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Shooting Yourself In The Foot

I was at the luncheon today w/ Ed S. He agreed that the sixers biggest issue is shooting.

A few points raised or asked:

1. Their biggest need is a shooter. Ed stated that as time goes he believes the players on the team will get better at shooting. He is planning on hiring a shooting coach over the summer to help. Glad to hear action not just talk in my opinion.

2. Ed feels that foul shooting is contagious and he is not happy with it.

3. They will not go into the Luxery Tax bracket but are looking to add a MLE player over the summer.

4. At the trade deadline, the player that people had most interest in was Iggy. From what he said, it seemed like Lou had the 2nd most interest of the group.

5. As we all will be happy to hear, he does not like Willie G starting.

6. If Sammy just rebounds, blocks shots and plays D, they are thrilled with him. Him scoring is a bonus.

I think that is the major points. I left feeling like they understood what they have on the team, are real, and have a plan. I got the feeling they are happy with the team other than the guards.

3. They will not go into the Luxery Tax bracket but are looking to add a MLE player over the summer.

That's a key point. They can't afford the full MLE w/out going over the tax unless they don't bring Miller back and/or they get rid of one of their bad contracts. Personally, I'd like to see if they could unload Lou to Memphis or OKC for a pick. Though I doubt that's a possibility.

Great job, Dean. The most important thing is that they recognize the problem areas and they have a plan in place to improve upon them. That luxury tax thing worries me.

I made a post out of this, thanks Dean.

Real and Speightacular on Feb 27 at 9:17

Excellent analysis, Brian. An upgrade or two is definitely needed. Thing with Lou is that not only is he a bad shooter, but he also takes so many of them. He's definitely a tweener guard who's decided he's going to err on the shoot-first-shoot-often side of things.

I don't think at this stage a shooting coach is going to help either of them much.

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