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Roy, Underrated? What About Andre?

"Roy is a slightly better ballhandler"

I'd say significantly better.

Mike reply to Tray on Mar 5 at 17:02

roy is a great ballhandler, but iguodala has gotten pretty damn good. i don't think there's a huge difference. the part of iguodala's game that has improved the most, and made him such an offensive threat, is his ability to get to the basket. largely due to his improved ballhandling, he's almost impossible to stop from getting to whatever spot he wants to get to on the court.

Well, you could also say Iguodala is a significantly better rebounder. If you look at the ratings from 82games.com, they're in the same neighborhood for both stats, that's why I said slight advantage. In jump shooting, Roy has a significant advantage. In finishing at the hoop, Iguodala has a significant advantage. That was the point.

By the way, here are the percentages on inside shots for some other guys, just so we can see where Iguodala and Roy stand against their peers:

Iggy: 71.4%
Roy: 59.3%
Rondo: 64.7%
LeBron: 70.9%
Wade: 64.1%
Kobe: 65.9%
Ginobili: 67.7%
Tony Parker: 60.4%
Rip Hamilton: 65.6%
Devin Harris: 53.7%
Vince Carter: 56.1%
Granger: 58.5%
Carmelo Anthony: 55.5%
Chris Paul: 63.1%

Iguodala is atop that list, let's check out some bigs:

Dwight Howard: 63% (and 22% of his attempts are dunks!)
Tim Duncan: 62.4%
Garnett: 74.1% (28% of all shots)
Yao: 61%
Al Jefferson: 62.9%
Shaq: 68.6% (21% of his attempts are dunks)
Aldridge: 62.4%
Bosh: 60.3%

Only Garnett converts at a higher percentage on shots in the lane, and he doesn't shoot as many in the lane as Iguodala.

if he can improve his jumper, iguodala can be a top 10 player in the league


One more stat on Roy. In games where he has taken 20 or more shots, the Blazers are 3-10. Make of that what you will.

Iguodala also has better court vision than Roy - he just sometimes has bad decision making - but dude can find an open man very well - just the pass doesn't always work - but i still think he could work at it.

I think crap like this is all hype - Roy came in as the savior of the blazers - Iguodala came is as Iversons back up man - and then brand came in - and andre miller - no one sees it as 'iguodalas team' - when it really is - whereas the blazers sort of went out of their way to jettison everyone preventing roy from being the heart of the team

Plus the blazers are everyones darling.

Who cares if Iguodala gets the recognition - some of us (and not all of you here because some of you were ready to jettison him earlier this year) - Philadelphia is a great town for unrecognized talent - mostly because the fanbase tends to fail to appreciate it as well - Iguodala had the slam dunk contest stolen from him - an all-star appearance stolen from him this year - just use it as fuel to kick some ass and get brand back healthy and beat the crap out of people next season :)

Just keep in mind that inside shooting stat includes dunks on fast breaks. Probabaly the best stat on 82games is "close shots" which are inside shots that are not dunks or tips. Iguodala is .575, which is still very good.

Roy is .568, about as good when you take out all of Iguodala's dunks (many of which are on fast breaks that require no particular touch.)

john reply to tk76 on Mar 5 at 19:36

I wouldn't discount his dunks any more than i'd discount roys break away lay ups - even on a break away it's not given - people flub dunks all the time...do the inside shooting stats include 'lay ups' on fast breaks as well or only dunks?

It's just by location on the floor. Finishing is finishing, as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't distinguish between dunks in the half court, dunks over someone on the break, layups in traffic, layups on the break. It is what it is. If anything, Roy's 2% dunks screams afraid of finishing with authority to me.

The Sixers lead the league in fast break points. Iguodala deserves credit for this, but if you are talking about his inside scoring touch you can't really count wide open break away dunks. I have no idea if Iguodala gets a lot more of these to pad his inside shooting stats, but I guess he does.

I'm not really talking about scoring touch, I'm talking about finishing. If you want to penalize Iguodala for his team's proclivity for fast break scoring, then you have to apply the same thing to Roy.

Portland is a half-court team, with multiple weapons on the floor at all times. This leads to many, many more open looks for Roy. Not to mention the fact that they have a big who unclogs the lane in Aldridge, and effective three point shooters surrounding Roy, all of which open up the lane for drives. Iguodala has none of those luxuries.

The reason why Roy is hyped more than Iggy is because people pay more attention to the offensive side of the game and Roy is just a much better offensive player than Iggy at this point. When Roy has the ball you know he can take it to the hoop almost at will and if he draws a foul you know chances are he'll make his free throws. I can't say the same for Iggy.

If Iggy can just improve his free throw shooting he'd be a much better offensive weapon. Until I reach the point when I want the ball in Iggy's hands every time the game is on the line, I won't consider him one of the best individual players in the league.

But honestly does it matter? It doesn't bother me that other people don't appreciate Iggy as much as I do. Yes I wish he improves certain things but overall it's great to have him playing for the Sixers.

After all, for about a decade we had one of the best individual players in the league but we were still not much closer to winning the NBA title. (Did anyone really think we had a realistic chance in '01?)

I did after game 1 :)

John reply to Brian on Mar 5 at 20:49

I never did

then again i also said trade him as soon as the rat jumped ship

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