off' are the same bridge jumpers who were calling for Iguodalas head a month int the season when he got off to a slow start.

And as for you - I guess I'll just stop responding to you in general and hope you'll do the same

yea jasner wrote today that they might shut him down.

"We're going to look at it [today],'' Brand said, obviously disappointed and frustrated. "I was trying to help, but there was no need to bring me back [in the second half]. It's hard when you're feeling pain and you can't straighten your arm out on your shot. I have a little flip shot I've used all these years, and I can't do it. That was why I tried to wear the brace, but that didn't really help. It's just disappointing.''

Sixers coach Tony DiLeo said: "His shoulder stiffened up a little. He said he could play if we really needed him. It was a situation where we just decided to throw Marreese [Speights] in there, because [Brand's] shoulder wasn't quite loose enough.''

If he doesn't have full range of motion in his shooting shoulder, he needs the surgery.

john reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 14:13

Like you said when it happened - he should have had the surgery then...it's no big surprise that it didn't work out - they tried to circumvent the normal procedure in an attempt to try and fake it through and unsurprisingly to me it didn't work out. If they had just done this when it happened like they should have - probably be less strife and he'd already have been working on healing for about 7 weeks

Surgery then, or surgery now doesn't really make a difference. He was done for the season either way, and should be ready for next season. He gave it a shot because he wanted to get back and help this team, which you have to commend the player for. If anything, the team and the doctors should've probably been more realistic in their expectations for a speedy recovery.

john reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 14:25

Well - he'd have a 7 week head start on the recuperation - that's a plus...the sooner you have the surgery the sooner you can heal and rehab

I don't get advocating the trading of brand at all right now -

God, this guy better not break down to the point where he's untradeable.

john reply to Tray on Feb 4 at 13:07

No reason to expect he will - he's not injury prone - this was a freak injury based on a weird event in a game that he rushed back from (and probably didn't treat properly) - now he'll get the proper treatment - rehab 100% and people can start begging for him to be traded again before he even hits the court

Tray reply to john on Feb 4 at 15:27

Yeah but he never exactly looked recovered from the previous injury. And Brian, I didn't just mean this season, I meant in the years to come.

Well, in about 4 years he'll have trade value as an expiring contract no matter what happens injury-wise :)

Well, I'd say he's pretty much untradeable at the moment, with the injury. Not that he was going to be moved this season anyway.

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