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Sixers Run Suns Out Of Town

so essentially amare gave up career highs to 2 guys in the same guy, right? that's tough to do.

*same game.

he was guarding thad in the 1st & speights in the 2nd.

You're pretty liberal with the word "guarding" :)

ESPN had a very interesting statement about Speights in his profile. It seems every game Speights has played more than 20 minutes the Sixers have won. Since Brand is taking a powder for the duration of the season they should make sure he starts getting substantial time (as long as he's hustling and playing defense).

On Thad, I know he had a great game but his development track is beginning to concern me. He seems to be taking after Danny Granger this year in that he scores pretty well (if he takes the shots) but if his shot isn't going he doesn't do much else to contribute. He does play better D than Granger but that isn't enough. Last year he was a much better rebounder and he is a also fairly capable passer when he puts his mind to it. He should be trying to emulate some of Iggy's stat stuffing ways.

The Suns are a train wreck happening - everyone but nash is on the block - the GM is outclassed and ruined a good thing - the coach is out of his depth and the ownership just wants to save money

The suns will be bad next year - if not the second half of this year - and still try and keep nash which ought to be funny come free agency time

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