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Sixers Handed 30th Win

64 points in the paint??!!

You're right Brian, it's been a while since Lou had a good game. Even though Miller was the one keeping us in it in the first 36 minutes and Iggy was the one that brought it home, Lou's positive contribution was the difference between an L and a W tonight.

Hope he can get his act together the rest of the way.


For sure the Sixers didn't play their best game but as Iguodala said after the game sometimes the best win is to win ugly because they definitely have things to improve. I don't know what to call it but to be 1-11 from 3 point range and for Lou to hit a big 3 to put them up by 4 with 2:30 left and Iguodala to hit a 3 with 50 seconds left to put them up by 7 was huge. This is the kind of big shots they have been missing all year so hopefully its a preview of things to come. By the way did Lou's work with the shooting coach payoff this week ? He was 7-12 and I don't what happened but his jump shot all of a sudden looks silky smooth.

It's easy to forget that Lou used to do this all the time last season. He'd take over games, offensively, for stretches in the fourth. Let's hope this was the beginning of an upswing for him.

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