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Games Of Interest: 02/10/09

Made a bet with a coworker that the Sixers would finish with a better record than the Pistons a week ago. 20 easy bucks... hopefully easier than the 20 easy bucks I bet with that Cavs fan in October...

Imagine if Stuckey didn't improve drastically out of the blue... that team would already be below .500.

Tonight was the first game out of the last three that Stuckey was even on the floor when it mattered, and that was only because Iverson was hurt.

Curry decided to start Afllalo instead of Rip in Iverson's absence. Just stupid.

i don't blame Curry for leaving Rip on the bench. You want to develop continuity as a unit and if Rip has been practicing with the second team and gelling with them you don't want to jeopardize that.

That said, I do think it is stupid for Curry to put Rip on the bench in the first place. If there is a player that should go to the bench, it's AI. Can you imagine a better player in the L right now in the Vinnie Johnson microwave role??

Yeah, that was kind of my point. Rip is playing with the first unit for all the important minutes anyway, just seemed silly to me that he'd keep him in the 6th man role with Iverson out.

As for using AI off the bench, I'm not sure how well he'd take that.

AllphillySports on Feb 11 at 11:26

isn't being in the Nba,better than not being in the nba.these guys are living on top of the world and they can't get defined roles.

It's a JOB - this is their job - and they want to be the best at what they can do and maximize their performance and have a right to think they'd be better in a situation differently than what their boss assigns them just like anyone else would...

I never understand why people want different rules tp apply to athletes doing their job - for instance - take less money to stay somewhere when most people wouldn't take less money to stay at a job

Sixers should handle their biz with the Grizzlies tonight. Spread is 11. What do you all think?

That's a big spread, not sure I'd ever take the six as double digit favorites.

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