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Rebound Game?

Another game I'll miss in class - and not a game I feel they'll win

I'll be surprised if they win, especially with how they played last night and the heavy minutes the important guys played last night.

Thad: 44 minutes
Iggy: 43 minutes
Miller: 37 minutes

Hopefully Speights is either feeling better (ankle) or out of the doghouse, depending on which reason for his 2 minutes of action last night you buy into.

I'm like the #1 Billups fan in the world. Fantastic player, I still have no clue why Dumars let him go, and destroy that Pistons team that was still solid

Billups is the only PG I would trade Miller for, probably

Ouh and please let's not talk about that Denver game anymore, I'm still pissed off... bad matchups again, definitely, I'm afraid JR Smith will drop another 20 pts on us tonight

And yes, you are right Brian, Nene is one of the keys, but few talk about him


A. They weren't going to contend this year - or for the forseeable future with the roster they currently had.
B. Billups was a valuable commodity at the time but probably will start the downslope of his career soon (calculated risk by dumars)
C. The pistons are flush with cap space in 09 or 10 depending on iff they use it.
D. The pistons still have some nice young pieces as well.

I think what dumars did was freaking brilliant foresight - most GMs/Teams wait until long past the time when they are serious contenders - and then you get nothing for your guys because the skills decline - dumars maybe traded billups a year early - but it wasn't a year they were winning the title - and that's the goal folks...

Joe reply to john on Feb 18 at 19:14

The Hamilton contract makes me think you are giving him too much credit. Time will tell I suppose.

He gets a bye for that Hamilton contract from everyone and I have no idea why.

I don't think tonight is a lost cause. What is the spread? 3?

Don't know about the spread. Tonight is going to depend on pride. If they play like they're pissed about what happened last night, they can win.

Wow, Sixers broadcast again. Something strange is going on.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:42

Since this was suppose to be the ESPN game with AI coming back they probably didn't have the road crew for the Nuggets scheduled but since they moved the time back, we have the home team 3 in a row I think

It's a miracle. Nice of ESPN to take away one of our 4? national games. Awesome.

Does Miller seem to be dragging the past couple games to anyone else? The burst doesn't seem to be there.

john reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:16

I wonder - is he often slow after the all star break - maybe he just binges on food :)

Blown layup, Chauncey jumper (foot on the line) hate sequences like that.

Sammy coming out hot.

Two early fouls on Billups, that's big.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:28

Yeah. I like Carter though for what he is. Good, smart player. He would be an upgrade over Lou or Ivey IMO, since he isn't alergic to shots inside the arc.

Hmmmn. Tough call. I like Ivey's defense, but Carter is probably a much better traditional point as far as running a team. How's his contract?

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:35

I was kinda saying... sans contracts. He is a

The point I was getting at was more that us losing Miller would be a bigger deal than them losing Billups. That's all.


Thad has been really, really active on the glass the past two games. That's what we need out of him, more than anything else.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:30

Wow, and some free throws too?

Sammy drops an easy pass, then blocks 2 or 3 shots. Ah, the bittersweet Dalembert story.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:42

Definitely more sweet than bitter so far today.

Iguodala shot the technical... am I missing something here?

Well, he missed it. Not sure why it wasn't Miller.

Thad to the floor gaining a possession and starting a break. Love it.

Alvin reply to Joe on Feb 18 at 19:43

LOL I'm waiting for the day Reggie Evans shoots a technical.

Joe reply to Alvin on Feb 18 at 19:47

At this point, he is approaching Willie in terms of FT%... scary huh?

Fuck you Lou.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:44

Apparently he wants to be the lousiest #23 in NBA history.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:52

There must be a reason why that rhymes.

Excellent quarter, but they should really be up by about 20 right now. They blew three point blank layups (all would've been Iggy assists, by the way), plus that turnover by Ivey on the break.

Whirling dervish there Iguodala!

That was sick.

I'll go out on a limb here, I hope this will be Andre Miller's first triple double.

Please get Lou out of there.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:49

5 "shots" in 5 minutes...

Does Speights look like he's playing hurt?

I think he has a wrap on the ankle, maybe not. Looks decent to me so far, maybe a half step slower.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 19:54

Still our only viable, efficient scoring option off the bench.

Second unit looking weak. Keep this lead in double digits. Williams jumps to pass again.

Lou has no confidence b/c nothing will fall for him. Maybe if one goes down he will get it back. Would you take a look at Rush as bad as Lou has been the last 2 weeks? Rush's D can't be any worse than Lou's.

First I'd extend Ivey's minutes. Did you see that defense he played on Billups a minute ago? Cut off the drive, challenged the shot, grabbed the board.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 20:15

I like Ivey's D. And overall I prefer him to the Lou I've seen this season, even if he can't hit a shot inside the 3-point line.

Good, extended minutes for Ivey here, Lou to the bench.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 20:08

The way Lou is playing, we'll be so screwed if we can't keep Miller here.

better hope the mle is enough to get sessions. otherwise, iggy will be playing the point. or at least should be.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 20:12

If we start Iggy at the point that'll mean we'll have to start Lou or Willie at SG. Say it isn't so.

Unless they can get a shooter w/ the MLE.

Ivey's gone cold from three.

Very good first half, especially defensively.

47-37 with 24:00 to go.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 20:25

Our entire bench is 2-14 from the field, both field goals by Speights. That's what's kept Denver in this game. I hope we don't regret this, we already gave one game away to them last time out.

Chauncey is just toying with Willie. Why is Willie guarding him?

Great. 7-0 run to start the third. Three point game, timeout sixers.

Please hang the fourth foul on Billups.

Miller's hurt. This is not good.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 20:45

How hurt???

Alvin reply to Alvin on Feb 18 at 20:48

If he's done for the season then it's lottery time for us.

back to the locker room. Looks like his calf, I don't think he was happy with the trainer.

Maybe lou will remember how to play basketball this half.

Miller in the locker room with a calf injury, Iguodala on the bench w/ 4 fouls. The bench needs to show us something here.

4 on Sammy too.

Run the offense through Speights.

miller out for the game with a calf strain.

Miller done for the night. Bench showing some life. Down by 5, Reggie going to the line.

Same as last night. Many point blank misses and putbacks and these missed free throws are going to come back on us.

Alright. 3 point game heading into the 4th quarter. Excellent job by the bench to come back from what was a horrific start to the quarter.

Speight's a monster out there. Ivey made a lay-up!!!

So just checking the score during a break in class and I wonder what the hell happened in the 3rd quarter - then i read this and wonder why i'm not surprised :)

It was pretty much all Chauncey.

Iggy picks up his fifth foul in about 8 seconds of time on the floor. B.S. call.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 21:10

We're not gonna win this game anyway, I'm more concerned about how Miller is.

Speights is the only guy making baskets out there, let's give Marshall a shot.


How long can he hold Iguodala back? I say if the lead goes up to double digits you bring him back right away, if not, you try to get to the 5:00 mark, maybe 4:00.

No Miller = No chance.

11-point game. 6:59 to go, Iggy back in. This would be a nice time for him to take over, huh?

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 21:20

Yup, but I don't expect too much. He's great and all, but not that great. Without both Iggy and Young on the court we have no chance of making a stop. Even MJ couldn't pull this off.

Keep going to the line, keep making your shots. Plenty of time left here.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 21:24

Gotta love Lou

Lou is shaving points. He has to be.

For those saying or thinking we would be OK without Miller, regardless of end of season dealings, think they may feel different now?

John reply to Bryon on Feb 18 at 22:37

No one thinks in a vacuum that the sixers would be better without miller - and it's disingenuous of you to say that - but if miller isn't willing to re-sign in philadelphia it's idiotic short term thiking to keep him for just this season when your team has no real shot at winning a title

Bryon reply to John on Feb 18 at 22:59

A little personal tonight Johnny boy, huh? Don't misconstrue the post man. It doesn't say we would be better, it merely asks a question of those doubting his value, would we be OK.

You've been hollering this short term thing for a while now. Do you actually think that Stefanski has not thought this same thing in his assessment of the team and probably exhausted all avenues concerning Miller. It takes two to dance and he can't just give the guy away short term or not. You are so caught up in the winning a title mantra that you can't see the forest for the trees when it comes to valuable playoff experience by the rest of this roster whether Miller re-signs or not, which you nor I know at this point.

So speaking of vacuums maybe you should come out of that Hoover you are in when it comes to Miller re-signing and realize that Ed has as good of a handle on this situation as he can have at this point. Miller would be a fool to give up his leverage with what may be his last big contract this offseason and have his agent come out now and say we want to re-sign.

Iggy's 6th foul on another B.S. call.

In this scenario, without Brand, Iggy and Miller, who would you put on the floor?

I'd go with Ivey/Young/Marshall/Evans/Speights.

Nah, can't go with Thad at the two. You have to play Lou right now and hope he miraculously gets hot. I would put Marshall in there, though.

Joe reply to Alvin on Feb 18 at 21:30

I would just pay Sammy instead of Ivey. :)

Please, Lou. Just get hot for 4 minutes. It would be 4 out of the last 600 you've played. That's all I ask.

Hmmn. I think this one's over.

At least Miami's losing to Minnesota.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 21:44

Been watching a little of that game... Kevin Love really looks like a beast.

Balkman is so clearly high.

I'll have my wrap later tonight. Disappointing night, hold your breath for Miller.

4-2 over that next batch of ten games. Still not bad. But Sat. just became that much more of a must win considering the opponent.

64 points allowed in the 2nd half. Unacceptable.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Feb 18 at 21:56

With Lou and Speights on the floor, and with Iggy on the bench, we can't get stops against any team.

Joe reply to Alvin on Feb 18 at 21:58

Pretty much. Speights seems to have had a major impact on our team defense and it hasn't been positive.

Bryon reply to Joe on Feb 18 at 22:21

And some seem to think he will start for us next year. If he starts over Sammy then we will be in big trouble.

It is kind of the same with those who got caught up in Thad last year. Both these guys have high ceilings but a maturation process must take place first.

some seem to think that a 19year old rookie is already as fully polished as he's going to be. He's a better offensive player than Sam is - was the moment he got here - but needs to work on his defense - but long term if the sixers want to win a title - it's going to be with speights - and not sam - starting in the middle - there's a reason speights wasn't a top 5 pick - and he has off nights

Some people seem to think that first and second year players have already completely matured and will not have up and down nights even though they aren't old enough to drink - a lack of patience of clear sighted thinking that i HOPE the sixers front office doesn't suffer from

I think the front office and the coaches realize what's going on with Speights. DiLeo especially. That's why he gets his minutes cut, etc.

He made a couple of nice defensive plays tonight, and he lost his man a couple of times. I didn't really think he was worse than anyone else on the floor, to be honest.

Lou, on the other hand, is not progressing and I'm really reaching the end of my rope.

Hornets trade rescinded. Turns out Chandler is damaged goods. Failed the physical.

John reply to Joe on Feb 18 at 23:49


Ok folks - would you do it for sam?:)

What's the new damage? I mean everyone knew chandler had injury issues didn't they?

Joe reply to John on Feb 19 at 0:00

He failed the physical. They were talking about it on espn. hornets247.com or other blogs probably have more info up.

Wilcox and Smith for Sam? Yeah, I'd do it, I think. Wilcox and Smith give you serviceable bigs, both with more offense than Sam. Then they both expire. Means you're going full steam ahead with Speights as your starter next season, though.

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