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Wednesday Trade Chatter

Ok - Hinrich

Miller and what would you include to make it better than purely expiring contracts (does miller for hinrich even work?)

Miller for Hinrich works, I mean, the salaries work. Miller's entire contract comes off the books this summer, which is better than what Minny is offering.

As for on the court, I like Miller as the point better than Hinrich, but if you're sure he's going to walk, or you think the odds of him walking are better than him staying, then I like the deal. Hinrich is an adequate point, good defender, good three point shooter, and he's versatile enough to play the 2 as well. I'd consider it if I was hearing bad things from Miller's agent, or nothing at all.

john reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 16:22

If 'just' an expiring contract isn't enough from minny - it wouldn't be enough from the sixers - so you'd have to incetivize Miller with something else - that's kind of what I meant

Joe reply to john on Feb 18 at 15:00

Brain Cardinal isn't an expiring contract, so the Sixers don't have to beat a "pure expiring contracts deal." All they have to do is reach that and they would have already outdone the Minny offer.

Do you like it, on the court, Joe?

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 18:08

Yeah I do. I think Hinrich can outperform most PGs in this league on a nightly basis. He won't be Miller, but he is 4 years+ younger and his style of play seems to be almost ideal for the Sixers. He can hit the 3, defend the 2, and keep a 3:1 AST:TO. If he can get on the same page as Sammy and Iguodala on oops and hit Willie for his 5 backdoor cuts a month, he will be fine I think.

john reply to Joe on Feb 18 at 16:23

My bad - misread what brian wrote

as far as if something will happen - i dn't believe it will - and i hope it doesn't back fire - if they are certain they can get miller to stay at their terms (or close to it) i' fine with it - if they feel miller for certain is gone - i'm a bit more perturbed

I don't see the sense of a straight up Hinrich for Miller swap. Both teams could get more pretty easily by simply including the Blazers. The Bulls could get the super-expiring contract of Lafrenz that is 80% paid by insurance. And maybe the Sixers could get a marginal prospect like Sergio as well for giving up Miller or pick(s). Maybe the Blazers take a smaller salary dump as well in the deal like Willie or do a Nocioni for Outlaw swap or something.

Does anyone expect a deal at this point? I don't.

I don't really expect anything, but it's gotten so quiet, gives me an uneasy feeling.

You think the Blazers would rather have Miller than Hinrich? I guess so.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 15:26

haha well you make a good point. I doubt it actually. Why would they? Hinrich can go along for the ride with them long term, so in that deal one should probably just take the Sixers out and have it be a Hinrich/Nocioni for Joel/Outlaw or something along those lines.

The Bulls dump Hinrich and shed salary so that they can resign Gordon to a 6 year 80 million dollar contract this offseason and put themselves right back in the position they just were in.

Well, Hinrich really isn't a bargain. I thought they were looking for a short-term point to bridge the gap to Bayless as their long-term solution.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 16:11

Bayless is more of a Lou Williams isn't he?

I think he is, but I keep reading that he's their point of the future. Go figure.

Is this rumored bulls deal part of the 3 way deal that people are touting that nets the bulls stoudemire - or is it a stand alone?

Stand alone. The three-team deal was a little different. Both are mentioned in the Yahoo story linked to above.

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