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Amare Stoudemire Trade Rumors

I suppose if you're willing to include a pick maybe they consider it...but unless Stoudemire agrees right away to a contract extension - what happens if he just walks next season - then the sixers are fracked all over again

Well, if you're worried about Stoudemire exercising his ETO after next season, then you've got the best possible trade chip this time next year.

I suggested at recliner a 3 way deal. if Portland wants Miller, they can send the return to the Suns to help facilitate a trade. Something along the lines of:

Suns get Speights(or Thad) Lafrenz/Outlaw and #1's

Portland gets Andre Miller + Filler

Sixers get Amare

... Never will happen. Any chance of getting Amare was gone with the Brand signing. The Sixers were in position to get a star last summer w/ 2 #1's, cap space and young talent. Brand seemed the right move at the time.

I'm sure if they knew that Amare was coming available they would have worked in that direction, but now its all 20/20 hindsight.

Here's what I don't get. The rumor is that Portland is interested, but they aren't willing to trade Aldridge. Why the hell not? I mean, where are you going to play Aldridge if you get Amare?

If they really want him, they can come up with the best package. If they're only mildly interested and they have a list of guys they won't include, then I think the Sixers can put together a very strong offer.

As far as including Thad, the only way I'd trade him is if you get a potential all star in return. That's what we'd be getting here.

I think when a talent like Stoudemire becomes available, you do what you can to get him. Just my opinion.

WOuld you do it with no guarantee that Stoudemire re-signs? I mean - it's basically just a season a half rental and then you got the 2010 free agency mad house to deal with. I have no idea what impact such a trade has o the sixers 2010 cap room but I can't think it's enough to make them serious players for free agents the way other teams are maneuvering.

Sometimes I get gut feelings for no apparent reason - and my gut tells me Andre Miller is going nowhere and that the sixers will consider a 'one and done' playoff appearance like last year a 'success' because of the turmoil and brand issues.

That will aggravate me, because I don't even consider last season that much of success since they were a sub 500 team

There's no guarantee this will be a one and done playoff appearance. You know, if they don't collapse in the second half of game 4 last season, they're up 3-1 on the Pistons. They were an extremely young team then, they've matured this season and they have a chance to get home court in the first round. I'd say that's progress.

I just wish we didn't have this cloud of uncertainty regarding Miller. Who knows, maybe it isn't that uncertain to Stefanski and Miller.

I don't think it's possible for there to be any certainty between stef and milller - you never can predict the off season - remember the cavs and boozer

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 7 at 17:15

that's pretty optimistic. would you agree the only way we advance to the 2nd round is if we draw atlanta in the opening round? the chances of even snagging the 4th or 5th seed are fairly low.

Is Orlando really unbeatable with no PG to speak of? I don't think so.

But didn't they just get tyronne lue?

So the sixers need to be at least six to get past the first round (imo) because orlando probably slips to 3.

Of course - even without nelson - they shoot the 3 well and have a fearsome big man the sixers can't stop -

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 7 at 18:10

i don't think jameer played when they beat us at home earlier this season. obviously we're playing much better now though. that was that rashard lewis game. ugh.

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 7 at 18:15

personally i think orlando is a terrible matchup for us regardless of their PG situation. we all know how poor our perimeter defense can be. i imagine a series against orlando would be a nightmare with all their shooters. not saying i'd rather draw boston or cleveland, but i think boston might be a more favorable matchup with the way they turn the ball over.

The sixers are 2.5 games and two teams behind the five spot (assuming atlanta doesn't get worse). 4.5 games might be hard to make up - but 2.5 is not insurmountable - the pistons are a team in flux and so are the heat, the sixers now have certainty - if they can maintain the level they played on the winning streak there's no reason to think they can't achieve the five seed.

Not that i care - i still want miller gone

Do you want Miller gone no matter what? I mean, you'd rather have them trade for whatever they can get than sign him for say 3 years $24M?

John reply to Brian on Feb 7 at 19:02

Not no matter what - but I don't know that he'd sign for that little (I prefer 2 years and a mutual option for a 3rd, like a baseball contract)

Mutual options are pretty much never exercised in baseball. I don't think I've ever heard of one in basketball, they may not be allowed.

John reply to Brian on Feb 7 at 23:03

Yeah I know - but mutual options guarantee the player some money even if they don't exercise the 3rd year - they get bought out they get some money - so it's a win win :)

I'd be scared to trade Thad.

John reply to Tray on Feb 7 at 15:27

If Amare doesn't re-sign to an extension - I would be too - if he agrees to an extension not so much.

Max reply to John on Feb 7 at 22:34

Amare doesn't play defense and is going to want more than he's worth in 2010. I would never deal Thad for him.

If he's playing at his best, he's a max-deal guy. So if you get the best of Amare, he really can't ask for too much money.

Just how good do you think Amare is? He's a very good offensive power forward who plays poor defense and doesn't rebound. With a roster that's anywhere from a little more talented to a little less than ours, his team's on track to win about 4 more games than us. He'd improve our shooting percentages by a couple points, hurt us a bit on defense, and for that we'd give up Thad, who may be great?

This year, Amare is what you state above. Last year, he was a top-ten player in the league. Now, if you think he's regressed because of age, or injury, or attitude, then I agree with you. If you think he's regressed because the team has decided to slow things down and run the offense through shaq, as I do, then he's and under-valued star who's available in a trade. I'd trade already great for potentially great any day of the week. Especially when the already great guy is only 26.

Here's a comp for you, Tim Duncan and Amare Stoudemire, each in their 6th season in the league.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 8 at 0:18

But what would Stoudemire be without Nash, or even Andre Miller, who you suggest sending over in the deal?

No way to tell, but I think it's a safe bet to say he'll be significantly better than Thad is right now, and probably better than Thad will ever be.

Loco Taco reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 9:24

Absolutely agree. Thad will be very good, but it's pretty unlikely he'll ever get to Amare's level. Could be wrong, but I doubt it. As you say, always trade for currently great over potentially great. Giving up Miller and Thad for Amare is a good deal for us.

mario reply to Tray on Feb 16 at 0:52

amare woldnt be nothing right now if suns didnt had steve nash

That's the big question, will he be much less of a player when he leaves, like Marion.

I think Amare sholuld stay with the suns, because amare is the best player the suns have right now and everybody knows, If steve kerr wants to trade amare his gonna regret it later on because nobody in phoenix wants to see amare leave the suns.

Stoudemire and James in cleveland!!!!! unstoppable!

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