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Thad's Hammer

decent write-up today by fagan about thad's footwork & his jumper:

"Recently, Young said he has watched film of his shots and noticed that he has varying success depending on his footwork.

Young said that when he catches the ball, holds it, decides he is open for the shot, then shoots, he rarely makes it.

When he catches with his momentum going toward the pass, with one foot planted and then the other - called a 1-2 stop - he makes about half the shots.

But when he is moving to catch the ball and employs a jump stop - both feet landing at the same time - his shooting percentage is at its highest."

John reply to Mike on Feb 8 at 15:57

Explains the passing on the open jumper last night and instead trying to pass to Reggie (who fumbled it away)

If Young is going to progress he's going to have to learn how to make the open shots like that - it's a hole that will have to be filled

Mike reply to John on Feb 8 at 17:54

yea also that huge 3 he hit in the 4th. he caught the ball & shot immediately. it was one of those "oh no what is he shooting that for.... YES" shots.

I saw that. To me, it looks like his delivery has slowed down. At the beginning of the season it was more fluid, now it's more deliberate. He needs a session with Mark Price :)

I wonder how close Thad and Speights will come to reaching their potential. There could be a day where the two of them are both monster offensive weapons.

Thad has farther to go (jumper, handle) but has the talent and the make-up to be a star. Speights just needs more strength and consistency, but you wondr if he'll ever fully tap into his talent. Last night he was again beasting against a beastley defender in Beasley.

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