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Six @ Wiz Pregame

Well, at least the evil computer is picking the sixers to win.

"Lou Williams is probably the best outside shooter on this team."

I love opposing announcers.

Jesus. Not the start I was looking for, DiLeo has to call a timeout early after an 11-3 run to start the game for Washington.

Sixers have yet to grab a board.

Still haven't.

Finally, with exactly 6 minutes to go they get their first rebound. Still don't have a defensive board.

The Zephyrs can't miss.

Nice run. Reggie was the first guy off the bench, he hasn't done much, but the run started there. Make what you will of that.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 19:32

Well, if it were Lou... you know he would have shot twice and maybe made one.

I think that start pissed Iggy off. He's taking over.

Fitting that Butler would hit a thirty-footer to end the quarter and give the Wiz the lead heading into the second. 29-26 WAS.

"Nice pass, but he threw it out of bounds." He missed McGee by about 8 feet. Awesome announcing.

Good to see Ivey hit a 3. Been awhile.

Yep, 4 games.

Iggy and Speights hooking up a couple of really nice plays for easy hoops. Hopefully, we'll be seeing that combo for a long time.

By the way, the team is playing like crap. Washington is going to hang around and get hot from three eventually. Just pitiful.

Funny how that 2.6 seconds seemed to go by mighty quick.


I'd love to see some defensive intensity here to start the third.

Green's got the hot hand tonight.

"Jameson was overplayed by Willie Green..excuse me, Iguodala. I think that was Thaddeus Young there." These guys are the highlight of the game.

Willie is on fire.

I found myself imagining the Wiazards raining 3's in the 4th quarter.

Boy, Thad is filling up that stat sheet tonight.

We deserved that long one by Iggy right there

Bryon reply to Bryon on Feb 25 at 20:49

He's approaching triple-double territory.

I hope he isn't on the floor much from here on out. I want to see Donyell raining threes and even Rush.

I love Iggy.

Well, they held the Wiz to 14 points in the quarter, forced 9 turnovers and Iggy capped the quarter with a sick three at the buzzer. That's the type of quarter I was looking for.

Iggy is also sniffing a triple-double.

Anyone watching the philly feed? Any word on Sammy?

Lou hath felt thy wrath of sire of Depressed Fan.

Am listening to WIP. They say Sammy D went down with an left ankle sprain, but is now coming back to courtside.

Yeah, he's back on the bench now, the Wiz announcers said he would return, if he's needed. They're about to cut it to 11, so they may just need him.

Double-double for Iggy. Needs 2 boards for the triple, but they just yanked him and he probably won't be back.

i'm listening to WIP. They say Sammy D went down with a left ankle sprain but is now ready getting ready on the sideline (not sure if he is, but pretty sure about the sprain).

glad i watched the UConn game. twas awesome. i guess the sixers had a hangover from the nets game in the 1st half but then stepped it up?

Yeah, but they're dragging ass now, Wiz are about to cut it to 7.

Are they simply not focused? just looking at the TO totals, jaw-dropping.

They got lazy and cute for about 4 minutes, then turned it on again when Iggy came back in. He has 6 TOs though, which is unacceptable.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 21:20

Quad double?

There's #7. I don't think there's enough time left. Just get the 1 rebound, please.

Sammy's back in.

Real and Speightacular on Feb 25 at 21:33

That's why they coach the games: Reggie had a pretty decent run. Marreese has to learn how to stay in the action w/o fouling. Roll tape on SamIam.

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