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Stefanski On The Deadline

"We're really high on these kids and they're getting better, but they're going to make mistakes and you have to live with that.

I'm just saying :)

There seemed to be a lot of 'lowballing' for the buyers and 'highballing' (is that even a term, i mean if there's lowballing there has to be highballing right) of the sellers going o at the deadline which is why a lot of things fell through. Compromise seemed difficult (and often does based on reports about various trade discussions that fall through.

Personally, any trade that involved Thad or Speights would have had to involve player(s) that had the opportunity to be (or already are) very special. I get the feeling (for example) that Stef would call Denver about Kleiza and they'd say, ok we want Young or Speights - at which point Ed rightly should hang up on their asses - I'm not saying I think that happened i'm just saying kleiza is the first 'shooter' that i could think of who isn't very special yet (nor do i think can be) cause he's on my fantasy team.

I'm happy with how it's work out, with reservations, so far, the off season is still key, miller and his future is still undecided and vitally important to this teams short and long term success.

Yup, that's exactly what it's going to come down to. Here's a question for you, what the hell are the Bulls going to do in their back court?

Rose, Hinrich and Salmons are all under contract now. All probably deserve to be starters. Ben Gordon is playing out of his mind, so are they going to re-sign him? If not, could he be had for the MLE on a deal similar to Posey's?

I'm not sure how many suitors there will be for him, I don't see Detroit really being in on him, maybe OKC. But otherwise, the only way he'll get more is from the Bulls or through a sign and trade.

john reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 12:45

If Ben Gordon is willing to take the MLE as a base - or has to - he'll have many suitors and probably his pick of destinations.

I think the Bulls are going to let it play out until the end of the season and then reevaluate - they aren't a title contender this year - and the value of said players doesn't really change when the season ends. They SHOULD be very busy in the off season trying to clea up their back court - i mean - bringing salmons or hinrich off the bench isn't a bad thing if they agree to it.

I'd love to get ben gordon here - makes willie superfluous - but also really decreases lou's minutes s well I think - he's a 30-35 minute per game starter type player who would fit this roster pretty well I think.

The Bulls are an interesting picture to watch this off season

If he's forced to settle for the MLE, he's definitely going to pick somewhere where he'll start and play starters' minutes.


with Thad, Speights, Lou, Ivey coming off the bench. That's not a bad 9-man rotation.

john reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 12:57

You know - ben could be smart as well - or try to be smart - take a one year deal on the MLE and parlay it into a bigger contract in 2010 when all the 'cap folks' miss out on lebron (i don't see him leaving cleveland) or maybe toronto when losing Bosh (almost a certainty I believe)

It's a calculated risk - but so was his one year tender offer - i think that's something he'd seroiusly consider - would you sign him if it's only for one year?

If not one year he might not want to do '5' and maybe do 3 so he could still try and parlay a bigger contract in his 'prime'

I'd prefer it to be a one-year deal, but then there are no Bird Rights involved for him. That's an added risk. The problem is that he sees himself as an $80M player, so who knows what he's going to do if he hits free agency and gets no offers other than the MLE. Maybe he'll follow Childress to Greece for a year?

john reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 13:05

That's not working out too well for Childress and most expect him back in the states next year :)

Gordon thinks he's more than an MLE player - and if Iguodala is 80 million - then why isn't gordon (it's gordons thinking) - all those teams are clearing max cap room in 2010 to make a run at the big boys - but those teams that miss out (and some will miss, the numbers mean it) will have all that money to spend and need to do something to appease their fan base - gordon isn't lebron james or wade or bosh - but he ain't a scrub neither - so he makes a good 'back up plan' - and that could be his thinking - one year at the MLE and then hit the market again when everyone has the room.

Then maybe he takes a deal with the team that guarantees him the most minutes and chance to 'showcase' his skills?

I'd prefer a 3 year MLE base contract - just like with Miller - that way you have some certainty - one year just isn't enough - i think the sixers probably will improve next year but i'm not sure they'll be over that championship hump - and if gordon leaves - you gotta find a shooting guard again :)

Looks like Amare is out for 8 weeks, minimum. I bet Phoenix really wishes they made some kind of deal.

The Greek who barked that Willie G. is a salary albatoss on Feb 21 at 10:28

Why would a trade for Smith most likely involve a future 2nd rounder? The dude was a first round pick, plus he has madd skills.

I just don't think his value in a trade is all that high right now.

He's slow laterally - he's soft for a 7 footer - he's a low first rounder - and once a guy plays where he's picked doesn't matter any more.

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