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A Minor Dalembert Rumor

Well that depends on what the pick is and what it's protection is...I think the sooner speights starts the sooner he matures into the guy we need him to be to make the sixers a contender...how cap room would the sixers have total if both these contracts expire (sams and millers) this offseason?

If they get Sam and Miller off the books the have $12M in cap space, maybe up to $14M, depending on where the cap number comes in. Based on Stern saying revenues will be flat, I don't think the cap is going to move.

Marc Stein claims that the Oklahomans actually want to target Chandler with those players...not Sam.

Yeah, saw Stein's column as well. Chandler and Dalembert are virtually identical in contract value/length, so I don't think it's a stretch to think the Sixers could get the same package.

SI.com breaks down who they think the buyers and sellers - indicate Blazers interest in Miller


Stein on the trade deadline machinations


we should try and make a play on raja bell from the bobcats

Not sure why the sixers should try and get raja bell nor am I even sure he is available? What's the rational for suggesting raja bell?

Joe reply to zig on Feb 16 at 21:59

Kind of odd wording. "Make a play on" implies, to me, that there would be lots of competition.

Bell can only be involved in a one-for-one deal at this point. Reggie for Bell would work, and probably help the Sixers. Don't see it happening, though. The trade machine's evil computer says the deal would hurt both teams.

Here's a look at the upgrade he'd provide over Willie.

Again, long term, I think Iguodala 2, Young 3, Brand 4...i don't think this team needs another wing player - they just need a healthy roster and people to stop believing in Willie Green

I misread that at first as saying "People need to start believing in Willie Green."

Bell for Evans would be a solid move, good three-point shooter, contract runs one year shorter than Reggie's.

John reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 22:49

See I can live with

A. Saving Money
B. Giving Reggie evans to Larry Brown who probably would like him a lot

Can we get Felton in the deal as well?:)

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