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Another Dalembert Rumor

I dunno Brian...I am liking what I am seeing from Sammy lately and honestly I dont see any of those deals making us any better. Speights can step in but who steps in for speights time at PF ? this weakens the bench considerably. Im all for trading Sammy if we get quality back but I dont see that in theses rumored deals...unless Im missing something.

Yep, these rumors are all about shedding Sammy's contract and I'm not sure that's such a wise move at this point.

Ultimately, Marresse has made Sammy expendable. If you add willie's contract to the mix it tips the scales in my mind. Yes, I'd do that deal.

Just for his rebounding and defense, Sammy isn't quite expendable yet. The other thing is that this type of move really won't give the Sixers enough cap space to do anything serious, especially not if they re-sign Andre Miller.

Tough call, but any trade the Sixers make at this point would have to help them in the short or long term, and more than just marginal cap space. At least, that would be my criteria.

Speights has not made Sammy expendable yet - but he will

If Sammy had like an MLE-level contract, he'd be a perfect big off the bench behind Speights when Marreese finally gets the starting nod, but that damn contract. Ugh.

john reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 13:08

Not to mention that Mr Dalembert doesn't think of himself as a substitute - based on his public comments this year and other years - i couldn't care less abut his contract size - once speights out plays him he should be coming off the bench - but he needs to accept that - and assuming speights continues his development he should supplant sam as the starter by the beginning of next season.

He's actually been quiet about his minutes since DiLeo took over. In fact, I think he's kind of embraced the fact that he has to perform to stay on the floor. Wish I could find the quotes, but he said something along the lines of needing to dominate the glass and block shots more intensely because he has less minutes to work w/.

john reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 13:20

Last quote i remember reading was his whining about 'my minutes' when talking about not being in at the end of the game - if he's changed his tune that would be awesome

ESPN is reporting that the Chandler to OKC deal is pretty much done - of course they have no named sources - but they are reporting it as a 'done deal'

wo sources with knowledge of the trade parameters told ESPN.com that the deal is likely to be completed later Tuesday.

Tyson Chandler was traded to OKC for Wilcox and Joe Smith. What does this say about New Orleans? I guess they got a little bit of depth in the front court, but neither of those guys is the player Chandler is. They were battling for the top record in the West last season, now they're cutting salary?

john reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 13:39

THey moved to a stupid market that couldn't support an NBA team and they weren't going to win this year - they have a cheap ass owner in George Shinn and this isn't the first time he's pulled something like this. Seriously, if I ran a league, I'd line up a list of potential 'positive' owners and force bad owners to sell - like Shinn, like the putz in Charlotte and Memphis.

Moving the team to New Orleans while noble - was stupid - and nw in a recession in an already economically depressed community - they're going to stop drawing and they really weren't going to contend for a title.

They WANT to get rid of Peja - but no one wants him - someone wants Chandler

This is not going to be a good summer to be a free agent.

john reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 13:46

Unless Detroit wants you - which works to the sixers benefit on Andre miller since I doubt they want him

Does this mean Posey is available?

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 18:40

Hmm. Interesting thought. Not sure what we could offer except Miller's expiring in a 3 team trade.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 18:41

And Posey without Miller wouldn't make much sense.

Iguodala, Posey, Thad, Speights, Dalembert.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 18:50

I don't know man. I'm all about height and all, but that seems like a bit of a risky experiment.

Very risky. It'd be fun to see teams try to match up with them though :)

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 18:56

I always wanted to see McGrady, Artest, Battier, Scola, Yao on the court at one time. Just to see if it would work. They might have some problems with the speed, but their length would seem to make up for it.

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but Bill Simmons had an interesting proposal for the 76ers on his podcast. His deal breaks down like this-
1. Houston gets Andre Miller, Jason Hart and Brian Skinner (both expiring)
2. LA Clippers get Ron Artest (expires this year), Sammy Dalembert, Rafer Alston (expires next year), and Chuck Hayes (next year
3. The Sixers get Baron Davis and Marcus Camby

I don't know if it's possible and Baron's contract would be a problem. Made me think for a minute though.

john reply to Rich on Feb 18 at 11:07

Baron Davis contract is a noose around the neck of a franchise, and oh yeah, davis is a back injury waiting to happen,

and the clippers aren't trading camby

Bill Simmons needs to stop now

I like Camby, but no way I'd do this deal. Davis is exactly what the team does not need, in my opinion, even if he was underpaid and completely healthy, which he isn't.

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