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Sixers Sluggish, Pacers Ferocious

Loss, why, EVERY TIME THE 76ERS CUT THE GAME TO 6, they missed 2 3 point shots in a row insteead of staying w/ the 2 point shots that brought them back. Dumb playing and I hate to say, coaching. :-( And yes, Sammy forgot how to play basketball. Very ugly as you stated above.

Excellent point on the threes. Willie did that on one trip, was it Lou on the next? So frustrating.

How much will you guys pay me to kidnap Willie Green, flash him with one of those MIB neurolyzer thingys, and give him a memory transplant?

I'll tell him that every time he takes a jumpshot, a baby kitten loses a leg. He won't shoot for the rest of the season. He loves kittens. I can see it in his eyes.

I'll buy you the Ladies Night Out package for an upcoming Sixers game, complete with 2 salads, a $25 coupon for a facial and 2 glasses of wine.

And I get to meet Melanie! I'm in.

Wait, that's the Guys Night Out package. Damn.

Not too sorry I missed this one - but have stopped being surprised either way with this team - mediocre teams win games they shouldn't and lose games they shouldn't and hover around 500 - and that's just what this team is going to do -

The 6ers were outplayed from the 1st. I agree with @john that this team will definitely hover around the 500 mark.

I mean, they probably won't get more than 6 or 7 games on either side of .500, but mediocre teams don't typically beat the best teams in the league and the Sixers have been doing that. This was a disappointing game coming off the break, but I still think they're better than mediocre.

john reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 11:41

Yes - they do - mediocre teams sometimes beat teams they shouldn't and lose to teams they shouldn't.

The 'best teams' in the league are the cavs, celtics, lakers, and the spurs recently...the sixers don't exactly have winning records when you combine them with all those teams.

They're mediocre - up and down - whatever the heck you want to call it - they aren't a championship contending team so i really hope they know what they're doing with miller

They're 1-1 against those teams recently, and they lost on a last-second shot to the Celts.

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