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Shooting Woes Continue

Yea the Iguodala opining was spot on. I thought he was coming out of the non-confidence in his jumpers when he hit that 3 and then later another long jumper. But at least once, may have been another occasion too, he had a wide open 15 footer at the elbow late in the game and didn't pull the trigger. He dribbled and penetrated and I don't remember the result.

He was pulling that jumper in rhythm the last month or so.

The lack of punishment for Lou's sporadic play is exactly what you said. Your supposed only other option is Willie. That is why I was asking the other day could Rush be that much worse defensively than Lou to not even sniff any minutes. I realize he would probably be picked on when on defense, but if he could be more efficient than the other two shooting the ball, give him some burn and rely on your help defense if he has trouble getting beat. It's not like Lou or Willie stop penetration themselves.

Seems to me like they really hate Rush. Maybe he just doesn't give a crap, even in practice. I'll have a post on what I think they should do tomorrow.

I'm so much against both Willie and Lou right now that I'd rather start Reggie Evans at the 4. Play Daly/Evans/Young/Iggy/Miller and bring Speights/Marshall/Ivey off the bench.

When those two idiots are jacking up bricks they are so detrimental to the team it's not funny. Limit both their minutes and let them earn them back with solid play. (I really mean Lou, Willie has solid play once every 21 games)

We may have lost 3 games in a row but they have been challenging games like you said. I still think we can make the playoffs but regardless of what seed we get I don't see us getting beyond the first round. So it's most important to let people like Lou know that he needs to play good basketball to get minutes. It's definitely unfair to Speights and Young in particular that Lou is the only guy exempt from getting his minutes cut.

I don't get the logic at all. Has he really paid his dues to the point where his minutes are guaranteed? Is it the fat contract that Stefanski gave him? I mean, he's actually doing more damage than Willie at his worst, because for some reason he's taking so many shots. At least when Willie's stinking up the joint his minutes get cut and/or the rest of the guys freeze him out.

And here i thought the 'higlight' of the day would be the sixers pathetic game - and then my gf gots sidesiped by two young boys in a church owned car...and i haven't put her on the insurance yet - WOO HOO

Two young boys in a church car sounds scandalous. If your girlfriend alright?

Alvin reply to John on Feb 21 at 21:56

Yeah I hope your girl's alright man. What the heck were the guys doing with a church-owned car anyways?

John reply to Alvin on Feb 21 at 22:44

I don't know - i wasn't there - she's fine - my car currently is crushed on the passanger side door - and i'm just freaked out over what's going to happen.

As for the sixers - we still can't figure out why they keep playing willie green can we? And neither ed nor tony signed him or idolized him.

I am extremely frustrated as all. My thoughts are since they can't get any worse:

1. Play Lou instead of Green (bench Green) OR put Iggy as the 2nd guard w/ Miller.
2. reverse roles for Speights and Dalabert. I am sick and tired of Sammy's sloppiness and playing. He doesn't even protect the inside anymore
3. Teach Reggie how to make a basket. When was the last time he had 1 2 point shot and has he EVER had a 2 basket game?

I realize that many don't like Lou BUT he is still young and I think we need to give him MORE minutes to work thru his issues. If he does not get out of it, we are sunk anyway!

John reply to DeanH on Feb 21 at 21:24

I prefer Lou over Willie

Right now sam is better DEFENSIVELY than SPeights (offensively he'll never be better)

REggie is a one dimensional player - always has been - it's too late in his career to ask him something he's not.

Just remember, that one of the most important players on this roster hasn't been 100% all year and missed most of the season - it's a lost season - if for some reason the sixers aren't at least 75% certain they can re-sign Miller - i'm angry that they didn't trade him - but the sixers are a mediocre 500 teams - that's what they were when the season started and still what they are...they currently have a 500 record - i can't get upset about the overall record cause it's what i expected.

I don't think Speights or Sammy is the questions right now. I'll have a post on it tomorrow.

I'm big on earning minutes. For Lou, my main concern isn't how poorly he's shooting, it's how poorly he's making basketball decisions. That's mental, and it's something you should absolutely penalize a guy for. I mean, leaving your feet to pass, you learn not to do that when you're five. Taking bad, contested shots with 15 seconds left on the shot clock? Again, unforgivable.

If he straightens those things out, I can live with poor shooting, add them both together, though, and it's a team-killer.

Quite clearly those years playing with AI has affected him negatively. Like AI he has great ability to get to the basket to get to the line at the very least. However he falls in love with his jumper and takes it whenever he feels like it, which sometimes is a fade away w/ 20 ticks on the shot clock.

Look, I know Lou is 22 but he's been with us 4 years now and it's not as if it's a problem of his shots not falling. He's just making bad decisions, taking bad shots and as always, is killing this team at the defensive end. These are issues that can be corrected if you give a damn and work hard at it.

The only stimulus for these millionaire NBA players is their minutes (or the threat of trading them to a crap team). Cut their minutes if they play poorly and they should learn and respond positively. If they give bad attitude, they aren't worth keeping in the team in the first place.

Lou at least took the ball to the hole for much of the game... but that last airball was beyond brutal.

As for the team, I'm sure they will bounce back and go on a run of wins... Then they will loose a bunch of games. Streaky and average- that's oour young, ill shooting Sixers.

Might as well try and enjoy the wins. Fact is when this collection of streaky shooters are off, they need to play a near perfect game to beat a .500 team. When they are on they are world beaters.

As for my take on keeping Miller, I've always been strongly opinionated. I summarized my concerns here: http://www.phillyarena.com/archives/2009-02-21/FU-Andre-Miller-Trades,-the-Cap-and-Luxury-Tax...tk76

Good read. I left a comment over there.

I tend to agree with Brian on the money issue. I really do not see the tax as being an issue w/ 76ers (Comcast). Obviously they are in business to make money and IF they do not make a MAJOR move to get a shooter by draft, trade, MLE or something, they will have a horrible season in the seats next year. As of right now, I will not be renewing my season tickets and I am sure I don't speak just for me. If they show me "hope", I would like to renew. And, based upon Ed S previous statements, I do expect to renew next year. But the wait is on.

I received a call from Iggy (taped) saying I will receive my renewal in the next few days, fyi. There is a lunch w/ Ed S this week and I plan on expressing the above if given the opportunity.

Nice. Tell us how he responds. If you can, ask him directly if the team is willing to go over the luxury tax to add a needed piece.

The tax is an issue for the sixers, especially in a recession, an NBA team can make money with poor attendance (just ask the Clippers)...when your answerable to stock holders running a sports franchise is not as simple as 'let's just win' (it's why i hate corporate ownership in general)

As for lou - i mean sure he should earn his minutes - but so should willie who kind of sucks most of the time too.

Is this just supposition on your part, or have you heard someone say they won't pay the luxury tax?

Supposition - but check it out - corporate owned teams very rarely win championships as opposed to those owned by individuals - there's no corporate ownership in the NFL and I bet that's a conscious decision. I don't like corporate ownership.

There's no public indication how comcast feels either way regarding paying the salary tax - but in a depression - companies are looking for ways to limit losses...not increase them

I mean, I don't know how to look at Comcast's books, but I'd say if the bottom line is more important than winning, they could've sold off some bad contracts over the past month for salary relief.

Honestly, can you point to one decision this franchise had made for monetary reasons which hurt the team on the floor? If anything, they've spent too freely over the past 8 years.

John reply to Brian on Feb 22 at 21:01

All depends on how you look at it - if keeping miller just to try and get to the second round in the playoffs (thus more playoff home games) - and he's not re-signed - that's a monetary decision.

All I'm saying is, corporate owned teams just hardly ever win titles, in most sports, and when they do (angels, ducks for instance) they seem to be rapidly torn down or sold off.

First of all, never bring hockey into a real sports discussion here again :)

Second, you kind of just made my argument for me. Trading Miller and Reggie for LaFrentz would've saved the team a decent chunk of change this season, and a boatload next year when they didn't have to pay Evans. That's a $5M+ swing. If they decided getting to the playoffs and maybe getting to the second round was worth more than that, then it's completely conceivable that they'd go $3-5M over the tax to put a better team on the floor next year (miller + mle).

Point being, while Comcast is obviously in it for the profit, seems to me like they've managed the purse strings with the philosophy that winning + playoffs = greater income than slashing payroll and watching the attendance take a nosedive.

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