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Deconstructing Reggie Evans

Even if this is accurate than there are certain teams reggie should have zero minutes against - and I don't think he should ever be on the court when the sixers need ponts - he's an offensive drag against any team in my opinion (and left out of the discussion is his career poor shooting from the FT line - he's fouled a lot because people expect he'll miss.

So - will the coaching staff do that - and will reggie accept it.

Reggie Evans is the kind of guy larry brown loves - i bet you could get larry to oer pay to trade for him

Ironically, they're a better offensive team with him on the floor, than off (105.77 points per 100 possessions vs. 105.12 points per 100 possessions).

Personally, I don't think Reggie should really be a regular in the rotation, I think he should be like a secret weapon for DiLeo. Deployed when a momentum change is absolutely needed. Speights and Theo should be seeing most of his minutes, except under rare circumstances.

Brain - where are you getting your on off stats?

I mean you're right that they're better offensively (but worse defensively it seems) on/off looking at this


but those numbers don't match what you quoted

Basketball Value, I think it's a two-year average.

john reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 13:12

Quick glance at that indicates that while reggie has positive offensive impact he has a 'bigger' negative defensive impact (contrary to popular opinion) - yes there are select games where he's helpful - as much as there are select games where he's useless - 9 games isn't even 10% of a season...if it's a style thing - fine it's a style thing - then only play reggie against teams where the style dictates it - which means he should have more DNP-CDs then he has

Fred reply to john on Feb 9 at 11:51

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra raved about the high-energy Evans (nine rebounds, five points), saying, “It seemed like he was everywhere on the court tonight. We didn’t have an answer for him. He probably impacted the game as much as anybody.”

You can make this 10 games now, and 10 out 49 is a little over 20% of the games. That's got to have some value, right?

And that 'offensive improvement' that reggie adds seems primarily because of his offensive rebounding impact - which i've never debated - but his defensive impact is really bad (including defensive rebounding) and to me - defense is constant - hot or cold offense - if your defense is solid you have a better chance of winning - and reggies overall negative impact on defense greatly outweights the positive impacts he seems to have on offense (in my opinion)

I gladly await the slings and arrows of the old school who tell me that I'm not watching the games

I'm not arguing. In the post I said for the most part he's a drag on the team. That's what fascinates me about how he influences games against good teams.

john reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 13:19

I'm curios as to the team record in thsoe games (if you have it off the top of your head) including Reggie

(I'm also curios to see a similar analysis of Willie Green)

5 games against Detroit got sam a 50 million dollar contract - small sample size can be a bad bad thing :)

I'll check it out after lunch. Off the top of my head, the two vs. boston were losses, detroit, portland, atlanta were wins...yeah, the team record was 4-5 in the games.

Fred reply to john on Feb 9 at 12:06

Greg Dickerson (Celtics' sideline reporter; postgame): "You were up by twelve in the second quarter and seemed to have control of the game, but then the Sixers seemed to get energized and everything turned around for them. What happened?"

Ray Allen: "Reggie Evans... Reggie Evans."

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