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Dusting Yourself Off

I'm still in the Al Davis mode right now - especially after that 'stunning' loss that shouldn't have been two days ago.

Just Win Baby - i mean - get back to 500 for gods sake

Who gets a win first, us or the pistons?

Mike reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 15:57

have you taken a look at their schedule? yikes. they might not win again until next weekend. their record will be like 27-31.

that easy layup by VC happened because Sam didn't rotate into the lane quickly enough. and on the replay you could see that was because he was being held by Brook Lopez.

I didn't notice Sam being held. I did notice that he should've been able to contest the shot at least, then I shrugged it off and figured they were probably better off that he didn't foul Carter for the and-1.

i'm taking a break from this team tonight. there is nothing i can possibly gain from watching them play a terrible Washington team. i know the game will just aggravate me, so i am going to watch UConn/Marquette instead.

Check in around 9pm, hopefully it'll be a blowout and you can switch right back over the UConn/Marquette game.

Real and Speightacular on Feb 25 at 17:20

A game like this one you can kinda laugh off cuz of how it was lost. It's like losing a hard-fought football game on account of a 70 yard field goal. You have to shake your head at a fluke loss like that.

Losing it on a last second dunk? That'd be much harder to swallow.

Anyway, just goes to show that you have to maximize the floor time of the guys who thrive in the system you need to win. Less Evans, less Evans, less Evans.

Matt Bryant anyone?

I still haven't fully recovered from that game. Unreal.

They just gotta take some advice from Jay-Z

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