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Lost In The Shuffle

The early season clamor about Iguodala seems to have died down significantly. If Brand was healthy - Iguodala might not be double teamed so much - having guys like evans and sam on the floor makes it easier to leave them alone because their offensive games are weak

Brian, just asking, but that is not you in the pic on Fagan's blog about the half court heave right below Harris' elbow is it? You have a side view on the pic here so it is hard to tell.

john reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 16:27

THe serial killer looking dude is you? :)

I prefer the term matinee idol to describe my looks. but yeah, that's me. I love how the two chicks who spent the whole game texting their friends right in front of me are looking somewhere else as Harris takes the game-winner from half court right in front of them. awesome.

john reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 17:10

My gf prefers to think of herself as vertically challenged
I prefer to think of myself as horizontally challenged :)

If i saw you in a dark alley i'd throw my wallet at you just to avoid a beating (of course i don't carry cash - but still) :) :)

How empty was the stadium last night?

There were 13K people there, seemed like a lot more than that on the way out of the parking garage. Actually, I was expecting it to be more empty.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 17:40

While I realize that no one got the extra credit last night as to what color shirt you were wearing, I think this qualifies as the winner.

Did you say that the prize for the extra credit was season tickets to the Sixers '09-'10 season at the Wach?

Sorry, the season ticket prize expired as soon as the refs said the FG was good. :(

Hey, great seats!

Get this. The media has a vendetta out against me and us Sixer fans. ABC World News with Charlie Gibson actually showed the shot from last night with Charlie saying "Simply amazing." Can't recall the last time I even saw a snippet of sports on the World News and this was while having dinner with family. I did not swallow another bite:) Appetite gone.

Sons of bitches.

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