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NBA Dunk Contest

Ever since they used the ADA to give the dunk contest to the midget I have boycotted it in solidarity for the true winner that year. Howard won last year with a 'non dunk' throw in and a dunk he claims he didn't steal from Andre Iguodala.

I'm coming to realize I boycott most all star festivities i most sports, I don't vote for them either, I find them kind of pointless exercises - guess the target is the more casual fan?

Actually, I think the target is the occasional fan.

Wow so Nate Robinson gets to the final round of the dunk contest with a dunk that I did when I was 14 years old. Redic. How could they give that anything more than a 1? He jumped off someone's back?!

Complete joke.

I like the dunk contest. I like the 3 point shoot out. The problem is the competitors and their approaches suck.

Lebron is in the dunk contest next year. Now, get Kobe. At that point, you have a competition. Then bring in 2 more guys who can actually dunk. No more amatuer hand-on-back nonsense.

For the 3 point contest, bring in some guys that can shoot next year. Christ. Steve Novak should be there. Peja, Ray Allen, Ben Gordon, Kevin Martin. Maybe the guy shooting 50%? Antohony Morrow.

I've had enough of the costumes. If LBJ is in it next year, I'll watch. Otherwise, I think it's time for the dunk contest to go on hiatus again.

John reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 18:36

I'd like to see Iguodala step back in against LBJ - make some more rules about the dunk itself - get 'real' judges - and eliminate the rules that let the midget steal it from Iguodala.

The theatrics are bad - but the judging is just as bad - it's almost predetermined

that Iguodola dunk is the greatest dunk inthe history of the dunk contest in my opinion. Nate
Robinsons a little turd and he shouldnt have won.

hanwayl on Feb 16 at 8:54

Ever since Nate Who stole the trophy from Iguodala, I've had a problem with David Stern & Co. The Dunk Contest is getting more and more like the freakin' WWE!!

A few other thoughts:

1. Rudy Fernandez deserved more props. He was totally robbed from the very beginning. 42 points? Ridiculous.

2. Nate Who deserves respect for just surviving in the NBA. Yes, by being 5-7, the mere fact he can dunk is incredible. However, the "art" of the dunk is lost. He will be remembered for his hops, but he, and future versions of him, will never be able to do a reverse 360 windmill like VC, or fly in on the rim from outside the lane like MJ.

3. On the issue of wearing somebody else's jersey, I think you're only allowed to do that when you improve on the dunk that person did before. When you're just wearing his jersey, you shouldn't be awarded any extra points.

4. LeBron will be next year's champion. Doesn't matter who the competition is. That's how far the Dunk Contest has degraded.

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