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Thursday Morning Links

Everyone talks about what a great guy Sam is and then every time his minutes are adjusted the slightest - he's whining about them...god i wish OKC had agreed to take him when the Chandler thing fell though

I think he's just a complete moron. The other day they didn't make him available to the press, then yesterday they let him talk to the press, they ask a pointed question, and he answers like a moron. I'd love it if they could just stop him from making quotes.

WEll yeah, he's a moron - has been for years...really hopoing they find a taker for him this year...

He's still a moron that they need, however. They don't have anyone else to guard the hoop or grab defensive rebounds at the moment.

I still feel ratliff usually outplays him - and he's quite rested :)

Ratliff challenges shots, but he's shooting 45% from the floor (sammy is 49.5%), averages 9.0 rebounds/36 (sammy is 12.6), plus Ratliff is older than dirt.

john reply to Brian on Mar 5 at 19:06

Well he's rested - knows what he's doing defensviely - offensively don't care so much about our center - only care about them defensively.

Tom Moore on Mar 5 at 15:18

Green was back with the starters today. No Evans -- excused for personal reasons.

BTW: Dalembert was shooting 3-pointers with Rush again after practice. He desperately needs to work on developing a go-to move, like left- and right-handed hooks in the basket area.

Well, it's probably more likely that Sammy will get a chance to shoot a three in the game on Saturday than Rush :)

Last year, prior to the game I saw Jason Smith and Amundson working with an assistant (John Loyer, I believe) for about a half hour before the game on receiving passes in the post and making moves down there. Sammy came out late and shot nothing but threes until the layup lines started.

A couple years ago, I remember Moses working with Sammy in a similar fashion and I thought you could see the benefit of the extra work in the game. I wish he'd get back to that.

Wonderful depressing news, thank you Tom atleast for the facts. Love your insight and updates.

Tom Moore reply to DeanH on Mar 5 at 16:16

Sure, Dean. I'm glad to do it. I enjoy the site.

lol at the landlord shooting 3's

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