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Two Sweeps In A Row

I have this uneasy feeling about tonight's game...kind of like how I felt about the Memphis game before the break. Even though we have beaten them the last two games, I feel that the Knicks have played us pretty close.

Well, I'm not sure this one really constitutes a trap game, they didn't exactly blow washington away and playing in the garden can be a disadvantage no matter how bad the knicks are. I'd say they'll be in the right state of mind. Important win to get here, though.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 18:01

So you must have decided not to put the jinx on for a second game and stay at home and watch:)

Yeah, I've been waffling, I mean they're playing about 3 blocks from where I sit right now and I could probably get a cheap ticket from a scalper, but I don't want to bring the jinx with me and I have an angry wife and two babies waiting at home.

I think I'm going to play it safe tonight and watch it on tv.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 19:16

An Eagles fan living there? Must be pretty damn stressful.

Everything about my life is pretty stressful, but the pleasure of wearing my Eagles hat and a shit-eating grin for a while after the birds knocked the Giants out this season made up for it. Somewhat.

john reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 19:35

My car is rapidly appraoching 'totaled' in damage estimates - problem is i owe more than the car is worth and have no money for a downpayment - if the damage exceeds the value i'm so royally screwed - i'm taking 2 4 hour a nght classes in combination with my 60 hour a week job - i feel your pain

I hate Nate Robinson and hate David Lee - god they're both over rated - i really hope someone over pays lee this offseason

Joe reply to john on Feb 27 at 19:40

What is so overrated about Lee? I don't get it. He can't defend... neither can half the damn league. He is an extremely productive rebounder and scorer though.

I don't think he's a very good offensive player, good rebounder who won't hurt you on offense, but will hurt you on defense. Kinda like Kenny Thomas in his prime, I hope he gets that kind of deal from someone.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 19:47

He shoots a pretty high percentage and he was shooting a nice % outside this system. He is still developing as well. Time will tell I guess, but I think that 16 points at 55% from the field is pretty nice to go along with 12 boards. A lot better than some guys out there not defending but putting up 16 at 43% from the field.

john reply to Joe on Feb 27 at 19:43

David Lee benefits from the lowered expectations due to his low melanin content

Joe reply to john on Feb 27 at 19:49

The numbers aren't taking into account his melanin content and they say he is pretty good.

John reply to Joe on Feb 27 at 20:50

Good numbers on a bad team

Kenny THomas did that too

Has anyone seen the 'new look' knicks play since they acquired everyones favorite former sixer larry hughes?

Nope haven't seen them. I've just heard espn gush over how exciting nate robinson is at every opportunity.

Here's a question, root for Atlanta or Miami tonight in Atlanta?

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 19:37

What is a bigger difference? The difference between the 4 and 5 seed or the difference between the 5 and 6 seed?

With Orlando missing Jameer, I think an argument does exist. In the end, it has to be Atlanta right?

I'm thinking we have to root for the Heat, but I hate aiming low. Can they tie?

Steve reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 19:41

Im rooting for atlanta, gotta get the 5 seed before you get the 4 seed.

Same old, same old starting lineup. Here we go.

Trautwig... "the Knicks look interested in playing defense tonight"


I love it when Quentin Richardson makes a gang sign after a layup.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 22:10

Funny how it turned out to be his only basket. Hahaha

Ugh, they should be up by about 15 right now.

Galinari is weak.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 20:03

As of right now, way too weak for the NBA.

Player of the quarter - the Sixers.

OK, now they're up by 17. Let's make this one a laugher all the way, huh?

2:32 PHI - W. Green drives to the hoop for a layup
2:37 PHI - W. Green defensive rebound

did Willie take it coast to coast?

Hmmn, don't remember. It's a blur to me. He scored on two drives in a row, I know that.

Thad going to the line is something we could use more of. That could be huge come playoff time. Those free throws he earns is something we haven't really gotten all year.

Joe reply to Bryon on Feb 27 at 20:11

Thad has reached his average of 2 pretty quick. Until I see a month where he gets to the line about 5 times a game I won't get excited.

Whew, I just felt a cool breeze roll thru down here!

Bryon reply to Bryon on Feb 27 at 20:08

Damn windmills.

Alright, don't get sloppy now. Sick windmill by Iggy, better power jam by Thad there.

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 20:09

Iguodala just said something pertaining to the past without talking on that one.

I admire him for saying F you to the NBA and refusing to enter the jam contest again.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 20:53

I still think if lebron is for real he should totally go back and kick lebrons ass - and if they screw him over again he'll be a legend to real nba fans

Sammy for three at the buzzer? You're only up 18 and the Knicks can score, let's not get silly.

29-11 after 1.

Don't know how this one may end up, but our D - on the ball and help - is aggressive.

"when their offense suffers, so does their d." - Clyde.

Doesn't their D always suffer?

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 20:55

Clyde always says dumb things

Sammy left 20 seconds into the quarter? Did he reinjure himself?

I don't think so. I didn't see anything, they just put speights in.

Oh my, Oh my Iggy.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Feb 27 at 20:17

That block was ferocious.

Put Sam back in the game.

6-0 run for the Knicks. Hughes is garbage.

Don't get complacent now, the game's 48 minutes and as we well know, every tenth of a second counts.


Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 20:25

That pain will all be for nothing if the players don't learn.

It is good to see the one-Andre rule in effect, I can't imagine how much we suck with both of them off the court. Maybe the Denver game.

Too many jumpers.

I'm tracking drives to the hoop tonight.

Sammy back in. -1 w/ him out, I believe.

I have 21 drives to the hoop (including alley-oops) so far. 27 points directly, plus 3 follows.

Clyde... "Andre Miller, the orchestrator"...couldn't have said it better myself.

Wonder why he put Sam in for Sp8's there instead of Reg?

Sp8s got burned on D a couple times, Reg has been working the glass. that's my guess. Although I don't think knicks are the type of team Reggie's going to be particularly effective against.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 20:38

First thing I see when I get home is that great 'outlet' pass by sam

Why doesn't Sam pay for his stupidity?

Sam has actually played well, you just caught his brain fart.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 20:49

I can almost BET it wasn't his first of the game :) And i just got a surprising 50 bucks in the mail

Carelessness with the ball is one of my pet peeves.

Well they couldn't hit a shot to save their lives in the second, the Knicks played much better, and they only cut 1 point off the lead. I can live with that.

54-37 at the half, I'd like to see a big spurt to start the third. I'm pretty sure the Knicks would turtle up and call it a night if that happened.

Detroit has overturned a double digit deficit to lead 61-57 in Orlando.

Wiz w/ a double-digit lead over the bulls. I'm beginning to think VDN is not a very good coach.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 20:58

Del Negro seems pretty terrible. Curry as well.

John reply to Joe on Feb 27 at 21:01

Del Negro has an incomplete roster with no big men and a lot of guys with a sense of entitlement and now he has to integrate two guys who haven't been there all season - not saying he is a good or bad coach - but the bulls have underachieved for a while now - not just with VDN - and let's not forget mediocre teams lose to bad teams all the time - especially on the road

Joe reply to John on Feb 27 at 21:06

Brad Miller and Joakim Noah don't fit into the category of "no big men."

With a bunch of high picks and guys playing for contracts he doesn't have a real easy job. I agree. Everytime I watch him I just get a vibe that he doesn't seem to have a plan.

John reply to Joe on Feb 27 at 21:10

Joakim Noah isn't a big man and might not be an NBA starter - and in case you missed it BRAD MILLER JUST GOT THERE.

Neither of those guys has any real down low presence...the bulls are a perimeter team they have less inside presence than the sixers and the center of their team is a 20 year old rookie.

Not sure why vinny del negro gets the blame for a poorly balanced roster that sucked the last season and sucks this year ass well...just keeps the GM off the hook.

It's hard to have a plan when your GM is an idiot

Joe reply to John on Feb 27 at 21:11

What is Joakim Noa then if he isn't a big man? What is a big man?


Brian - it seems there is no web site dedicated to the 'genius' quotes of walt frazier - you interested :)

yeah, give me the link.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:14

There is no web site - we gotta make it - what about frazierisms.com?

Too many projects already, plus I couldn't stomach watching the knicks to keep track.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:22

I bet you if we built it - and put up a few and then just told a few knicks blogs about it - we'd be golden - i'll think about it.

Gotta get some credit back after losing out on CHF :)

Can we get Willie out of there please?

If you can't stay in front of Jared Jeffries Mr Dalember then SIT YOUR ASS DOWN

The freaking Knicks are scoring on us at will. This is embarrassing.

If Nate Robinson is upset because he has no points more than because his team is losing than he's a bigger douche than i thought

Sopt talking about him


Thad getting to the line...and misses one. damnit.

Sam has altered so many shots tonight.

"The Omnipresent Nate Robinson" :)

Ok - so what's up with Iguodala - is he sick - did his dog die? Did his girlfriend dump him? He looks terrible tonight

Looks like Bryon was onto something. 6 free throws from Thad. I bet his season high is less than 10.

Joe reply to Joe on Feb 27 at 21:19

worse than I thought. He has had 8 once and 6 once this year by my count.

Season and career high is 8 FTA for Thad.

Nice feed from Willie to Sammy.

Does Galinari do anything but foul?

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:20

Force the sixers to call a time out

And foul again, this time he fouled Dalembert with 1 second left on the shot clock, one step beyond the three-point line.

Willie has three nice dimes so far.

Dalembert has pull? How bad does the opposing defender have to be if Dalembert has pull?

Ok - who killed Iguodalas dog?

He's looking sloppy tonight. need to keep going to the hoop.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:24

I mean he looks uninterested almost - like he got REALLY bad news before the game and just isn't all the way there - really unlike him

I hate nate robinson

Damnit. Can't put teams away.

What a dish by Thad.

And a sick block by Thad.

And two more free throws! Of course, he missed one of them. Career high FTA for Thad.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:27

Poor defensive rebounding
Poor FT Shooting
and poor 3 point defense

You'll NEVER put a team away if you have those things working against you

Defensive rebounding has been excellent.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:30

I was referring in general - i haven't actually looked tonight at the stats :)

The knicks were 7-10 at one point from the 3 - IN THE THIRD - i mean come on - that's hard to fight in general - many of the 3's were defended well that i saw/though - they just went in...

Defensive rebounding stands at about 80% so far - but the 3 pointers and bad FT shooting (i think sub 80 should be considered bad) are dosting them

Bryon reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:29

Trautwig said it was between the legs. I thought he just turned his back and bounce passed it. Did you see that clearly?

Yeah, it wasn't between his legs.

Man those refs have it out for Miller. Can't buy a call like 3 times.

Maybe someone needs to tell the announcers that the reason the sixers are going to the foul line so much is because they can't shoot them. Smart Defense in my opinion! The sixers need to learn how to shoot foul shots or it is going to be a long month of March.

I think calling it good strategy may be giving the Knicks too much credit, I think they're just poor defenders. This is out of character for them, though. Usually they just give up layups, so maybe you're on to something. Yes, I just talked in a complete circle. :)

I wasn't just referring to this game, just the past few weeks is what I meant.

I agree about the Knicks.

Shitty third quarter, no other way to put it.

By my math, you can only trade 2 for 3 about 4 more times before you're losing.

He better take Lou out of the game. He is caught up in it.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Feb 27 at 21:36

Uh-oh, Lou with the smirk.

Why is it a battle when it's two bench guys?

Jesus - what's with this nonsense

I think it's important to win this one because Detroit look like they are about to pull off a morale-boosting win in Orlando.

Lou and Nate can't guard each other.

Alvin reply to Mike on Feb 27 at 21:36

Lou and Nate don't guard anybody. They just shoot and score or more often, miss.

So they're complaining about the free throw disparity - as I see it - if you stay on the perimeter the whole game - you won't get a lot of FTs

And two nice trips by lou

At least Lou's going to the hole instead of heaving threes.

Nate can't guard Lou and Lou can't guard nate. its almost ridiculous.

76.3% from the line for the Sixers so far... isn't that good for them?

John reply to Joe on Feb 27 at 21:38

It's 'good' for them - but it's crap in general - below 80% on free throws is just unacceptable and should force any team to work on it...they're too important especially if you suck from the 3 point line like this team does.

I'm not sure any team as a whole shoots 80%, I'll look it up in a minute.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:41

But they should :)

You're probably right - how about this - the STARTERS should shoot 80% (I mean reggie evans is one of the all time worse free throw shooters):)

It's just ridiculous that they can't shoot 80% - i mean dear god - they're 'free' :) No one works on them any more that's all

Joe reply to John on Feb 27 at 21:43

Reggie has improved this year for whatever reason. He has almost caught Willie.

6 teams shoot better than 80%, oddly, only 3 of them are playoff teams.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:42

No one stat is 'determinant' - you know that - but 80% from the FT would help the sixers - we've seen the games they lost because of free throw shooting - for instance the nets games - make your free throws better and that shot is irrelevant :)

I'd say ride Thad as long as Galinari is on him. It's either a foul or a hoop every time.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:41

Yup, Thad has been the hot hand by far. Especially with Iggy having a tough night.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:45

Remember when Gallinari was guarding Iguodala about a month back? Iguodala just drove, did a spin, and went up for the dunk(2 hands I think) right in Gallinari's face as though he wasn't even there.

Who says euros are soft?

The Bulls lost by 23 to Washington, after getting blown out by the Nets. They shouldn't be that bad.

In fact - Brian - you know these games off the top of your head - i'd be interested to see how the sixers shot (from the FT line) in games decided by 3 points or less - and maybe broken down between wins and losses - or maybe just those 'last second losses' - how were gthey from the line in those games

Sounds like a post. I'll do the research. Ivey with a huge three. nice.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:48

See - my database idea would do that - be interesting i think to run it league wide and see if it meant anything - crap - this thing is going to be hard to build - working out how to store the game information to run all the stats i will want to run

Joe reply to John on Feb 27 at 22:06

Good luck. It is a project I have taken on and given up on 2-3 times. What database engine?

John reply to Joe on Feb 27 at 22:48

Going to be writing it in sql server to start with - as a class assignment - final project you have to build a datata base - so i figured what the hell - i'll try and redo the nba season :)

Rest for Iggy here. Dangerous.

Thad, now 8/10 from the line.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:46

Iggy's +0 tonight. Willie +9. Staggering.

Get with the program, Lou. Give the ball to Thad.

Lou took two horrible shots in a row there after those two drives.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:50

I fantasize about strangling him sometimes.

Butterfingers Iggy.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:55

Is this like the only game when Iggy's effect on the team is not positive?

John reply to Alvin on Feb 27 at 21:56

Nope - he was bad early as well - I just think he looks unhappy tonight - i doubt anyone will ask but i'd lay 50:50 odds he's having a serious personal issue

Not the only one, but they're rare. He's got 3:06 to turn it around.

Sammy back in after a blown bunny by Iggy and a turnover by Evans.

4-point game.

Don't let Lee get the double-double, please.

Thad in for Lou. No sign of Speights in the second half, huh?

Miller is hurt. About to be a two-point game.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 21:55

I heard rumor that he wasn't so good in the first half? Maybe it's the 'learn your lesson' treatment - which maybe the sixers are taking too far

Alvin reply to John on Feb 27 at 21:58

It doesn't make sense if he's the only one subjected to it. Makes no sense to bench him and give Willie and Lou minutes.

John reply to Alvin on Feb 27 at 22:01

Rookie not rookie- not a valid argument - but maybe that's the reason?

I mean they don't apply the rule to sam either

He benched Lou as well after those bad shots. Brought Thad in for him.

I think this might be about rewarding Reggie more than anything, he's played well.

Iguodala always steps up in the last 5 minutes. Sick shot.

Give it to T-H-A-D. The number 21.

Atta boy Miller.

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 22:02

Miller has put this one to bed. (I hope.)

John reply to Alvin on Feb 27 at 22:03

Thad helped - that was a phneomenal block


You see that block? That's his second tonight, he showed that last season, if he can get back to guarding the hoop, that would be huge for this team.

Ugh. Iggy misses a free throw AND it gives Lee the double-double. Screwed twice on one play.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 22:05

Why so obsessed with the double double?

He has a streak going, I wanted to see it ended.

John reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 22:08

I'm happy the sixers broke th 46 year streak involving not sweeping the knicks in a season series

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 22:09

I must say DLee has been fighting the good fight for my fantasy team this year. Those 11 rebounds are nice.

Great seeing Royal out there at games end!

Alvin reply to sfw on Feb 27 at 22:09

Yup, at that stage of the game he's better than having Lou or Willie for sure.

Ugly second half, but I'll take the win and it was good to see them finish the Knicks off in the final two minutes. Orlando is going to be pissed tomorrow night.

Great turnout tonight, thanks for taking part, guys.

You said important win to get and it sure was. 1st season sweep since Dr. J.

Yay! Great start to the weekend.

No, first season sweep since 1963.

Real and Speightacular on Feb 28 at 7:55

Evans seems rejuvenated of late. Hm. I wonder if this means we're not going to see much of Marreese unless it's deemed absolutely necessary. He barely got time to break a sweat this game. I guess we'll see more of him in the last couple weeks of the season.

I wonder how this is all going to play out next season, who's stayin and how're they going to distribute the minutes.

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