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First-Person Report: Sixers vs. Grizzlies

Again, good stuff. This is a great addition to the blog.

Congrats on the great seats. I know when you are that close its just awe inspiring how big and athletic NBA players are (and how quick and comparatively tiny some guards are in comparison with the bigs.)

Sometimes the difference between a 6'2 and 7' guy does not fully translate on TV or sitting far back.

Mike reply to tk76 on Feb 11 at 23:45

absolutely tk76. the quickness of the game is what always takes me by surprise.

I remember the first time I had seats that close I couldn't believe how friggin' tall Iguodala was. I mean, I always knew his stats, but he just seems to move too well for a guy that tall.

As far as Iggy's bitching and Sammy Detard's early fouls, I thought there was a LOT of questionable officiating tonight. It's never perfect, but there were more perplexing calls and non-calls than usual. The players had to have felt the same way, which maybe made them uncharacteristically vocal.

I wonder if Tony DiLeo hates life right now. He obviously eschews attention, which is unfortunate. I guess that's what keeps a seemingly savvy on-court guy happily tucked away in the front office for twenty years. His influence is definitely tangible.

Re: Hakim Warrick - If we've reached the point where we have multicultural crayons, can't we manage multicultural Band-Aids?

I get really hungry every time Z00ms talks about Mayo turnovers.

the only drawback of sitting that close is that it's almost impossible to discern between certain fouls vs. nonfouls. the action is so fast and there are so many players blocking your line of sight.

as far as dileo goes, i'll bet his kids think it's pretty cool at least. imagine your dad going from some boring guy in an office to being on television every other night.

Early on, I remember saying to myself that the refs didn't want the Sixers to cover. As the game wore on, though, the officiating didn't seem too bad to me. The Griz were aggressive throughout, the Sixers were lazy on the boards, that's why it was close.

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 12 at 2:39

grizzlies definitely impressed me as far as how hard they played. they're not talented offensively, but they play good fundamental D. you wouldn't think mayo would put effort in, but he actually has the potential to be a great defender.

one reason i say that is dileo came in my store once when i was in high school (like 10 years ago), working on the ocean city boardwalk. i always used to read the team's media guide, so i recognized him. he was pretty shocked that i knew who he was.

Really appreciate this great report, Mike. I had some impression that A. Miller was not very keen on the D in the past, especially every time we faced a great PG team he gave up D but competed on the offense. He as a veteran should be the leader all time on the court. Your words really changed Miller's image in my mind.

Ditto. Miller being vocal isn't something I ever expected. Good sign, actually.

I saw Sammy and Lou talking heatedly as they headed to bench during one timeout, any idea what it was about?

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 12 at 2:37

Yea I've noticed Sam gets into it with someone a few times a game. I did see him & Lou, and I'm not positive but I think Lou wanted Sam somewhere where he was not. Iguodala & him got into it at one point tonight too. It usually seems to be about positioning on offense, or a switch on the pick & roll on defense. I think Sam has a good enough relationship with most guys on the team that they feel they can get on him without causing him to go into his shell.

Raffaele on Feb 12 at 4:24

So, that confirms what Willie Green said a few days ago:

"We have the luxury of different guys with different characteristics. ANDRE MILLER doesn't say a word off the court, but ON THE FLOOR HE'S THE LOUDEST GUY. Andre Iguodala says a little bit off the floor, a little bit on the floor".

It was pretty hard for to believe it when I firt read it. But now we know it's true.

Good job, Mike.

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