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Starters Dominate (Bench, Not So Much)

Hi Brian,

Great win for the team tonight.

Looking at your final two lines, the problem is for Iggy is that most people look at scoring to the exclusion of all other statistics. Or of not to the exclusion of then they just weight scoring a lot more than they should (and don't factor defense, assists, boards, etc. fairly). So Granger, who scores a ton but doesn't do anything else, goes to the All-Star game. Iggy, who scores a little less but does a lot more, doesn't. That is why the guys at Wages of Wins (or even Hollinger) try to come up with the metrics to judge player's complete value.

I think PER favors gunners too much, but otherwise, completely agree. Granger's a good player, I just think Iguodala's more of the complete package.

Alright, so is it time to start taking the Willie hate and aiming it towards Lou?

Eh. I don't think the Willie hate really goes away, not after one good game. Right now, it's aimed at both of them from me.

Whether or not he's lost a step, or is showing his age, is a real concern, but I don't think there's any way we can tell at this point. Two freak, devastating injuries. Two years on the shelf. Now we're going to have to wait and see what he looks like next year. Disappointing.

Hating Willie Green is a waste of time. Willie is a bench player who is decent for 15 minutes a game receiving a starting nod. Your expectations of him are too high. Blame the coach for starting him, not Willie. Nothing about Willie has changed the past four years. No huge improvement and not really a noticable decline. Just a steady unspectacular from him.

Truth be told, if the roster had a few decent shooters Willie probably wouldn't be a Sixer. But, it is what it is and Willie is here to stay for a while longer.

Two things I disagree with about this statement.

1. "Your expectations of him are too high." I have no expectations of Willie, other than shitty basketball with the occasional hot shooting night.

2. "Decent for 15 minutes a game" He's decent for 15 minutes about 1 in 10 games.

Otherwise, spot on.

john reply to Ken on Feb 6 at 13:21

Willie Green is a mediocre basketball player who never should have been signed to a multi-year deal - period...he brings no 'special' hard to find skill (ala Korver and his 3 point shooting) and for some reasons the sixers brass loves him.

I'm not sure I buy this. He starts because they don't want to start Lou and they don't have a better option. I don't think anyone outside of BK and several opposing announcers are in love w/ the guy.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 19:05

And our radio play by play guy, who's in love with everyone on the team. Listen to a game sometime on 610 if you can get it online, this guy is nuts. I'm not sure if he's the one we had in years past, but if he's the same guy something happened to him, something mentally.

Yeah? He openly supports Willie, huh?

I think people took my comment in the wrong manner. It has absolutely nothing to do with Willie's play, but everything to do with Lou's.

Lou, right now, is playing worse basketball than Willie most likely and that is a major problem in my book.

Lou has been so inconsistent this season. Lately, he's been miserable. I don't know what the options are, though. I mean, either you over-expose Ivey or you play Willie even more minutes. Lou needs to get his head screwed on straight.

Would you be interested in Barbosa?

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 16:12

I'd rather not touch that Barbosa contract personally.

I don't have any solutions really only complaints when it comes to Lou. Sorry.

Seeing numbers like this just make me a little sick thats all. When they are on the court, Lou and Green shoot more than either Andre.

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