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Motivating Marreese

Two things

1. Remember the quote I bolded in the stefanski thread - he's going to be up and down

2. Since you broke down the 'good and bad' performances - do you have any way to break down the on / off numbers in his good and bad games? I wonder if they vary.

Nice post (as always)...

Really good write-up.

I remember when you were fretting before the draft last year that the Sixers may take Anthony Randolph, who you wanted absolutely no part of. Wonder why tomorrow's game is a matinee? Must be a South Beach thing.

Randolph has been much better than I thought he'd be, although he isn't getting many minutes out there. I'm happy with the way the draft turned out :)

Joe reply to Bryon on Feb 20 at 20:07

Here are some rooks.

All I have to say is that Kevin McHale knows only 1 NBA position, but he knows it damn well.

13.1 boards/36, that's just sick. His numbers would be incredible if he didn't start the season in a horrific shooting slump.

As normal, Great Blog again!

This really stands out to me:

"Speights has attempted 21 more free throws than our starting shooting guard, in 365 fewer minutes, and is shooting 9% higher from the line than him as well." I assume this is primarily Wille?

john reply to DeanH on Feb 20 at 14:59

I would assume so - since willie tends not to get to the free throw line in geneeral throughout his career

Yeah, I was talking about Willie. Lou actually gets to the stripe, that's the only thing he's still doing well.

We really need to get him on the floor more. He's the reason they were trying to unload Sammy (if you believe Chad Ford's chat yesterday).

john reply to Max on Feb 20 at 15:36

Except that (and I agree with the way the sixers are handling this) he has to earn it and learn from his mistakes - his offense is great and no one denies that - but he's a big defensive liability right now (and hence why his 'PER" is so high since it kind of ignores the defensive flaws in his game) - and you can't reward his poor defensive play with more minutes - he'll get more minutes when he learns to play defense.

Keep in mind (just generally) the reason a guy with such offensive talent dropped to where he dropped in the draft were concerns about his motivation and work ethic - so the sixers have to keep him motivated and teach him the work ethic to be a better defensive player.

Mike reply to Max on Feb 21 at 2:16

after the abortion of the deadline reporting that is finally over, i won't believe a word out of chad fraud's mouth ever again

Another way to look at the last stat in the post is this.

Speights only plays 20+ minutes when he's working his ass off on the boards and on the defensive end. So the Sixers are 13-3 in games when he's properly motivated. :)

john reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 15:45

The sixers should tell Speights that his playing time will be intimately connected not to his total rebounds by the rebounding percentage when he's on the floor :)

What about tomorrow nights game? Can we pull it out in Miami? If sweet lou starts at the point?

Ugh. I don't like our odds if Lou is starting at the point. To be honest, I'd start Ivey.

Alvin reply to Max on Feb 20 at 18:03

Lou has been anything but sweet recently. Please start Ivey.

john reply to Alvin on Feb 20 at 18:39

If you don't start miller the sixers probably lose - Ivey or Williams - Ivey isn't a starter.

Do we know miller is out?

He's listed as questionable, I still think he plays.

john reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 19:37

I think he'll try and play if he's able just to maintain that streak (streaks like this are selfish streaks, i hate em) - doesn't mean he'll be able to play though - suppose we'll see :)

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