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No Rest For The Weary

their pick and roll with West and Paul is going to be tough to defend

Any team that runs the pick & roll against the sixers has an advantage, it seems that no one on the team can defend it and the coaching doesn't put much stock in teaching them how to defend it because it's been going on for years.

The sixers are going to lose this game probably

It's going to take the type of game we haven't seen from them in quite a while to pull off a win. Hope they're up to it.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 2 at 17:39

The stats are useful for quantifying areas of weakness and areas of strength, individually and teamwise. No, they're not the be-all and end-all but there's no way you can run a successful team these days solely on "gut" feel. Sometimes, while watching a game, the eyes can play sleight of ball tricks that don't escape a stat sheet.

Right now the Sixers have the exact right system in place for the heart of the current roster; one that maximizes their strengths, allowing the team to remain largely competitive despite their few glaring weaknesses.

Will the system work as well when Brand comes back? Will they move to that next level if they can get a couple new players who work well within the system but shore up their weaknesses?

Is Speights really that unwilling to/incapable of guarding bigs on the perimeter? How long will that meme hold water? What do the eyes see here that escape the stat sheet?

Some answers tonight? We'll see...

The system will work fine when brand comes back - what brand does it make the sixers more of a threat in the half court offense - if the sixers are bold and play brand/speights together they're even MORE dangerous in the half court set case you got good low post and 'high' post players.

You don't need all 5 guysto run - the suns are back to running with fatso in the middle

The sixers problem is that their running is predicated on turnovers and they have a weak offensive set (smells like more research, offensive efficiency of makes/misses :) )...brand and speights can help solve that problem...and speights CAN BE better defensively than sam if he works at it since sam is still mostly just instinct

Real and Speightacular reply to john on Mar 2 at 17:55

I dunno, John. Fatso's actually running a lot more, now. Feeling his oats. We'll see how long he holds up doing that. The real clash'll come when Nash comes back cuz Nash likes to be able to run anywhere and Fatso really likes his right block.

Sam is a natural '5,' Speights a natural '4' who can play the 5 capably for stretches. For this system, the Sixers need an offensive threat at either the 4 or 5 who can run. Sam can run, but is not really a dependable offensive threat (fine, he's at least capable of being a defensive force), Brand can be an offensive force but, so far, not at the pace the Sixers need for the whole team.

And I'm saying he doesn't NEED to be - what Brand brings that eveyone ignores is that he sterngthens the half court game which is the sixers HUGE weakness - and if they don't get a half court game - just blow it all the frack up cause they'll NEVER win a title without a half court game...Brand and Speights are the bestt half court players on the team...Young shows flashes - but the sixers as a whole suck in the set offense - it's stil mostly the iverson iso era with different guys

Real and Speightacular reply to john on Mar 2 at 18:08

Not having a real half-court game is not a "weakness" in and of itself. Ask the Suns. It is just not really a part of their system. It is not the Sixers preferred style of play.

If you have the personnel a la Spurs, who can beat you in any style you want, run, half-court or whatever's in between, great, but it takes more than just pasting on a new part to the machine. You can't just download a great Windows app onto a Mac machine and expect it to work (okok, i know there are ways to make it work, but you know what I mean).

It's about the system that benefits the best majority of the roster.

How many titles did the suns win without a half court game?

How many finals did the suns make without a half court game?

Are we going for style or for titles?

The suns also were much better from the perimeter than the sixers

Real and Speightacular reply to john on Mar 2 at 19:38

Again, no disagreement with you, John. We have common ground. I'm not advocating that their style of play, as it exists today, is a chip-winning formula. What I am saying is that it's the best system for the best majority of their personnel today.

Bringing in Brand, if he can't get up and down the floor well, will not augment their current style and is not enough of a dominant force to force a change in their current system. I'm not saying Brand, when he's upright, isn't a great player, just that styles make fights and there's horses for courses.

Offensively, Speights is far more the natural fit for the way they need to play today. We know what Brand can deliver. Yes, he has an edge over Speights in terms of defensive rebounding, but Speights has the advantage re offensive rebounding and a (dramatically) better offensive officiency w/o disrupting the system.

With Brand's years in the league we now have a good idea of his ceiling. Speights in his rookie year is already giving the equivalent net effect (or better) and it's only going to improve in a big way over the next couple years.

I'm telling you, it's mostly political why he's not seeing consistent big minutes now.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 2 at 17:46

p.s. Is there any way DiLeo can keep the kid on the floor even if he happens to pick up two fouls faster than we'd prefer? Let him play through it for a while -- you've done it before DiLeo -- he's shown he can figure it out. Yank him if he's turning the ball over left and right. Otherwise, let him be a presence.

It's standard practice in basketball in the NBA - get two fouls - sit down - happens to Sam all the time

Real and Speightacular reply to john on Mar 2 at 18:01

Oh, I hear you, John. In fact I agree, in principle. Thing is, of late Speights doesn't get to come back in the game at all after that first sit. Also, as I said before, I'm sure DiLeo's let him play thru before (can someone back me up on that?) and Speights has rewarded by increasing production and limiting fouls. He's still new to this, he's learning.

Other rooks you pat on the head and say, "thanks for tryin big fella," but my point is that this guy is uncommonly good and well worth the risk of leaving him out there longer if need be. Worst case, Thad comes back on the floor. Big deal. There are worse plan 'B's.

Well, see, when he first got the job I thought DiLeo was coaching for the future, but now he might be coaching 'for the job' so wins and losses matter to hiim more than play er development.

Young got jerked around last year too

Im predicting a win tonight. I have a feeling we're going to out run them tonight with west and peja slowing them down. Whoever Peja is guarding needs to be attacked, I remember at the beginning of the 1st game we went to thad early and he was scoring on him at will.

This is what I see as Speights' problem, right now. Or at least, the coaching staff's problem with Speights.

The Sixers aren't your traditional running team, they can't be, they don't shoot well enough to gun effectively. For the Sixers, everything, and I mean every single part of their game plan, starts with getting turnovers or getting stops AND getting defensive rebounds to key their transition game. If a player helps them get those turnovers, stops and rebounds, it doesn't matter how fast they get up and down the floor. That's why I thought, and still do think, that Brand fits their style. It's also why I don't think we've seen sporadic playing time from Speights.

Having a weak link on defense and on the defensive glass, hurts the team's core philosophy.

Now, I realize Speights has uncanny offensive ability, that's why I think stressing the other areas of his game now, when he's an impressionable rookie, is of the utmost importance. We don't want him to evolve into a one-trick pony who does as much damage to the team on the defensive end as he does good on offense. We want him to be a complete player, a star to build around, potentially.

That being said, I think his defense and rebounding have improved as the season has gone on, and I'd like to see how he responds to a challenge. I'd like to see the punishment happen within games. What I mean by that is start him or get him in the game early, and when you see something troubling, take him out and tell him why. Then get him back in the game later to see if he can improve upon it. At this point, putting him in the doghouse for several games in a row seems extreme to me, especially when there are no repercussions for anyone else on the team for poor play.

john reply to Brian on Mar 2 at 18:32

I agree wtih you on the extremeness of the punishment - unless somehow they see it as an effort problem - if he's not trying he's sitting versus a mistake situation

Cavs are in Miami tonight
Atlanta is in Washington tonight

Games to check in on during commercials if you have the pass

Zumoff, I wonder why we've had the Sixers' feed so much recently. Wonder if Comcast made amends with the NBA.

john reply to Brian on Mar 2 at 19:08

It seems that they were on a lot more last year as well - I mean I never understood why not participating - they own the damn team for gods sakes

they still sake on the MLB package (which i'm not purchasing this year)

EB was in uniform today. Unfortunately, it was only for the team photo.

Same old, same old starting lineup.

Thad on Chandler and Sammy on West to start. Wow, Thad better work his ass off on the glass.

West is going off, he's scored all 10 of New Orleans' points, and you know what? I can live with that. They haven't had a clean look at a three yet.

And Peja drills a three as the shot clock expires. Why? Because Thad left him to help on a West drive. Come on.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 2 at 20:16

I know West is the hot hand but you should not leave Peja open for 3 when that's the main thing he's getting paid millions for.

Nice 6-0 run to end the first, started with defense, ended with a sick lefty finish by Iggy in traffic as the buzzer sounded.

21-14 heading into the second, could've been much worse.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 2 at 19:58

Just past the 7 min mark, Speights is 0-3, 4 boards (3 offensive), 1 ast, 1 blk, 1 pf...

"He has to get stronger, obviously. He's got post moves, but there's a difference between making them in practice and making them in a game. And all rookies struggle with defense. It's a learning process."

~ Assistant coach Ruland on Speights

He's getting an extended run here too.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 2 at 20:02

Holy cow, Marreese having an off offensive night so far. I can't see the game, can someone fill me in what's happening? Also, is it me or has West cooled off a bunch since Speights came in?

Speights hasn't been guarding West. It's either been Thad or Reggie for most of the second.

Speights did a good job on the pick and roll, after a few hiccups right when he came in. Good hustle, his shot isn't falling, though.

Trailing 46-45 at the half. The Sixers looked very good for most of the second. A couple of slip-ups left guys open for three, which is the reason they're still trailing.

Andre Miller is abusing whoever guards him. 18 points, 13 in the second.

Miller + Iggy = 12/14 from the floor
The rest of the team = 7/26 from the floor.

Only 4 foul shots for each team in the first half. That'll be corrected in the second half.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 2 at 20:13

Ah, thanks. So it's just the rhythm of the game, West's cooling. Fair enough. I'm getting League Pass next season (this game my attention's split watching another program and peeking in on boxscore).

4-0 run to end the third, all the point by Iguodala in the final 5 seconds. Still trailing, though, 71-67. Shooting was horrible that quarter. The Andres are still carrying the team.

Why Lou Why?

You have no idea how many times I ask that question every single game.

Get Miller back in there before this gets out of hand. Stupid pass to Reggie in the high post, then leaves his feet on the baseline. 6-point swing.

Lou is more destructive to this team than Marbury was to New York.

8-0 run for the Hornets. Get Lou the hell out of there. These fourth quarters are making me sick.

Andre for Andre. Looks like another big fat L coming up.

This is just pitiful.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 2 at 21:08

Wow, is that a terrible shooting night for my boy Speights or what?

He just hit a big one, but it won't matter.

You know, besides Brand, isn't Thad the biggest disappointment this season? He hasn't taken the leap, arguably has regressed in many ways, actually, and is basically this passive jump shooter now.

You expect ups and downs, the thing that kills me is the rebounding. 37 minutes so far tonight, 3 rebounds. From our friggin' power forward.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 2 at 21:27

How can we call Thad a disappointment when Lou Williams just signed for 5yr/25m and has been absolute rubbish?

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 2 at 21:36

But the rebounding's been that bad all year... 4.9, 35 minutes per. Compared to 4.2 in 21 minutes per last season.

Bryon reply to Tray on Mar 2 at 22:29

And do you remember at the beginning of the year when we were struggling with Brand and I suggested moving Thad to the bench to get Iggy back to his natural position, you commented sarcastically that it would be great to bring 'our best player' off the bench? Oh how times have changed.

Familiar story. Sixers lose, 98-91. This was a game they could have won.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 2 at 21:26

Speights still played

In a way you could hang this on the rook, he shot waaay under his normal percentage, til you look at how off CP was. It just wasn't in the cards with the way DiLeo was handling the minutes tonight. I'm not even going to bother chiming in re Sour Lou.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 2 at 21:29

oh crap, my first sentence got cut off... I was saying Speights still played

Real and Speightacular on Mar 2 at 21:32

oh man. last try, this time without the math symbol...

Speights still played [less than] 20 mins. Did something happen to Sam? Again, why couldn't Marreese take more of Evans' minutes (btw, how do you play 25+ mins and not take a single shot nor tally a single assist?!?)

Bed time.

Can't remember being this disinterested in a Sixers team (and I watched all 82 games of Armon Gilliam's seasons.) I'm sure I was too high on them and their future last Spring. The present and the future look like more years of 13-16th draft picks, more mediocrity. I think this team and me need a 'break.'

Fuck lou williams.fuck willie green.fuck dileo's terrible fourth quarter rotations.fuck our perimeter defense.did I say fuck lou williams?

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