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2009 NBA Free Agents

If anything for OKC, I want a center in the worst way. They have a whole second squad of big men and no true guy in the middle. I wasn't completely sold on Chandler, so maybe the Thunder will surprise this summer.

As for a sleeper pick, Lee has to be the choice just by the consistent numbers he is putting up daily. Wow -- slim pickings inside for the most part...good luck Presti!

I've seen it quoted from ESPN that the Cap is projected to come down 3M this year, and another 1M the next.

Likewise the tax level will drop 3.5M/1.5M over the next 2 years.

Maybe someone else can provide the link.

Having the tax at 66M in 2 years puts the Sixers in tax territory if they sign anyone at all (esp Miller.) They are committed to 62M in 2 years, and you can add another 3M for the #1 picks.

Yup, teams certainly didn't anticipate this economic mess, not that anyone else did either. Post the link to the espn story, if you can find it.

Here's a link I found from ESPN about the luxury tax: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=2935728

fre tibet on Mar 19 at 22:09

i love raptors!!
go toronto raptors

sign every 1 ,,,,,

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