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Don't Let Up

So who got the better end of the Love-Mayo deal?

Minny, in my opinion. I like Love. I'm not sure what Mike Miller's deal is, though. He never shoots for them and I'm not sure if it's him or the coach.

I think foul trouble could be the only problem (esp for Speights and Thad.) Playing at home should help in that regard.

I see both Iguodala and Speights trying to send a message.

You know, Iguodala really has a legitimate beef with Mo Williams being selected as a replacement over him. Check out their numbers side-by-side.

I guess if you have LeBron lobbying for you in the press every day for a couple of weeks you get the nod, though.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 11 at 18:42

I mean... his numbers are the same as always. He shouldn't have been an all star. Not even close. You can make arguments for a lot of guys, even some on decent teams like Mike Bibby. Whatever.

Miller's having a better year than Bibby, IMO.

john reply to Brian on Feb 11 at 19:24

Team record matters in all star selection - it's asinine but it's true - and since the cavs are so good and obtained mo williams post hoc ergo propter hoc it's because of mo williams

Why is Iguodala out so fast?

He's still in there. Sammy was out quick with 2 fouls. Horrible start on the boards.

Hope I am wrong, but I think this game will be close tonight. Sort of a grind it out affair. I felt more confident about the Suns game than this one. Please let my feelings only be those - feelings. Go Sixers!

Sixers are 11 point favorites. That means they are giving the Grizzlies about a 12.5% chance of winning pretty much. Not sure how I feel about that. I surely think the Sixers winning tonight though.

11-point? Wow. My only concern is a letdown with the guys looking forward to the break. A quick start and Memphis could just cash this one in, so don't give them life early.

Sixers broadcast on League Pass tonight. Oddly looking forward to Zumoffisms.

They did start Iggy on Mayo. Tough match-up for the rook. Sloppy start all around.

Two quick ones on Sammy, plus a tech. Ugh.

Early minutes for Theo.

I have to say, Darko and Gasol both look like they belong in the WNBA to me.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 11 at 19:33

Hakim Warrick looks like he belongs in high school. Guy needs to eat some protein.

Someone needs to put a friggin' body on him. 5 o-boards for him in the quarter.

If not for Andre Miller, the Sixers would be getting blown out right now. Iguodala has Mayo locked down, though.

So... who do the Sixers have after the break? The Nuggets?

Pacers in game 1, I believe. The schedule is pretty easy.

They only have 6 road games left against teams over .500, and Detroit may not be over .500 by the time we play them.

Ivey seriously cannot make a two-point shot to save his life. 2/2 from three, 0/2 from two, and we're talking about a 3-foot jumper and a layup.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 11 at 20:03

Yeah, a couple nights ago he got an o-board off a missed lay up attempt on a fast break and tried to tap it back in... it wasn't even all that close even though he was all of 2 feet away.

Poor second quarter. Too much dribbling by Lou when he was at the point, too many minutes for Lou at the point. Iguodala needs to assert himself in the second half, only 2 FGA, though he did play excellent defense on OJ Mayo.

Brian, you pulling for the Hawks or Pistons tonight? I'm pulling for the Pistons as I think they will tail off more than the Hawks down the stretch.

Joe reply to Bryon on Feb 11 at 20:21

Atlanta has a murder 5 game road trip coming up. Basically 4 guaranteed losses right after the break. Then they get Miami and Cleveland in the atl. 2-5 seems likely there.

I'm rooting for Atlanta. Mostly because I like to see Detroit squirm and I am selfish.

Bryon reply to Joe on Feb 11 at 20:30

Agree on the Detroit part, as I despise them usually. We should no doubt get that 4th seed considering the schedules are the rest of the way.

Just think...we are 3 shots (Dirk and Ray Allen misses and a make against NJ) from being maybe 16-1 in our last 17 games. Pretty strong!

Ugh. I'm not sure if that makes me feel good or terrible. I'm leaning toward terrible. What a waste.

max reply to Joe on Feb 11 at 20:32

really guys? i'll always root for iverson's team unless it affects the sixers. that's why i liked him in the west...i could pretty much always root for him.

Bryon reply to max on Feb 11 at 20:37

Yea that is why it has been like pulling teeth for me since he came back East, and to the Pistons at that.

I'm kind of the opposite. I'll always respect the guy, but I could care less if he wins or loses. It's odd, because I really rooted for Barkley when he went to Phoenix, especially in those finals against Jordan.

Joe reply to Bryon on Feb 11 at 20:30

Looking at Detroit's schedule... it isn't very easy either.

Sixers should be holding the 4 seed about 13 games from now if all 3 teams continue to play ball like they have been the last month.

Rooting for ATL, mostly because I hate Detroit and I'm taking great pleasure in watching them sink slowly to the bottom of the conference.

thad's hook has not been falling for a while now

This game had me concerned b/c it was the one before the break and my boys look like they are coasting out there so far and just waiting for the moment to turn it on...at least I hope they turn it on.

I think I'd prefer having Ivey in there instead of Lou right now.

Iguodala might not sit down the rest of this game.

He has been sitting him at about the 8-minute mark for a quick breather, let's see if he sticks with that tonight.

This has probably been the ugliest game of the season, tied at 57 with a minute to go in the 3rd? Jesus. Talk about playing down to the level of your opponent.

Again, if not for Miller, they're losing this game. Every time there's an extended lull, he steps up.

Big bucket by Miller. We may need it the way this one is going.

At least Lou doesn't have any turnovers right?

Not unless you count horrible shots as turnovers. There we go, Lou put one through the hoop.

And there's a turnover.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 11 at 20:53

It is nice to see that Sammy and Lou are on the right page... one with a TO, other with a goaltend. The NBA really should keep goaltends more officially.

Was that a play set up for Speights to start to 4th?(not watching)

Nope. Miller actually passed it to him with 2 on the shot clock and he drilled a jumper. Just drilled another one.

Damn, I was really hoping for a blow out. Wanted to see that 7-3 Iranian come in tonight.

Looks like Willie is coming in for Iggy @ 7:00 to go.

with speights wide open for a jumper he just hit twice, lou decides to pull up for a fade away jump shot.. Launchin Lou Williams

He's just been pitiful.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 11 at 21:02

It is time for a DNP-CD or 2 for Lou honestly. 39% shooting on the season.

Who said Speights may have foul trouble? Was that Bryon? Well, he's got 5.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 11 at 21:08

I think it was tk76.

30 seconds is enough for Iguodala. Put the man back in now.

I don't see another option. Someone has to stop this and get some hoops.

The sky is falling.

Big shot by Thad. This is reminding me of the Nets game. Iggy's back in.

At least Sammy has the no-layups mentality.

Jesus. How can you lose this game?

Did Iguodala beat Gasol on a jump ball?


Bryon reply to Joe on Feb 11 at 21:16

Yes he timed his jump perfectly. One stop guys, one stop.

Ivey in for Lou here may just save the game. Huge steal by Royal there.

Iguodala hitting free throws in the clutch? Making shots in the clutch?

6 straight point for Iggy after they fell behind by 4. Keep it up.

CHudson77 on Feb 11 at 21:17

Ivery is tenacious.....

The rebounding edge is significant for Memphis. Philly hasn't played like they want to win this game.

I'm hoping 2 minutes of "wanting it" will be enough. Against most teams, it isn't.

CHudson77 on Feb 11 at 21:18

Buckner never thinks he commits a foul....

CHudson77 on Feb 11 at 21:19

was Mayo's foot on the line?

Haven't seen a replay.

Shit. Memphis is going to have a shot for the win at the buzzer.

CHudson77 on Feb 11 at 21:21

iggy has really become a 'money' player this year....

Iggy is the man.

I can't stew on a possible winning 3 for the next week. Please no 3's guys.

CHudson77 on Feb 11 at 21:23

NO 3's for Mayo- make him put the ball on the floor.


Especially for Mayo.

Nice hedge on the high ball screen by Daly.

Memphis has to go for the quick 2 here right?

No timeouts left, I think they'll go for the three.

Thank you. Tremendous effort by Sammy, and Iggy coming up with the huge rebound. And...he misses one of the free throws. A three ties it.

You do not get better one-on-one defense than what Iggy just played on Mayo. That was a clinic.

3 way tie for 5th place assuming the Pistons don't pull it out.

I don't care how it looked considering the timing of this game and DiLeo saying the guys were tired. They all count. Didn't want it to be that much of a grinder. Screw the popularity contest... Iguodala is our All-Star, straight locking Mayo down on that 3 attempt.

Joe reply to Bryon on Feb 11 at 21:51

With this break coming up, Iguodala should be fine. After the all star break though, DiLeo is going to have to make a concerted effort to limit Iguodala's minutes to

43 tonight. They've had plenty of rest on this homestand, and they have the break coming up, so you're right, he'll be fine now.

I'm hoping they'll get some lopsided wins in the coming weeks, so maybe he can get a break that way, minutes-wise.

The fact of the matter, though, is that they can't afford to sit him for too long. He means too much to the team.

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