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Dalembert Trade Rumors

I wouldn't mind swapping sam for tyson. Tyson is definitly a better player but the injury concerns make them pretty close in value. If that deal was on the table I think eddy would make it and id be happy about it.

For their careers, it's actually very, very close between them.

Yea i think its Sammy basketball IQ that has everyone in philly frustrated. But most people have accepted that he is what he is by now. Would you make that deal?

I'm really not sure. Chandler was garbage before he hooked up with cp3, and now the injuries really worry me. You don't have to run any offense for Chandler, ever, and I don't think he'll complain about it.

On the other hand, I'm not sure Chandler's really an upgrade in any way. He averages the same number of turnovers as Sammy, which I don't really get. He isn't a big part of their offense, and Sammy only averages that many because of stone hands. I'd have to really think about it.

It's six and one half dozen of the other really - at the moment Dalembert has been healthy (and i'm going on my shoddy memory but hasn't he been healthier for most of his career once he started getting minutes) - not a money savings - not a vast upgrade in any category i guess - it's not atrade that makes any sense

Joe reply to john on Feb 12 at 12:51


Sammy sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber anyway. Guy must be a maniac about his health to get one of those. I'll just keep Sammy.

john reply to Joe on Feb 12 at 13:14

There's no actual scientific proof those things do much

And Michael Jackson Popularized the technique

Not sure i'd give this as a plus

Yes sam is healthier, but he still has stone hands poor dribbling and doesn't understand his range

It's not like he's much better than chandler - he's just not any worse.

Anyone know why Chandler turns the ball over so much?

Sammy's J has been money recently, by the way :)

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 12 at 13:23

In New Orleans, he hasn't really had any problems.

Average center has 2.8 TOs per 36. Chandler has been right about average for his career.

In New Orleans, he has been around 2.3-2.4 per 48. In Chicago he had problems, probably because he was young an dhad a lot of pressure, etc.

Joe reply to Joe on Feb 12 at 13:25

per 48, not 36. Just a typo.

Cool. Where do you get per 48 numbers? Can't believe centers average that many. I guess Perkins inflates the league-wide average.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 12 at 18:16

I use google site search to search wagesofwins.com for my average statistics by position... here are some results. There is a universal page with every position on one page, but I can't find it.

http://www.wagesofwins.com/JONealCareer.html (C/PF)
http://www.wagesofwins.com/WGreenCareer.html (SG)
http://www.wagesofwins.com/HarrisJan2009.html (PG)
http://www.wagesofwins.com/Turkoglu.html (SF)

2.8 TOs/48 is average for Cs and PFs. Interesting that they are the same since PFs shoot more.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 12 at 18:22

I posted this once before... so it may double post. I got these by google site searching wagesofwins.com

http://www.wagesofwins.com/JONealCareer.html (PF/C)
http://www.wagesofwins.com/WGreenCareer.html (SG)
http://www.wagesofwins.com/MeloCareer08.html (SF)
http://www.wagesofwins.com/BillupsThomasIverson.html (PG)

I used to have a page bookmarked that had all 5 on one page on old comp. Oh well.

wait, 2.8 per 48 or 2.8 per 36 is the average?

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 0:57

I posted responses to these twice at work. The I realized I had multiple links in there, so the filter caught them.

I get my average stats from site searching dberr.wordpress.com or wagesofwins.com. There is one specific page I lost that listed the average production by position from like 1990-2004 or something for all positions. Gotta try to find that one.

Anyway. That is per 48, not per 36.

Joe reply to Joe on Feb 13 at 1:01

I have to learn to use preview. dberri.wordpress.com and by site search I mean using google's "site:" tool.

Just found the posts that were caught by the filter, they're up now. Have to keep an eye on that.

TC turns the ball over so much because he can't catch. He's got the worst hands I've ever seen on a basketball player.

Have you ever seen Dalembert play?

Joe reply to john on Feb 12 at 13:18

Well, I think that getting a hyperbaric chamber would typically show that he is interested in taking care of his body if nothing else. From what I have read, he eats very healthy as well. Taking care of your body, going through routines, stretching, and all that will make you far less likely to get hurt.

john reply to Joe on Feb 12 at 13:26

From what I've read he's also very into fixing computers...so what?

All that matters is how they play on the court - i really don't care if a guy is a ncie guy off the court - he's a player on the team i root for - he's not a guy i'm hanging out with (and if people would stop VOTING that way as well the world would be a better place, but I digress) - sam lacks any real basketball iq - he has stone hands - he has no post moves and hasn't developed any - and as for his 'health' - for a guy 6'10 - he's pretty easily pushed around by guys like jamal magloire.

Sams basketball 'development' hasn't progressed much since he entered the NBA (and there's some nice little stats out there that indicate he should stick to 2 foot in from the basket - i think derek gets the access to the cool synergy sports stuff

I think his off-the-floor habits which relate directly to how often he's on the floor are very relevant. I don't think the point was that he's a nice guy, the point was that he's taken steps to make sure he's healthy and they've paid off.

john reply to Brian on Feb 12 at 14:55

And yet he hasn't taken steps to get any better at basketball as far as i can see - year after year - so big deal he sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber - the science is unproven or everyone would do it -

Here's something from the 'inside source' from realgm :)

A Saturday morning trade rumor for you....was told this last night.

Sam Dalembert and Willie Green for Tyson Chandler and Rasual Butler. We may also have to send a pick.....Green and Butler were filler...could also be 1 for 1-Dalembert for Chandler.

We are trying to get Devin Brown in the deal...willing to move Jason Smith if that happens.

They will talk more leading into deadline. But this one actually has a chance guys..stay tuned.

Butler's contract is one season shorter. Statistically, he's an upgrade. Check out their career numbers.

If you consider Dalembert and Chandler a wash, which is fair although I think Sammy's actually a better defender, then I guess you're trading the pick for the extra year on Willie's contract. I really don't see why we'd want Devin Brown.

By the way, this guy's "inside information" has amounted to zilch so far this year.

John reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 16:24

Well - all he said is it's being discussed - he has a track record of accuracy - trust me - but he can't be held at fault for stuff that happens - his stuff usually isn't wild talk radio crazy stuff and it's stuff that kind of makes sense.

Personally I don't like giving up a first round pick to get rid of willie green - if it's an either or situation - trade jason smith - i couldn't care less if he stays on the roster or not.

IT's one of those 'change of scenery' trades - maybe Chandler is being mouth in the locker room in New Orleans - who knows...

All he's saying is the framework of a deal is being discussed - he named the parts - he didn't say it's going to happen and since it's really a 'makes no impact' type of trade - not really - it doesn't really matter to me if it happens or not - it doesn't really alter the direction of either team short term or long term but it DOES rid the sixers of willie green.

Something I've been in favor of since the end of his 2nd year

Yeah, the biggest advantage of Butler over Green is his three-point shooting, which obviously is an area of need.

I don't understand why Chandler would be a problem in that locker room. I mean, isn't he kind of in an ideal situation? Playing w/ CP3 has to be a dream for a guy like him. Although he'd probably thrive offensively in our system as well, so long as he doesn't expect plays to be run for him, other than lobs.

I'm not saying he is a problem. I just suggested it could be a reason why they are looking to move him. Though again, his injury history might be why the hornets are trading him, which would concern me as if they are equal on the court players then health is a major concern.

True, here's a look at all the pieces. If health is equal (which it may not be) this move should help the Sixers. Butler helps three-point shooting, and Chandler is statistically a better rebounder than Dalembert. Those are the two biggest areas of need, right now.

I don't think the difference is big enough to warrant a pick going to NO, though.

Doesn't the pick come into play because of contract length - the hornets are on the hook longer for willie than they are for butler?

True, second-rounder, I suppose.

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