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How To Blow A Golden Opportunity

ok, with the trade deadline just hours away and a lot of teams scrambling to free up cash, i'm going for broke with a home-run trade proposal.

OK City Thunder gets: Slammy D and Mikki Moore
Sacto Kings get: Chris Wilcox and Muhammed Sene (and probably a pick or two from the other teams)
Sixers get: Kevin Martin and Joe Smith

sounds crazy, right? how could we get kevin martin for so cheap? here's how: the Maloof brothers (who own the Kings) just loss a significant amount of money to Bernie Madoff and they're desperately trying to get some immediate relief. this deal saves them over 50 mil and gets them in position to make a couple minor moves and still be under the luxury tax for next season. sure, it's a step back, but they basically have no choice. plus in 2 years they'll be in an new stadium with fresh revenue and they can rebuild then.

as for the thunder, they get a slightly better (and younger) version of the defensive minded athletic center that they were looking for at just about the same price. the extra year of paying Mikki Moore shouldn't bother them too much since right now they're one of the few NBA teams making money.

for the sixers, it's a slam dunk. they exchange Sammy, who looks to supplanted by Speights eventually anyway for an elite, lights-out shooter who is just entering his prime and his locked up for 5 years.

generally i think most trade scenarios are pipe dreams, and i'm sure there are those who would consider this one. however, the current state of the economy has created the best buyer's market the NBA has ever seen. if ever there was a time to move aggressively to improve the team, it's now.

Sacto may trade him, but I think they'd want a bigger haul than that to give him up.

All reports indicate there is just one untouchable in sacramento.

Kevin Martin is it - not to mention the violation of the Sacramento Kings in this trade - doyou slip them GHB and rohipnol to get them to agree to this trade. They are giving up the best player in the trade, and on their team, for nothing but picks which would have protections probably?

I'm not convinced that anyone outside of LBJ is untouchable at this point. Apparently the league sent out a memo saying the cap and luxury tax numbers will probably drop over the next two years, teams are scrambling. I seriously hope Stefanski is working the phones, because Miller's expiring deal may bring back way more than anyone expects right now.

john reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 10:50

Well, anyone is tradeable for the right deal I'm sure, but that suggestion of what the kings would get for martin is a fleecing of the kings up there with the Gasol to the Lakers deal...the kings give up their best player and get squadoosh

noah reply to john on Feb 19 at 10:52

john, i agree with you completely and that is in fact, my point. that Gasol trade was unprecedented, but the situation around the league right now is ten-times worse. someone's going to get fleeced, and i want to be the... fleecer.

john reply to noah on Feb 19 at 11:08

Or no one is going to get completely fleeced because of what happened to the grizzlies. Additionally - if you're thinking fleecing - think ownership as well - Heisley is a cheap bastard who has been running his franchise poorly for years - the maloofs while not the smartest guys in the world are less worried about spending money when they think it's on talent - they wouldn't have made the gasol trade to the cavs or celtics for the equivalent 'talent' that the griz got from the lakers (if that makes sense).

I've no trouble with the idea of fleecing, but the maloofs and petrie are a smarter combo than the grizz have I think.

At this point I still just want miller moved and don't see it happening

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