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Talking Amare With Valley Of The Suns

I wouldnt trade Speights, Thad and Miller for anyone outside of Lebron or Dwight Howard let alone Amare(who is about 5 notches below the previously mentioned plqayers). We need to move past the Amare thing as sixer fans...we arent getting him with speights and Brand on this team. Move along...nothing to see here sixerfans.

99.999% chance you're right. Although I don't put Dwight Howard on a level anywhere near LeBron.

Gdog reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 17:55

Yeah I know. No one is on the level of King James (not even kobe due to Age)...but he was the best young player I could think of. I mean who can you think of that will be a rock solid superstar game changing player for the next 5 years...probably Chris Paul...maybe wade(but hes often injured)...hmmm

wonder if shaq plays tonight, in what is their 2nd game of a back-to-back.

I asked Michael, he said he thought Shaq would play tonight. How funny is it that Amundson is playing decent minutes for the suns?

The Arizona Republic actually reported that Shaq will likely play, so unless something changes last minute get ready for the Shaqtus. In the first month of the year he had been terrible in the second game of a back-to-back, but he's actually been solid in his last few.

Amundson has probably been the most pleasant surprise for the Suns. Nobody expected anything of him to start the year, and he's solely taken over the backup big role since the Diaw trade. Obviously his offensive game is limited, but why didn't he ever get off your guys' bench last year?

It was a numbers game for him. When he played, he was a great hustle guy with no offensive skills at all. They already had Reggie Evans for that role, and the PF/C rotation was actually pretty deep rotation for the Sixers.

Always liked his hustle, but he tended to get really pushed around if he was over-exposed, which doesn't bode well for that type of player.

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