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Not to brown nose, but overall Bloggers give much better coverage. Reporters may have more access, but I often get the sense that the non-beat writers and national media aren't even following the team closely. While Jasner is lazy and Fagan is inconsistent and a sometimes lacks judgment (although dedicated.)

I've been watching the coverage closely and agree that it is all over the map. It's not terribly surprising though when you consider the situation. Stefanski faces some difficult decisions and the most likely choice is not evident. I for one would like to see them move Andre Miller, but whether that happens remains to be seen.

god that guy john gonzalez is terrible. he's on DNL sometimes and i want to punch the tv.

Steven A may be an ass, but at least he is a basketball guy with something behind his abrasive opinions.

Gonzo is just a clown. And he's not funny. Who likes a clown who isn't even funny?

John reply to tk76 on Feb 7 at 15:32

Who likes a clown...period...clowns are evil

I wonder if Chris Bosh agrees with this :)

He's a guy i'd trade for - No way toronto can keep him long term - wonder what it would take

Can Philly keep him long term?

I think more likely than stoudemire they could keep Bosh - if they were willing to go over the tax - i like bosh's 'attitude' better than Stoudemire as a whole - but he knows he needs to leave Canada - he'll get the recognition he seems to thikn he needs in philly but i don't think he has the 'center of the team' thing stoudemire has.

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