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A Real Test

Elton Brand out for the season. He's scheduled to have surgery on the torn labrum. What a dissapointing signing, hopefully next year he'll come back strong so we don't have antoher chris webber on our hands.

Do you have a link?

steve reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 15:51
Joe reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 15:53

Apparently it was said on WIP by Eskin.

john reply to Joe on Feb 5 at 19:04

Eskin can never be the sole source for any information if you want it to be true - guys less reliable than the dude jon lovitz played on SNL

I think Indiana is a better team than you give them credit for.

107ppg is horrible and it's not like Mike Dunleavy is a defensive whiz who's going to make them better on that end. They can score, they can shoot the three. On defense, they might be the worst in the league.

Alright. Moved the game thread back on top. Game 1 of the post-brand-2009 Sixers about to tip off. I have a feeling the team will play looser tonight. Integrating Brand became a huge mental distraction, I believe. I stand by my prediction that tonight is the night Iggy goes for 30+ in a Sixers win.

Alright, we're off.

Thad's jumper has looked UGLY over the past five or so. Granger can't hang with Iggy off the dribble.

Willie is torching Dunleavy. Which I think tells you more about Dunleavy's defense than anything else.

Thad leaves Murphy on consecutive trips, two threes. At least he made up for it by making one of his own.

Looks like an easy win. You're lucky you're stuck with the road broadcasters, here in Philly we had to sit through an inane discussion of how various players will have to adjust to Brand's absence. Now that our juggernaut reserve power forward is out, apparently Miller and Iguodala will have to take more shots. And Speights will get minutes! Haven't they noticed that Brand has essentially been out for months?

Yeah, someone should tell them the Sixers made the adjustments back in the middle of December.

You did miss this direct quote from the Pacers' announcers, though: "Tony DiLeo is a HUGE Willie Green fan."

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 19:29

Yeah, well Zumoff just said, "there's Jarrett jacking a three, if you will."

Evans in at center as the first sub? Ugh.

Sweet 'stache on Dunleavy.

Hibbert looks a little better than I think anyone who saw him play at Georgetown would've expected.

He just completely lost Sp8s. Horrible D.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 19:54

He's played some good defense since. 21-2 run there. Did you discuss the Bogans-Lue trade in an earlier thread? It's too bad, I would've liked Courtney Lee and parts for Miller.

Joe reply to Tray on Feb 5 at 19:56

I think they know they have an Anthony Parker type in Lee... he could be their SG on a championship run IMO. They just need a PF I would think... unless Dwight becomes a top 2 NBA player.

You think they get rid of Hedo?

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:06

I don't know. I would think they keep him as their 6th man. He is more of a SF anyway and would be good to run the offense through with the 2nd unit.

I think he's too good to be their 6th man. He's the guy they go to in every big situation. I guess he could be a Manu-type.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:38

All players really should care about is minutes and being in the game late in the 4th. And I think Hedo could sitll get 33 minutes off the bench and be in there when it matters.

I guess it depends on who they get to play PF. I mean, you've got Lewis and Hedo, neither of which can play SG and you want to get them upwards of 70 minutes total. That means Lewis at PF for at least 22 minutes/game.

They never had the parts.

Joe reply to Tray on Feb 5 at 19:53

Can't teach height.

8-0 run. Atrocious defensive rebounding.

This isn't exactly a great time for the entire Sixers front court to start playing like crap.

Easy win huh?

Actually, they're lucky they aren't down by about 15 right now.

Big trouble when there were zero Andres on the floor, btw.

john reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 19:59

Not really surprised - though it's probably an impossibility unless you slide one andre to the bench (and really can't do that now) to keep tat least one on the floor at the same time.

One Bad Quarter. We can make a TV series out of these.

The defensive rebounding and perimeter defense are making me ill.

john reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:06

bad defensive rebounding? the sixers? NEVER :)

Rough estimate: Royal Ivey is shooting 25% on 2 point attempts this season.

Alright. Good end to what was a disgusting second quarter overall. Thad with the three at the buzzer is a good sign. Down 2 at the half. Let's hope they took Indy's best shot there and the second will be a better half.

Is Andre abusing Ford and Diener or what? 8 FTA is a lot for him.

Completely forcing the issue. I think he's taken 1 jumper everything else going to the hole.

Thad Young 4-14?

Someone hit him

Joe reply to john on Feb 5 at 20:12

Yeah I agree.

I realize he is shooting 48% on the year and so it is hard to scold him for his shooting, but when Miller and Iguodala both have fewer attempts in more minutes... somthing should be said.

He's been doing a bunch of that recently. Iggy is such a strong rebounder.

Sixers all of a sudden seem to have their TOs under control. Good to see.

9 against Boston. 5 so far tonight.

Iggy is picking them apart.

Doesn't seem like Iguodala is gonna get that 30.

Sam seems to be having a pretty damn fine game.

Sammy's having a great game. We're going to need more like this from him the rest of the way.

Willie with a nice third quarter. Been a very long time since we've seen that. Plus, he suplexed Hibbert.

The thing about thad - great he's shooting 48% for the year - but not tonight - he has to realize 'i don't have my shot tonight' - and he has to look to create more and contribute in other ways.

So i just got home - sixers up ten

starters - good
bench - bad

is that what's happening tonight?

The sixers dancers work the streets after the games don't they?

The bench had a horrible start to the second. Speights and Evans were just putrid.

Starters are playing very well.

As for Thad, he's working the glass and has 5 steals, zero turnovers. So at least he's trying to make up for the poor shooting in other areas.

God, I hope Willie isn't the first Sixer to 30.

John reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:45

Doesn't count even if it happens

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:52

Would be kinda cool if no Sixer did it all season. Then in the playoffs Iguodala goes off for 40 or something in a win in game 1 against Orlando or something.

John reply to Joe on Feb 5 at 20:55

I don't like it - 'balance' and all that - there's just nights when 'big names' go off and score 30 - it just happens - you need that guy to take over when everyone else is cold - a lack of a 30 point scorer all season just reinforces the 'all seconds, no firsts' though of this team

That was excellent defense. I'd love to have tape of that possession. They closed out on 4 different shooters, then got the steal, converted on the break on the other end. Just excellent.

I'd like to see the bench hold or extend this lead. Leaving shooters wide open for three isn't going to cut it, though.

Random question: Who is going to have more wins? Philly or Detroit. And how many more?

Philly, 5.

Thad has 20 FGA now. Miller + Iggy have 18.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:59

beat me to the exact same post.

John reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:59

You're a better judge than me - are they bad shots or just not falling? I noticed the tip in - that was nice

Lot of jumpers. A couple wild runners. In general, I haven't been outraged with too many of them, I'd just expecting him to stop shooting when he's this cold.

Iggy going for a triple double.

John reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 21:02

There's that maxim that the only way for a shooter to get out of a cold streak is to keep shooting?

If they're good shots and not falling i'm not as aggravated as a willie/lou williams hold the ball for 15 seconds than drive wilidly type of thing

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 21:00

And Miller and Iguodala both have more minutes than Thad.

You know, I think Iguodala has attempted 1 jumper all night long. He missed everything with it. No three-point attempts.

Damn it Andre - MAKE THAT BASKET

Get Sammy back in there please.

John reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 21:05

Get Reggie out...

Hey Thad - when you're stuck in a corner with a double team - time outs work

Joe reply to John on Feb 5 at 21:08

I'm always shocked when a player trapped in the corner doesn't call a timeout. Doesn't seem to make any sense to me.

John reply to Joe on Feb 5 at 21:20

I don't think they think about it any more - coaches call time outs mostly - they forget they're there - i think they did away with the 'in the air' time out didn't they?

How can evans be so strong and so unable to continue towards the basket when fouled? It's pathetic

IV at SF, right?

Fuck, man. Reggie is not playing well. Get Sammy back in there immediately and I think Iguodala has had enough rest as well.

2 point game. If they blow this one...

Killing me slowly.

I may come back to eat these words, but I do not like WIllie in there right now AT ALL.

John reply to Joe on Feb 5 at 21:15

Welcome to the dark side :) I hardly ever like willie in there

He went w/ the starters, which you can't really argue with considering the hurting they've put on the Pacers and the shit job the bench has done. I'm never fan of Willie in the 4th, though.

And Willie strokes a jumper at the end of the shot clock. Watch for the lob on the next trip down.

Need a hoop here. I want the ball in Iguodala's hands.

Let me guess, I missed the 1st half last Fri. against the Wizards and Willie G lights it up - I missed 3 quarters tonight and Willie G lighting it up again?? My fathead of Wil is in the mail right now!!

Willie actually got fourth quarter minutes, that's how hot he was.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 21:27

Was he getting them off runouts? Jumpers? Please tell me that Sam didn't get all those points on those 15 foot jumpers either did he?

Mostly alley oops or nice passes inside. I think he hit one jumper from just inside the foul line, maybe 2. Solid game for the Haitian.

Sammy might go for 20 and 20. Has he ever had a 20 and 20 game?

John reply to Joe on Feb 5 at 21:23


I'd say Iguodala put this game away, like a superstar does. Just my two cents.

Rebounding seems to have gotten better in the second half

Mostly thanks to Sammy and Iguodala.

Come on we can't let this one go. Third time lucky.

Tough call for player of the game.

Sammy 18 and 20


Iguodala 21, 8 boards, 11 assists, 4 steals

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 21:36

Willie led the team in scoring... might want to give him the nod.

John reply to Joe on Feb 5 at 21:42

I'd go with whomever was responsible for improving the rebounding in the second half - indiana isn't much for defense- but if the rebounding didn't improve in the second half - they would have lost.

It's silly silly thing but all starters with +/- above 0 - all bench below 0

Joe reply to John on Feb 5 at 21:37

All starters over +10. All bench players below -10.

Pretty bad.

I am happy to see a win, finally. Glad to see the coach keeping Thad in there even when he is cold, watch out when he gets hot again! And, glad he makes up w/ some D and rebounds.

I feel that I need to apologize to Sammy D and Willie, they are playing so much better now.

Now, the real test comes Saturday!

Joe reply to DeanH on Feb 5 at 21:49

Don't apologize to Willie. He did grab 4 whole rebounds tonight though. Is that a season high?

Alvin reply to Joe on Feb 5 at 22:34

Career high?

Sarcastic question... was Iguodala getting those key rebounds at the end because he's the man, or because he really wanted to get a triple double to get on sportcenter?

Either way, those O-Boards were huge. Even huger than his 'big balls' jumper the other night...

You know Zumoff was screaming "Among the giants," and probably "lunchpailing" as well.

Huge boards.

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