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First-Person Report: Sixers vs. Suns

Nice addition! Good stuff, Mike, and thanks for the change of pace. We hermits don't catch nearly any of that stuff on account of Comcast's obsession with the Steve Mix Nostril Cam. Maybe you can tell us what some of these newfangled tattoos are, because it really just looks like someone drizzled chocolate syrup all over Matt Barnes' neck.

And you know it's time to think about rebuilding when Louis Amundson is logging regular minutes...yikes.

Great blog. I am a season ticket holder and agree 100% with the above. I want to stress the 2nd half was extremely a let down after an exciting 1st half. Very odd half. I also think Royal is doing a great job on defense when he comes in for Miller.

Royal has really exceeded expectations, and he also has the added benefit of being completely incapable of hitting twos, but money from three. I mean, the guy can't hit a friggin layup to save his life, and he pretty much knows it. I love watching him.

He's been playing the three for some stretches as well, guarding the other team's best wing scorer. The guy has earned every penny, glad they have him signed through next season.

You know, Evans and Ivey have about the same complete lack of touch in the lane.

I wonder if that means that Evans is also a secret three point threat? His FT shooting might suggest otherwise, but we all remember that sweet turnaround jumper against Sheed in the playoffs...

I went to the game today as well. The Reggie thing was pretty odd. I think that he was deserving of a delay of game honestly. He was on the court barely past half court when the free throw was shot and was still on the court by the time some players had passed midcourt afterwards. Was really odd.

Speights' (never) boxing out was really tough to stomach. And his inability to focus was bothersome as well.

Lou dogged it multiple times it seemed, especially on that Ivey block. He gave his man like a full 2 second head start before he tried to run with him. Ivey's no lay ups mentality was refreshing to see.

That was a sick block by Ivey on the break.

Was anyone else impressed by Dalembert's strength? I mean, Shaq pushed him around, but not nearly to the extent that I expected, and Sammy really crowded him underneath, he had to short-arm couple shots up right underneath the hoop.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 10 at 1:24

I think Sammy did a great job battling. Shaq looked tired to me. I didn't expect to see him starting personally. He normally takes the 2nd game of a back-to-back off I thought.

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 10 at 10:59

yea at the beginning of the game i was taken aback by how much bigger shaq looked, but sam actually did a great job muscling him underneath. i can't praise sammy enough for how well he's played since dileo took over.

john reply to Mike on Feb 10 at 11:56

Funny as sam did well against shaq but jamal magloire moved him around whenever he felt like it

like the attention to detail. more personal blog-style. big ups!!

this game was horribly uncompetitive on Phoenix's part.

great job, well done Mike, thanks Brian

keep these posts coming, being so far from Philly I particularly appreciate this kind of addition

thumbs up

thanks for the kind words everyone. this was fun. i look forward to doing these as long as people are reading.

Barko McClub on Feb 10 at 14:55

This was really great to read, Mike. Thanks so much for the man on the scene report.... and keep 'em comin'!

I'd love to help as well when Sixers visit Rose Garden on Mar 23rd. That 's the only one game near WA this year.(I live in Seattle.)

cool feature

whoa whoa whoa. Im Mike. This is a cool feature though

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