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If Miller Can't Go

I'm going with Ivey, Green, Iguodala, Young, Dalembert. Ivey draws Wade as an assignment.

Speights and Lou first players off. Then Reggie and maybe a Donyell sighting?

I think that is realistic and I think I can live with that.

Just limit Lou and Willie's minutes Tony. Thanks.

Yeah, I don't think there's a prayer that he goes with this lineup, and I don't think they'd go with it long term, but it's what I would do today. I think it gives us the best chance to win this game and I also think that of the guys coming off the bench, Speights is the one who deserves the big boost in his minutes.

Plus, this caption on a picture of Lou Williams over at Philly.com scares the crap out of me. "Sixers' Lou Williams is playing like a seasoned vet at 22."

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 21 at 15:06

What are these guys smoking???

John reply to Alvin on Feb 21 at 15:13

Bad mouth the team - lose access to the team - make it harder to do your job

Don't bite the hand that feeds you


i completely agree, but you know tony will start Lou at the point.

this brings up another issue, if miller ends up walking after the season. is iguodala a potential replacement at PG? i'm sure the possibility has crossed their minds.

Here's a quote from DiLeo: "We have options," DiLeo said. "Willie [Green] can handle it. Roy can handle it. Lou. [Andre] Iguodala has played it in the past." This article scares the bejesus out of me.

If Iggy isn't the fallback plan if Miller walks, it wouldn't take long to realize he's the best option on the roster, IMO.

I hear what you're saying about today's game, and although I am not as down on Lou Williams as you are, I like the starting lineup you threw out. Williams has been shooting the ball terribly, and his floor game has not been great either. But, at the end of the day, what I like about him, is he is pretty much the only guy coming off the bench that can get his own shot, which is why even in poor shooting games he still puts up 12-15 points because he can get to the line frequently. He seems to have a nice chemistry with Speights, but let's be honest, he is on the floor quite a bit with Evans and Ivey. Not a lot of scoring between those two. He has not developed into a true PG at all. I need to see improvements there. I do think he has it in him, but we'll see. I really do like the lineup you layed out though. Causes a lot of match up problems. Although, I don't think that is a long term lineup, but it is one that I would love to see them trot out at different points in a ballgame.

Philly papers today focus on Louis Williams being 'ready to go' should miller be unavailable - not exactly encouraging news - bu is what it is.

Miller's playing tonight. Dei Lynum reported it on daily news live yesterday.

Yeah? Good. Hope he's close to 100%, need a win tonight.

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