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2009 Free Agents, Position-By-Position


So i've been pro ramon sessions in philadelphia since the end of last season so i'm going to stick with that - and if the sixers can find a way to work out a deal in a trade that pays more than the MLE - they might be able to get sessions - the bucks have financial issues since they didn't dump jefferson at the deadline and have to worry about alopecia boy.

Ben Gordon would be a nice addition - but I think the sixers really have to decide what they are doing with Iguodala/Young/Brand/Speights Quartet.

If the long term goal is Iguodala starting at the 2, Young at te and a healthy brand at the 4 - then I see no point in pursuiing ben gordon.

The center class is kind of weak - if a taker for sam is out there it'd be nice

On second though, I don't think Sessions gets more than the MLE unless he gets it from Milwaukee. They have serious salary issues, and I don't know who's going to take on salary for anyone on their roster. They may just have to let both Sessions and Villaneuva walk if someone offers them the full MLE.

john reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 14:23

For hypothetical sake - let's say you're right

If they aren't matching MLE it makes it harder to get sessions cause so many more teams have it - but let's just say for arguments sake

Miller - MLE for 3 years
Sessions - 5 years MLE

Which do you want?

hmmn. that's a tough call. sessions has shown he can score on a shitty team that plays zero defense, and he's shown it for what, 2 weeks? I need to see some more of him.

john reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 14:47

He also gets nice assist totals as well - he's better than luke ridnour - and i have no idea why he's not getting run when ridnour is healthy - his performance isn't new - it's just more consistent solid minutes

I prefer him over miller - age being one factor - game being another - but that's just personal

The thing that worries me is he has no three-point shot either. That's my biggest problem w/ Miller and I'm not sure I want to sign up for 5 more years of that.

Here are some guys I like on the cheap...

PG: Chris Quinn
SG: Quinton Ross
SF/PF: Walter Hermann

At C, I don't really see anyone outproducing Smith on the cheap who is somewhat young.


Josh Childress, Carlos Delfino, and some other overseas guys are restricted free agents this offseason. Childress is on the Hawks' books as well I am pretty certain for your salary cap article unless they renounce him, which they won't do. In addition, Childress has an opt out claus every offseason of his deal, so he could easily be back next year.

Excellent point on Childress. I'm not sure where to find his cap hold number though. Any ideas?

I think Quinn and Diener are the same person, just like Reggie and Cheryl Miller.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 18:49

Childress' number is big. It is 250% or 300% of his last year's pay. It is in the FAQ. I'll have a look when I finish work probably if you don't post by then. I think the number is 10 millionish.

Navarro is a hold for Memphis as well although smaller. There are others as well, but Childress is the only "big" one I think since he was a high draft pick.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 19:14


It is 300%. His last year of pay was ~3.6 million. Multiply it by 3 and you are at ~10.8 million. That is his cap hold. A rather large one.

Childres was the fifth pick in the draft - his cap hold is a bit higher than iguodalas last year - i'd say approximately 10 million

deepsixersuede on Feb 25 at 8:35

If we sign Miller we may only be able to use part of the midlevel because of the luxury tax so Parker is probably not an option. I saw Wafer in person and he is a freaky athlete that can shoot[Carneylike].I also like Almond but turnovers seem to be his problem according to Hollinger, we don!t need any more of them.We need the best shooter that can also defend, whomever that may be. I also like Hermann, but he is a foriegn player so they won!t bring him in.

I think the tax looks like it could possibly be an issue just resigning Miller at this point. If it drops to 69, the Sixers would have a pick and Miller to deal with and only have 10 million to do it. Who knows what Miller's deal is?

Good call on Wafer, Suede. The guy can definitely shoot. He's playing almost 20 minutes a game with Houston this season and kicking ass (at least statistically on the offensive end). Haven't seen enough of him to know whether or not he's a good defender. Question is, can we bring him to Philly and make him a legit starter, playing at least 25 minutes/game, without a drop off in his production? It would be really nice if the answer was yes.

Rick reply to Rick on Feb 25 at 15:22

By the way, for what it's worth, from the above list of unrestricted free agent shooting guards, only Ben Gordon, Von Wafer, and Wally Szczerbiak are shooting 3-pointers at better than 40% this season. Here's a link...


I'll be interested to see what kind of interest guys like Rashad McCants and Morris Almond can create. Almond was supposed to be this brilliant scoring machine coming out of college and he hasn't had a whole lot of opportunities yet.

When did it become July 2nd :)

Good point

I stand by my comments here. I still like Chris Quinn, Quinton Ross, and Hermann.

I'd be very happy with Quinn.

What's Quinn's status? I couldn't find anything on him, is he restricted?

John reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 22:56


Joe reply to John on Jul 1 at 23:04

Oh well. We are screwed now. No Chriss Quinn!!??? What are we going to do now? Ed better have a back up plan OR ELSE!!

In all seriousness, I wish he explored other options.

Onwards to Ronnie Price.(and CJ Watson?)

John reply to Joe on Jul 1 at 23:06

You mentioned Chris Quinn, a question was asked, I answered it. Not really sure why your panties are suddenly all in a bunch.

As for your past tense and 'options' I'm not even sure where that comes from...what exactly do you think Stefanski has 'explored' or not and why do you think he's done?

Tranquilo. He wasn't being pissy w/ you, just sarcastic, I believe.

Joe reply to John on Jul 1 at 23:11

If you took my comment seriously, not sure what to say. I was making fun of my own mancrush on a marginal 8th man PG who couldn't crack most playoff rotations.

I am pretty sure Ed never mentioned Chris Quinn ever. I was just doing the whole... my plan that was never even a real rumor didn't happen, so I'm gonna freak out and blame the GM.

John reply to Joe on Jul 1 at 23:12

What ever you say, suppose it's just history not on your side

Joe reply to John on Jul 1 at 23:14

Calm down BRAH.

Do I foment hostility? Maybe I'll actually have a New Year's resolution for 2010 to be more patient. Seems people always get pissed around me.

John reply to Joe on Jul 1 at 23:22

Who said I wasn't calm..I'm quite calm.

Like I said, history wasn't on your side, not sure how that isn't calm - just a fact

Joe reply to John on Jul 1 at 23:32

Alright, brah. My bad. I take back my comment. Don't want to upset you. Don't get worked up.

Play nice. Tomorrow morning's post is up, I'm heading to bed early.

Have there really been any legitimate Sixers rumors at all? I can't remember one since the season. I have no handle on what they're going to do, or try to do, if anything.

John reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 23:07

Ronnie Price as an alternative?:)

Grizzled Vet on Jul 2 at 23:44

Isn't Marquis Daniels now unrestricted?

Anonymoose on Jul 8 at 23:50

You have a lot of errors in the above list - ranging from little stuff like typos and players listed twice, to players at positions they don't play (Aaron Gray, a PF - really?), but the most disconcerting is that there are many mistakes with regard to the type of free agent status for a lot of these guys (or, for some, whether they were even an FA at all). Please cross-reference with another source or two.

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