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Our Very Own Amare?

how about that left handed hook shot in the 4th? where the hell did that come from?

Seriously, he didn't even hesitate. I had no idea what he was going to do when he elevated, next thing I knew it was in the hoop.

Check out Sammy and Speights' combined numbers: 46 minutes, 6/9 from the floor, 16 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, 5 blocks, 17 points.

That's a nice night of production from the 5 spot.

Speights showcased that hook a bit this summer. It is in this highlight reel from when he lit up the Wiz for 24/12/2 blk this summer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGOfFDPp00E

The best part is when he says "I love this dude!"

Nice. That sounds like Snapper Jones, not sure who the guy that said "I love this dude" is though. Hilarious.

I think it is Rick Kamla, the 'dude' who does the Fantasy BB show on NBA TV.

The fact that I even know that proves I'm wasting brain matter on too much useless information.

aren't we all.

hanwayl reply to tk76 on Feb 8 at 4:46

It's not a complete waste of time, really. Rick Kamla used to do the voiceover for the daily top 10 plays. He's always energetic and contagious. I miss that.

I watched this game at 1 am on my DVR....very nice performance from Speights. Beasleys smooth on offense...nothing else. I'll take Speights if he keeps having games like this....with a little consistency this kid could turn out to be great. Better than Amare in some ways because he plays better D...but thats a ways down the road.
Reggie was great. He is a disruptor and sometimes plays like a man amongst boys. He reminds me a little bit of anthony mason who used to be on the Knicks...he just bullies and pushes his way around and it really helps the team. There is something to be said for that...
I know everyone always talks about trading him but I've been to games (like last year against detroit playoffs) where he just TAKES OVER THE GAME....but it doesnt show in the stats and not even always on tv.

He gets paid too much for what he brings to the team, but you're right. Sometimes he can change a game. I wrote about it earlier this week. link

gdog reply to Brian on Feb 8 at 11:49

Yes I read that article last week. Very entertaining...it made me focus more on what Reggie actually does out there. I wonder if Miller will still be here next week...

Speights offense is quite mature already - if he can step the defensive side up he's going to be a great player

Yup, that's why I love predicating his minutes based on his effort level on the glass and the defensive end.

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