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Seeking Number Two

Great points about this being a mismatch, but you can really throw every stat from OKC's side out the window. The Thunder have been a near .500 team since XMas, and that is WITH the brutal schedule from February.

The Sixers are a very skilled team, but the atmosphere at the Ford Center can get crazy. Now all the Thunder need is a few healthy bodies to make it close!

Real and Speightacular on Mar 8 at 17:46

No Durant = cake win

After last night, I'm not going to badmouth anyone on the other team.

Not taking anything for grated this time any more

They just said Thabo will be back for tonight's game. Durant is out and I'm assuming Green will be out as well, since they didn't mention him.

Derrick Coleman even looks lazy as a talking head.

13-5 start for OKC. Westbrook has 7. Collison can barely dunk.

Seriously folks - the thunder aren't JUST Durant - and it seems the sixers don't realize that as well - at least not early

You can't take anyone lightly in this league, but come on. A 16-win team missing Durant and Green. Don't try to tell me you think this team is dangerous.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 19:31

I think the sixers aren't good enough to just dimiss a team with a legitimate rookie of the year candidate on the floor.

Are you watching KYLE WEAVER make Willie Green his bitch?

Give it more than 5 minutes before you say they dismissed the lightning.

2 dumb fouls on Willie. Lou in early and Miller switches on to Westbrook. Thad looking good early.

Speights w/ first quarter minutes.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 19:34

With Collison and Krstic in the 'big man' spots - it makes more sense anyway

Nice to see speights getting early minutes.

Thad carrying the team. I'd like to see him maintain throughout.

what a dish by lou!

Two nices passes from Lou to Speights, second one worked.

Iguodala pretty quiet in the first quarter

24-18 after 1.

Good work on the glass by Speights, finally got some stops and got the running game going.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 19:38

Game turned around once sam and willie left - just saying :)

Willie had 2 stupid fouls. Sam hasn't done anything, good or bad, yet.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 19:44

Not doing anything is bad in my opinion.

Iguodala looks horrible so far on the offense - no idea what's up there

He hasn't really done anything in the half court. I think he took one three, which was a good shot that he missed. Needs to get involved in some way.

Didn't know that it's a chrage if one foor on the defender isn't set yet

That was a bad call.

Alright Lou, get something going to the hoop...there you go.

I was looking at this for another reason - but i didn't know the sixers attendance was this unholy bad


Ladies Night Out hasn't been very effective.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 19:51

ANd remember - that's paid attendance folks - not through the gate :)

It's pathetic how low they are compared to teams that trully suck the crapper (like the thunder)

Then again, what else do you do in Oklahoma City really? Philadelphia suffers I guess from being a real city.

they also suffered from the Eagles and Phillies success this season and a very slow start.

I'd like to know what their season ticket sales were like heading into this season, compared to the past couple of seasons.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 20:04

That's too much of an excuse - Philadlephia just isn't a strong NBA town unless they're a title contender - the flyers sell out all the fracking time.

Lou jumps to pass at the three-point line? Come on.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 19:49

He's short - like Nate Robinson short (don't care what he's listed at) :)


Second night in a row the team has been killed w/ Reggie on the floor.

Krstic has a sweet comb-over.

20-2 so far in the second quarter. Awesome.

this is pathetic

At least they aren't hitting threes.

How about that rebounding folks :)

OKC only has 7 offensive boards. Westbrook looks gimpy out there.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 20:10

You know better than that brian

they have seven offensive rebounds on seventeen defensive rebounding opportunities for the sixers.

That's a sub 70% (rough math in my head using '6' :) )

yeah, that was sarcasm.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 20:16

AH - i'm tired :)

Sorry I missed that

What the hell? That 1.5 seconds was about 1/3 as long as the 1.8 seconds for Harris' shot.

Mike W. on Mar 8 at 20:13

all things considered, worst first half of season?

It's definitely up there. I hope DiLeo is speaking very sternly to them right now, because I don't think he yells.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 20:18

Take Reggie Evans out back and shoot him?

You can do that in Oklahoma if a horse comes up lame right?


Don't shoot him, just don't use him against bad teams.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 20:29

Or good ones

Alright, down 12, coming off what might be the worst quarter of basketball they've played this season, need to jump on them right away to start the third.

By the way, 6/11 from the line in the first half, 54.5%, and all the FTs were taken by Iguodala, Miller and Lou. Acceptable?

Willie turning up the D? 2 forced turnovers to start the third, Sixers come up empty on the other end both times.

nice pass, iggy. awful.

these are some of the worst offensive possessions ive seen

bank shots, lefty underhand scoops. this is just getting ugly.

anyone else hate when sam goes to "help out" at the top of the key? this is just so f-ing stupid

John reply to Mike W on Mar 8 at 20:32

I hate almost all things Sam does :)

It's almost time to make the permanent channel switch to JRoll, Victorino, and team USA. it's that bad.

I wouldn't blame you, but you'd miss the comeback. They're going to win this game and take it as a great comeback instead of talking about how crappy they played to get down by 16.

Brian, I'm not convinced they are even going to score 16 more points.

Luckily they only need 15 more :)

Real and Speightacular on Mar 8 at 20:39

Miller has ZERO (0) assists through 25+ minutes? How is a win salvageable from here?

This is actually kind of funny. I think they've been outscored 2-0 over the past 5 or so minutes.

Anyone think they'll get to 50 by the end of the third?

Yay. They did it.

This is f-ing unreal. Anyone else feel the need to break the tv?


Lame call on theo

Awesome FT shooting continues

oh my god iggy are you joking. what a moron. we dont deserve this, it's official (if it wasn't already)

This is unreal. Un-friggin-real. Iggy fouls watson in the back court w/ 2 seconds left.

What happened to the sets we started to run when DiLeo first became coach? This looks like the one-on-one isolation stuff that Cheeks was famous for.

And it didn't just start tonight.

Good call. That's all we've seen tonight. No back doors, no down screens, no pick and pop. Just dribbling into trouble and bad shots or bad passes.

Oh, and missed free throws too.

Bryon reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 21:02

I mean every team runs '3 down' in the league and I haven't heard Miller call for it one time tonight.

Down 14 heading into the fourth. DiLeo usually gives the subs a run here and rests Miller and Iguodala separately, we'll see if he stays true to form.

This is pitiful.

Miller + Iggy + Lou = 6 assists, 14 turnovers, 9/17 from the line.

Sick finish by Speights w/ a lefty dunk on the break.

Real and Speightacular on Mar 8 at 21:10

DiLeo figures Speights is a good matchup for Krstic? Can anyone else confirm this looks like a great idea vs Sam or Theo? Is it just about spooling up the offense at this point?

I think it's just grasping at straws at this point. Nothing is working, maybe Speights can get hot.

As bad as it may sound, they still have a shot at this game with the amount of time left, being if Lou doesn't display.... you know the rest.

the thunder are giving them every opportunity.

ivey are you kidding

10-point game, 5 minutes to go, Iggy back in. Now or never.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 21:19

How about never. This is awful. Just when you thought Lou might wake up and spark the team's resurgence, they produce a performance like this one.

That's it. worst loss of the season, without question.

I'm going to a movie after the whistle, going to try to forget about this for a while. My post game will be up late tonight if I can stomach it, or tomorrow morning.

John reply to Brian on Mar 8 at 21:22

What movie?

I was watching Food Network since halftime :)

Real and Speightacular on Mar 8 at 21:19

DiLeo is a complete a$$ and/or a moron.

Not really sure how th episs poor inconsistent play, poor rebounding and poor free throw shooting are his fault?

Not to mention he's an interim coach

Hope nothing is wrong with Joe. The guys have been stinking it up while he has been in haitus.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Mar 8 at 21:51

Maybe he's just pulling a John and logging in under about 8 different names.

How depressed can you get? Being blown out by the freaking Thunder without two of their starters???

beyond pathetic

Real and Speightacular on Mar 8 at 21:33

Ok, I've calmed down a little. Theo racked up the fouls and Sam wasn't doing any better than Speights.

Death by a thousand cuts here. Too many turnovers; Iggy off shooting night; Lou back to a more typical shooting night; Miller wasn't dishing like usual; nobody to handle Krstic (!?).

I think we're just waiting for the end of the season here.

this would be different if they were just a bad team. but we've seen them play very well and compete with the league's elite. this is just so disappointing.

john reply to Mike on Mar 9 at 11:10

They're a mediocre team - mediocre teams are up and down.

Stop blaming poor free throw shooting and crappy rebounding on the coach - blame the GM for building a roster that can't rebound or shoot free throws or for not finding a guy who can defend the pick and roll or make a 3 as much as you want to blame dileo for last night (or saturday night)

THEY ARENT A GOOD TEAM YET - they're an up and down team - plus they suck on back to backs

To be handed a win like they were last night and to come up with a shambolic performance like this really shows a lot about this team and sadly I mean in a negative way.

Have these guys forgotten from last year that they had to play harder than other teams in order to win games?

in my opinion tonight's game is on the coach. you have 4 days off to practice and you come out with 2 subpar efforts.

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