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Update From Ed Stefanski

As for #3 - not to say I told you so, but... ;)

Did you guys ask what the offers were for Lou (to Dean) I'd be curios to see what they turned down.


No specific trades were mentioned on any players. I got the feeling that IF a shooting guard was offered by someone, Ed would have tried very hard to make it work.

He said several GM "friends" offered to take Speights (could not pronounce his name) off his hands if he wanted.

john reply to DeanH on Feb 26 at 18:05

I wonder if those GMs were making jokes or honestly under estimate Stefanski as a talent evaluator - if so that's useful information to have in future dealings - if people think they are 'conning' you and you know it you can take advantage sometimes.

When you said he doesn't like to have willie start - i mean did he say it that way or maybe more like 'willie's best when he's coming off the bench so he can be used in situations that play to his strenghts'

Or was it

"Yes we know willie sucks but billy king gave him that stupid contract so we have to play him until someone takes him off our hands"

I felt that he felt the way we do about Willie. He chose his words carefully on this one so I feel that he was saying IF someone would have wanted him, they could have him. Not one time did he mention Willie as being part of the team other than that time he said they need a shooter. Never mentioned in positive other than his good game at NJ (I think that was the one). Never mentioned Willie had any strengths.

Did mention others did, like Lou, needs to be a consistent shooter, Speights does not feel the pressure, AI would be an all star if he did not have that horrendous start, .... We want Sammy just to rebound, block shots and clog up the middle, scoring is not important from him.

I therefore took it as I am stuck w/ him.

I honesly left the meeting with the feeling that Ed feels EXACTLY the way we do at this blog about the team.

Joe reply to DeanH on Feb 27 at 15:47

Thanks for sharing the info btw Dean.

AllphillySports on Feb 26 at 18:38

is it possible to find a nice point guard out of college.
suppose the PG from Villanova

It's possible, and I'd be surprised if they don't use their pick on a guard (point or shooting) who can hit threes, but handing the ball over to a rookie is a risky proposition, especially with the clock ticking on Brand's contract. They're kind of in a win-now situation and I don't think you can bank on a guy drafted in the high-teens as your starting point and expect to win.

Chalmers would be the exception, I guess, but all he's really asked to do is give the ball to Wade and get the hell out of the way.

AllphillySports reply to Brian on Feb 26 at 19:43

i was thinking of the rookie that Bobcats has,augustine,dude can ball and banging the 3's.

Yeah, he's been good. He was taken earlier, though.

This is supposed to be a really deep draft for PGs, maybe they find a steal, or even trade up. I just don't think you can bank on it, not w/ the money this team has invested and the timetable. At the very least, you'd have to bring in a veteran point to share the duties. A quick glance at the free agents, and I don't see anyone who fits the bill.

deepsixersuede on Feb 26 at 19:22

Brian, I agree about your timetable; Two guys I target over the summer are R.Hamilton and J.Richardson. A package of L.Will.,Thad and Reggie may get either of them because both their teams are in a rebuild mode.Willie as our backup 2 is fine for the time being but they should draft the best backcourt player available when they pick and hopefully Ivey[player option] sticks around now that he is getting minutes.

I don't think Ivey has a player option. This says it's a one-year deal, which is wrong. This says it's guaranteed.

As for those two guys, they're awful and I'm not quite ready to give up on Thad, especially not for Rip. His shooting has taken a nosedive this season, as have most of his other stats. He's actually a below-average 3-point shooter.

Richardson, I like. He'd be a nearly perfect fit.

deepsixersuede on Feb 26 at 20:41

I really don!t want to move Thad either, the ideal situation is for him and Iggy to work together but he may be relegated to a bench role for the next 2 years, not a bad thing, if we get a legit 2 in here.But the problem is do you get a legit 2 guard with the midlevel exemption, drafting in the 16 to 20 range, or moving other pieces.E.S. has his work cut out this summer again.

Iguodala is a legit 2
Young is a legit 3
Brand is a legit 4

Find a point guard - and tell sam to stop doing stupid stuff - contend for a title

Better than you reply to John on Feb 27 at 10:39

I'd like to see the lineup Brian proposed some time ago... Miller, Iggy, Thad, Speights, Sammy... but only for the time being. I agree with a lot (dare I say most) people, who believe we need a legit shooting guard on this team to be successful. A move for J. Richardson, even if it includes Thad (and especially if it includes Lou), would be a VERY good one.

Let's just say I agree with Tom Moore (scroll down to comment 26):

I'd definitely take a hard look at Anthony Parker. I don't think he's going to command the full MLE. He's older, but if you draft a shooter he's a pretty good stop-gap. Excellent from three, good free throw shooter, good size.

Hamilton or RIchardson - really not willing to give up Thad for either of them cause it doesn't make the sixers contenders. Find me a point guard and move Iguodala to the 2 and Thad to the 3 and remember that thad is still in his second season and has no where to go but up.

Chris reply to John on Feb 26 at 22:53

I'd second moving Iggy to 2 and Thad to 3. Put Speights in 4 (while Brand is down) and lets see how they do. Thad is a liability at 4 and it would be nice to see what we have going forward. If Iggy can't work as the 2 it can be rectified in the draft.

I wonder who the other teams wanted to swap for Lou? Of our youngsters, I'd trade him first.

Agreed. Last season I thought his ceiling was an occasional point off the bench, and a scoring machine as the two. Now, I don't see him ever being a viable option as a backup point, and he's just a volume shooter. He'll put up the sexy points numbers, but the cost to the team is just too high for him to get his points. Way too many possessions. I want a guy who can get 10 points off the bench w/out dominating the ball for 20+ minutes/game.

yea we can't keep playing Thad at the 4. it's ridiculous that we've gotten away with it for this long.

John reply to Mike on Feb 26 at 21:58

What's ridiculous is he's the best option with brand down to start at the four :) Speights could probably pull it off but his defense stinks :)

After reading the above, I recall a few more points:

1. Ed stated that the draft is deep in guards and that is what they are looking for this year (but did not rule out a big guy if that makes the team better (I took as a trade for shooter then).

2. After thinking, I think that Ed expects to resign Andre Miller and get a shooting guard over the summer.

3. I got the impression that next year we will have a shooting guard definitely.

4. Ed stated that he felt that Thad, Lou and Speights will shoot 3's much better next year. He was very high on Speights on 3's w/ the new shooting coach.

5. I still believe that Ed has Thad, Speights, Lou and Iggy are untouchable and would take them off your trade possibilities.

John reply to DeanH on Feb 26 at 22:05

Speights and 3's? Suggests they see him as a 4 more than a 5? I mean don't get a lot of centers shooting 3's.

Shame too though since Speights has the best (only) low post game on the roster?

Even if they expect to resign miller - IF the BPA is a point guard - they should draft him - I still believe in drafting the BPA

Did anyone ask how DiLeo being the head coach is affecting the scouting since DiLeo has been so good at that for so long (all the way back to the Hughes fiasco)


I think they see Speights as the 4 and Brand playing 5 (I think). Not alot of 3s but just some.

They are going to draft a guard, either one from what I took. prefer shooting was my impression but that depends on the rest of the year.

Ed is doing a lot of scouting. He was scouting Monday night. No other questions about that other than Dileo and him will discuss after year is done.


Did Ed elaborate even the slightest as to why he isn't happy with Rush? (i.e. lackadasical attitude, subpar defense, etc.)


No, not really any details, don't really remember his exact words. It did come up during the time of discussing shooting guard and lack of 3's. I got the impression that he just was not shooting 3's like they expected. Did not get the idea it was a personal issue. I believe others have mentioned Rush is not great on D.

He just looks lazy to me.

deepsixersuede on Feb 26 at 23:02

Brian, Parker may have big money offers from overseas, though at his age he may stay here for less cash.He would be a good fit because he probably wouldn!t complain when getting only 24 minutes a night because of their love affair with L.Will.

Are there going to be any big money offers from Europe anymore? The Euro has lost a lot of ground to the dollar and the guys who went from the NBA to europe this season haven't exactly shined or seemed particularly happy w/ the decision.

I guess it depends on the offers he gets. I'd still like to see him in a sixers uni.

Glad to hear: "4. They are considering having the lineup of Miller/Iggy/Thad/Speights/Sammy"

Usually when Ed mentions roster changes they happed in the next week.

I think Thad would be having a better season if he had been able to stay at SF. Still don't think Miller/Iguodala/Thad gives you enough shooting. I wish they could get a PG who can shoot. (Maybe sign and trade with Atl to swap PG's and get Bibby?)

Thank Dean H and Brian, great reading, excellent job

I am happy to hear that Ed is on the same page with many of us, especially about Green, Lou and Sam.

Not sure if Iggy at the two would work well, this year's experience is apparently telling us that it will be really tough... I am ok wit tryng another time though

the foul shooting issues are really annoying and Ed UNFORTUNATELY is right, it's contagious. see Miller's misses over the last games, he's always been a great FT shooter

it's crazy that Evans improved so much in his free throw shooting at 29 y/o and the guards are missing so many shots, game after game...

Why does it seem so many fans forget Andre Iguodala has a lot of experience as a two in the NBA?

Tom Moore on Feb 27 at 10:25

The problem with Iguodala and Young at the two and three is that neither shoots the jumper well enough to keep other teams honest.

BTW: Sixers are 7-0 against Wizards and Knicks, and 21-28 vs. rest of league.

That's a concern, but does Willie really shoot the jumper well enough to keep teams honest?

Tom Moore on Feb 27 at 10:28

The big lineup would also greatly weaken the bench and give them no inside scoring among the reserves (Evans, Ratliff, Marshall). They need another quality big before they can do something like that.

Tom, what do you mean by "big lineup"? The one with Iggy at the two, Thad as SF and Speights as PF?

In that case, woulnd't Green AND Lou come off the bench, to provide scoring ?

If you meant scoring coming from bigs, then I agree, of course

I like the big lineup though, and I am not ready to give up on Iguodala as SG, at least for stretches

I have a feeling that moving Iggy to the two spot is more of a defensive issue. Not sure they want him chasing the 2's with Andre attempting to stop the points. Also we have more depth at the guard positions right now.


I forgot to mention that. Ed stated one of the reasons Iggy was switched to the 3 was because of him chasing the guard all over the court on defense is not the best use of his energy. Has nothing to do w/ him playing the 2 on offense but defense is the issue. I thought to myself is there a way to switch on defense, ie, put Thad on the 2 and Iggy on the 3 on defense??

Thad on twos is a tall order (see Allen, Ray).

"No inside scoring" -

Well - the only inside scoring threat of any real threat on the sixers is Speights - so you either have no inside scoring threat in the starting line up - or no inside scoring threat on the bench - i'll take bench please for 1,000

The sixers have many players on the team who play guard - don't confuse that with depth - depth is a measure of quality as well as quantity - for a team who starts a bench warmer they shouldn't ever think they have depth at a position.

Tom Moore on Feb 27 at 11:25

Yes, Ricky, I meant inside scoring. And with Dalembert's penchant for picking up two quick fouls, it'd leave the Sixers quite thin upfront. If Jason Smith were healthy, that alignment would be more of an option.

At this point, I think it's safe to say the Sixers have 5 players who make positive contributions with any kind of regularity.

1. Miller
2. Iguodala
3. Thad
4. Speights
5. Dalembert

Willie and Lou have been woefully inconsistent, and their performances range from slightly above average, to team-killing.

Ivey plays tough defense but if he isn't hitting wide-open threes he's a detriment on offense. Reggie has the occasional effective game, sandwiched in between 3 or 4 bad games. Theo provides defense and doesn't kill you on offense, but he's really only in there to clean up scraps on the inside. Marshall and Rush are pretty much non-existent.

So the question becomes, do you want the best possible starting lineup out there, or do you want to save one of your productive players to come off the bench.

Personally, I want to see Speights working with the first team, and I want to see his minutes increase. I think the choice of bringing him off the bench or starting him is really more semantics than anything, either way, I'd like to see the lineup of our best players on the floor together for a decent chunk of time.

Tom Moore on Feb 27 at 11:29

Speights excels at scoring off the bench. He gives the offense a boost in the second quarter, when Iguodala and Miller rest for part of the period. If Green makes some shots, like he did the last two games, he helps you. If not, limit his minutes (mainly in the first and third quarters) below 20 and go with other options.

john reply to Tom Moore on Feb 27 at 11:34

Yes speights excels off the bench -but your logic was that starting speights removes the inside scoring from the bench - the counter argument is that the starters have no inside scoring because Sam's offensive skills are limited by his GUmp like basketball IQ.

Willie Green is a bench player - and it's pathetic he gets so many minutes, let alone in a starting role - with the 'regime' that was in love with Willie Green gone (Cheeks/King) it's unfathomable why they don't pick up a scrap heap player on a min deal - he'd be better than willie.

I think it really comes down to Willie or Reggie in the lineup. I'd like to see Royal get a look in place of Willie. Speights benefits from being a goto guy off the bench. When He's performing he get more minutes. I have no problem with that. Let him go through his growing pains without the added pressure of being a starter.

Joe reply to sfw on Feb 27 at 15:45

I tend to think this is the way to go as well.

Just keep in mind folks that it's all temporary for this season - longer term thinking is really what's needed here - brand will be back - brand will be healthy and brand wil be brand and contrary to idiots on tv - the sixers can run with brand - you don't need all 5 guys to run (i fact i'd prefer sam not participate on the fast break, and evans too, that way they can't mess it up)

deepsixersuede on Feb 27 at 18:39

Remember the plan for next year talk, Iggy and Thad together is something we need to see but why not let Spieghts ansd L.Will. continue growing as a tandem off the bench while Reggie starts because next year that will be their roles anyway.

I'm not sure what the long-term roles are. Do they see a starting lineup of Miller, Iggy, Thad, Brand and Speights next season? I don't think that's out of the question.

brian, that could happen if they trade sammy. I really see Iggy at the 2 next year. How nice could Lou, Speights, JSmith & Reggie with a shooter off the bench next year.

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