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The Allen Shot Breakdown (With Video)

You must really, really hate the Celtics, huh?

No more than I hated them this time yesterday. This was the Sixers' fault more than it was the Celtics being good. Should've been a win.

Bart reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 10:34

Absolutely right. Add to it the fact that we were up by 7 points with about 3:30 left. Then we let Pierce get five easy points in practically no time to cut the lead to 2. Great shots by Miller and Iggy kept us in a position to win and then Thad absolutely lost his mind by leaving one of the best shooters of all time (no exaggeration) wide f'n open for the winning shot.

I'm disgusted too, Brian. Completely.

Nice breakdown Brian. The reality is, it was just a systemic breakdown of team defense. Thad severly overcommitted on the help defense. Sammy was sagging to far down into the lane to even see the pick coming thus being unable to call it out to Thad. Sammy failed to rotate, Thad made it too easy of a pick by being out of position.

It was about as poor a defense as you can play. No excuse for that at this level of the game. None.

And we should all just dispense of this tlk of moral victories. There is no such thing as a moral victory in the NBA.

There were probably moral victories last season, but snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is not one of them. That's what this game was. It was a crushing loss, plain and simple. Their fourth in the past month and they don't get any easier to stomach the more they happen.

Who brought up moral victories?

Good breakdown of the bad breakdown. You should email this to Fagan, as she was completely off the mark when she (and Thad) put this on Sam.

It's possible that Thad knows what was supposed to happen from the huddle a bit better than the folks watching the game.

No one is doubting that the call was to switch. But when exactly did this effect Thad. His man did not set a pick for Pierce. That was House (and there was no switch on D.)

Brian shows that Thad left Allen well before any pick came. They were not in zone, so I can't see how this could possibly be on Sam, other than the fact that Sam makes the mistake the other 99% of the time.

Bart reply to tk76 on Feb 4 at 13:14

Don't waste your time explaining things to him, TK. He just doesn't get it... even when it's painfully obvious.

So it's your contention that in the huddle DiLeo told Thad to lag off Allen by about 10 feet to help on Pierce if there was a chance that Pierce might get a contested look at a jumper from the foul line?

john reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 14:02

Nope - it's my contention that neither you nor I (nor Bart, whose opinion about me personally isn't really needed- or relevant to the discussion) knows what Tony DiLeo said in the huddle. Unless Tony Dileo or someone else says "Thad misspoke" then why should we think Thad is wrong in what he was saying.

Well, because what Thad said doesn't mesh with the video, or the images above. It's an excuse for why he was so far off of Allen when he should've been taking responsibility for blowing the play.

"Unless Tony Dileo or someone else says "Thad misspoke" then why should we think Thad is wrong in what he was saying."

Actually, Tony said the same thing as Thad.

But I agree with Brian. Thad didn't get screened. He committed to the double too early.

In a perfect world, Sam recognizes the screen and gets out there in time. But I don't expect Sam, and Thad was the one who ultimately started the problem.

Bryon reply to john on Feb 4 at 18:24

"Nope - it's my contention that neither you nor I (nor Bart, whose opinion about me personally isn't really needed- or relevant to the discussion)..."

But this guy thinks his personal opinion of others, in particular myself on last Sat., is needed or relevant but when the tides are turned it is a different story. Considering who we are dealing with, go figure.

John-ism = I know everything (even when not watching the games sometimes) and the rest of you guys know nothing.

I love the guy in the bottom left hand corner point at Allen

He's the only one that saw what was happening soon enough :)

It's funny - everyone focusing on allens last shot when if one of the consistent issues (defensive rebounding) wasn't so bad last night - it might not have mattered

Then again, reggie evans 6-8 from the FT line - that's kind of an anomaly too

Seems there's a lot of reasons the sixers lost last night

It's kind of hard to focus on what else went wrong when none of it would've mattered at all if they'd executed on 5 seconds of basketball at the end.

john reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 15:07

But on the contrary - if they had boraded even slightly better (or defended better, i mean boston shot an obscene FG%) - the last 5 seconds of the game wouldn't have mattered...

I'll give you the chance to have any player in the history of the NBA to take a shot to win it down 2.

Can you pick a better shot then Ray Allen from the corner for 3 with no defender within 8 feet?

I'd think they could execute such that Boston has to win in a way other then the highest % chance possible (in NBA history.)

I'd take Reggie Miller over him, but it's a fair point.

Reggie is a great pick. I'd take Reggie on a contested shot, but Ray Allen if its wide open like this one. Reggie sometimes had more problems if he was wide open then if he was fading sideways with a hand in his face.

Honestly, I'm not interested in talking about that play. I hope the Sixers aren't thinking about it too much either, because the Pacers aren't a worse team than Philly at all when healthy and they are, for the first time this year, looking pretty healthy.

And, contrary to what anyone says, the best SF playing tomorrow night in this match up will not be a Pacer. The best scorer will, but not the best player.


How brain dead IS thad young for double teaming pierce ??
3 things you should NEVER, EVER do in life...

Put a safety on Larry Fitzgerald in the NFC championship game...

Ask Donovan Mcnabb to win the game for you in the last two minutes...

Leave Ray F****** Allen wide open for a three at the end of the game !

Is it THAT friggin hard to understand ? sheesh

This post reminded me of this:


Classic old SNL skit- I think from 1990. Probably only John will remember it...

john reply to tk76 on Feb 4 at 18:16

Yeah Yeah, i'm old - smart ass

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