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Amare Headed To Philly!

With our penchant for wanting to double nearly everyone (ex.- against the Knicks), I am concerned about the Amare/Thad matchup you highlighted. I think they will let Sam man-up one on one against Shaq since he usually brings his A-game against the top names in the league. But if they decide to help on Amare, I don't like leaving J-Rich or Matt Barnes floating on the perimeter.

I'm afraid it's a lose-lose situation w/ Thad/Amare. Left alone, he's going to be overpowered, double and one of the shooters is probably going to be open. If Sammy leaves to help, which you know he will, Shaq is going to have open dunks all night. I think we're going to have to go bigger for stretches and make them pay on the other end to counter the advantage.

Good point about going big as I think DiLeo will definitely do this. He even had Sam and Sp8's playing together for a few minutes Sat. against the Heat. Wonder if our small ball would give them just as many fits?

Depends, if Thad is willing/able to take Amare off the dribble he could neutralize the advantage.

NBA TV tonight. No idea why I don't get that channel in HD. I hate Time Warner.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 19:13

Join the crowd with the Time Warner comment.

And we're off. Thad gets bullied by Amare on the first play.

Wow, they switched Iggy onto Stoudemire now. I like it.

See you in the 4th quarter with all that early running Suns.

The Suns certainly don't seem to want to play in the half court, huh?

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 19:27

They don't know what they are getting themselves into. They are gonna feel that 10:45 finish to that Pistons game last night in the 2nd half.

Uh, Thad is abusing Amare. 6/7, 14 points and a bunch of boards too.

bunch=4, 2 offensive. btw.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 19:29

Small ball, anyone??

Reg at the five.

Evans vs. Amundson. Awesome spaz match-up.

Lou has Amundson on him at the top of the key with 8 seconds left and he settles for a contested jumper? Come on, man. Take him to the hole and that's a foul, a hoop or both. Stupid.

Getting killed on the defensive glass.

That ball looked like it was still on the rim just a tad that Sp8's just dunked back. Very close.

I think it was the angle. I thought the same thing until they showed the replay.

8 quick points for Speights. I think the Suns should seriously consider slowing this game down.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 19:53

They're playing with fire and look like they don't know it. There goes that left hand half hook again by Sp8's

The shot was ugly, but taking it down to the post as soon as he saw Grant Hill on him was great.

Lou just needs to stop shooting. 1/6 and these are not good shots he's taking.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 20:01

He is back in early season form. Constant jack them up from the outside after lots of dribbling. He can hardly be guarded when driving off the dribble.

Sp8s first sixer to 30?

Decent half. No 3rd quarter lull to start.

16 points for Speights in 11 minutes. More importantly, 6 boards, 3 offensive. Awesome show put on by the kid.

No lull so far in the third. Team effort to step on the Suns' throat, need to keep that foot there and finish this one off.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 20:48

Agree, no edge of your seater tonight please.

Hey, lou finally hit a shot. Too bad it was after the whistle.

Up 16 with 5:59 to go in the fourth and I can't help but be pissed at the way Lou is playing. Ruining my enjoyment of this game.

How can you enjoy this game


If anyone cared about the children they'd keep this steroid crap quiet. "son, the two best hitters and the best pitcher you'll ever see were all roided out of their minds. but steroids are bad."

And the crappy rebounding - i wonder if that's a factor of playing the suns - do all teams crap on the defensive glass against the suns?

Slaq takes up a lot of space in there. They aren't great on the o-glass, though. The Sixers are better.

You know it's a convincing win when Marshall and Rush are on the floor for the final minutes. Quality win against an obviously tired Suns team.

They obviously had tired legs but that is what you are supposed to do, beat these teams that are at a disadvantage. 3-0 so far. Need to end on a good note going into the break on Wed. night.

Absolutely. They had a big letdown against Minny right around the all star break last season, can't let that happen again.

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