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A Little Bit Of Charles

Damn I love the old Barkey clips. People were just afraid of the man.

To be honest, though, there is a more apt comparison for Andre's one-man break: Clyde Drexler. Both in Portland and Houston, Clyde was amazing at beating everyone down the court while keeping his head up.

You know, I don't really have one specific memory of Clyde. I'll check out the video.

i think he's already the most dangerous open-court player in the league. minus lebron.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, Andre Iguodala has some GREAT court vision - the kind of vision we could only hope Lou has but doesn't. Sometimes he goes for the 'fancy' pass when a simpler one would work better and it turns into a turn over - but I hvae no doubt that Andre Iguodala could run a very very good 'point' in the NBA -

I don't see Iguodala running the point. He has the court vision and maybe the handle, but that is not the same as running an offense.

Absent Miller, I think he's the best option they have. I mean, if your choices were handing the offense over to Lou or playing Iggy at the point, which would you be more comfortable with?

That was where this post was leading. If Miller does get traded and they don't get a legitimate point in return, I'd start Iggy at the point.

John reply to Brian on Feb 11 at 10:02

The 'source' tk76 quotes has indicated that it's unlikely Miller is moving.


More like the guy I quoted says his source...

I have no sources, although my dad knows Mad Dog :)

This year Iguodala is back to having only 65% jumpers. Last year 72% of his shots were jumpers... way too many.

Lebron's 61% would be close to ideal for Iguodala. It does take a lot more effort to work for shots in the lane or on the break.

Look at Gerald Wallace last year, only 51% of his shots were jumpers- I doubt Iguodala ever gets to that point with his shot selection- and it would likely shorten his career.

Awesome post. The Barkley video brings me back. Wow. I probably take the current team for granted. Especially, Iggy.

Good clip. Barkley is my favorite Sixer...ever. I love guys who really CARE about winning or losing. When Barkleys Sixers he felt as bad as you did.
Unlike Correll Buckhalter and Asante Samuel who seemed happier than the Cardinals after they lost the NFC title game. After seeing Buckhalter do a chestbump with Kurt Warner immediately after the game I decided I never want to see him in Eagles Green again...Dawkins should have clotheslined him after that shit. Anyway..I digress. :) Great clip and Iggy is slowly becoming my 2nd favorite sixer all time.

Tray reply to Gdog on Feb 10 at 20:58

Wow... I've only been watching for 8 years and my list would probably be something like Iverson, Mutombo, Snow, Thad... and I have to say I kinda miss the Derrick Coleman Redux era.

Matt reply to Tray on Feb 11 at 8:01

I LOVED the John Lucas/Rehab era, memorialized, oddly enough, by Phife of Tribe Called Quest ("Peace to Derrick Coleman, Mad Max and the Sixers.") Not afraid to say it: Vernon Maxwell has to be one of my favorite Sixers ever. There's Dennis Rodman fake crazy and then there's real, authentic crazy. Ray Rhodes crazy. We Philadelphians like to keep it authentic.

So who's going to pull up the YouTube clip of all those times Shawn Bradley ripped down a rebound and went baseline to baseline?

About iguodala becoming a point, i think he could do it. This is the espn scouting report from when he was in th draft.

Insider Projection: Despite the obvious flaw to his game, scouts love him. Several believe that with his passing ability he could turn himself into an unstoppable big NBA point. He's been shooting the ball much better in workouts after spending several months in Chicago working on his form. If he completes that part of his game, he could be really special

He definitely has the skills to be a point, and the mentality. The main thing he needs to learn, or apply, at this point is knowing who to throw the passes too, especially the risky passes. He seems to be doing a better job of it recently, but overall I think a great deal of his turnovers come from trying to force passes to the wrong person in the wrong spot.

I would love to see him at the point, but I don't know how well it would work out. He's a great passer and is brilliant in the open floor, but I just don't know how much of a quarterback he is. Can he get everybody in the right spots? Does he have the patience to let a play develop (wait for screens etc.). So much of that is done by MIller right now that it's hard to tell. I'll tell you what, though - if the team had the opportunity to trade Miller for a top-tier shooting guard whose last name is not Carter, it might be an worth trying.

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